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Kali Mireva

How Hotel Technology Is Changing the Hotel Beverage Industry

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Running a hotel has many challenges. One of them is creating a quality hotel industry beverage program. It requires a lot of research and planning, especially when it comes to incorporating hotel technology and working with hospitality risk management.

Once there’s a business plan, comes the need for proper hotel inventory management. Before, inventory tracking was usually done manually, either on paper using spreadsheets. However, now, there are more efficient ways to ensure all items from your food menus, wine lists, and other beverages are available. 

Food and beverage inventory tracking software changes the game for any business owner or hotel and restaurant manager. With such software, streamlining restaurant inventory is easy. When you have a good beverage storage and stay on top of ordering what's needed, your business will be running smoothly. It’s also helpful to ensure a properly stocked mini bar in all the hotel rooms, as well as having everything needed for the seasonal drinks you offer.

This is just one example of how hotel technology is changing the landscape of the hospitality industry

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5 Types of Hotel Technology Changing the Industry

Currently, we are living through the times with the fastest technological advancements. There’s something new and better almost every day. 

As a client, everyone wants convenience and to save time. That’s why it’s crucial to implement quality hotel technology into your business model. 

Below is a list of hotel technology that will change not only the customer experience but will also ease the job of the hotel staff.

Key takeaway: Hotel technology is changing the beverage industry for the better by providing great ways for ordering, stock management, and tracking customer behavior.

1. Digital Ordering

Order management software is just one of the few ways to integrate technology into the hospitality industry and your business. But it’s also one of the most important hotel technology types to use. By keeping inventory in check, you will avoid overstock, deadstock, and other issues related to under or over ordering goods.

When it comes to beverages, the use of digital ordering helps a lot. It's easier to get different types of alcohol this way. With digital menu ordering, a lot of man-made mistakes can be avoided. 

This is crucial when we are talking about large quantities, like the ones needed in the hospitality business. Keep your restaurant’s food and beverages in check, as well as the contents of the hotel minibars. Even when you need specialty coffee or CBD beverages.

Imagine how much time will be saved by streamlining the process, using special software. This is where BlueCart’s wholesale and eCommerce platform can help.

2. QR Code Menus

Another important technology-related change is the QR code menu. A hotel bar or restaurant can have different types of menus. What can really set the business apart, though, is having a QR code to scan. 

This way, customers can browse the menu on their own devices. Explore other benefits of QR codes.

Having a QR code will save time for both staff and customers, and it’s also a more eco-friendly way of doing things. Gone are the days of the huge paper menus that not only are heavy to carry around but also get worn out and have to be replaced regularly. Prices are also harder to change on a hard-copy menu. 

3. Contactless Payment

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a piece of technology that has proven it’s here to stay is contactless payment. This way of handling payments is not only keeping customers and staff healthier, but it’s also so much more convenient. 

Paying with a contactless card is much faster than magstripe or EMV payment options. This time savior has an impact on the customer’s behavior too. 

When things happen fast and easily, a person is more likely to consume more of a certain product. So if you are looking to increase cocktail drinks, regular or gluten-free beer, wine sales, or any other product consumption, implement a contactless payment system. 

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4. Inventory Management Software

Keeping a proper inventory of food and beverage is hard. Many managers and other responsible parties use complicated and outdated processes. To decrease your bar manager responsibilities but still get the job done, it’s worth looking into inventory management software. 

When relying on manually filled spreadsheets, mistakes are bound to happen. Errors, incomplete calculations, and undetected theft are all a thing of the past when you use software for inventory. It’s hotel technology that’s worth every penny and will save you a lot more time and money than you will invest. 

Inventory software is useful for hotel beverages as it is easier to track client preferences. And what better way to increase customer retention than making sure people get what they want? 

5. Tableside Ordering

Tableside ordering is great hotel technology that limits contact and saves time. It’s basically a way to browse the menu, order, and then pay from your own smartphone. This improves the speed of service and will create a better customer experience. 

This method of digital ordering implements the use of QR codes and also contactless payments. The cocktail expert and the kitchen staff will get the information on what’s being ordered faster and servers will be able to bring everything quicker to the customer. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel Technology 

Everything technology-related is changing fast. Now, there is software and other technology that can ease the life of so many business owners and managers while improving the customer experience.

If you are in the hospitality industry, taking advantage of technological advancements is crucial. Planning glassware is the easiest part. Technology, however, can save you time and money, help with customer acquisition, and lead to more returned guests. If you are still not completely sure how software can improve your hotel operations, just keep reading. 

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How Can Inventory Tracking Software Improve Hotel Operations? 

By using inventory tracking software, hotels can avoid overstocking, understocking, answer to changing demand, and manage waste better. Inventory software also saves time and can even detect theft. 

Instead of wasting time using old-fashioned methods, invest in good-quality management software for your hotel food and beverage inventory. Software that can be implemented with third-party applications will further streamline the processes involved in managing a hotel, bar, and restaurant. 

What Are the Main Issues With Beverage Inventory Control? 

Having too many or not enough beverages in stock can lose the business a lot of money. If the clients are able to order what they want, and you have enough quality drinks in stock, customer satisfaction will be higher. Satisfied customers mean increased retention and more profit. 

Although alcohol expiration may not have crossed your mind, is an issue that can result from overstocking. Making sure that everything that goes in, goes out as well, will create the perfect balance for your business. This process involves the FIFO and LIFO methods.

Don’t waste time and money managing inventory you won’t need. Instead, invest in quality beverage inventory software!

What Can Cause Poor Inventory Management? 

Bad inventory forecasting and inventory tracking can lead to bad management of resources. If you don’t have proper reports regarding customer behavior, best-selling items, trends, and other important stats, you can get excess inventory. 

By using a specially-designed inventory tracking system, you will be able to get such reports. This allows for better planning, which will lead to better operations of the whole bar, restaurant, and/or hotel. 

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