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Kali Mireva

The Importance of Proper Glassware in Hotel Beverage Service

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Being successful in the hotel industry is not easy. There are so many moving parts and challenges that not everyone can keep up with, especially when it comes to hospitality risk management. Even small details, like proper glassware, have to be planned out well, so you can offer a great customer experience

One of these important details is the glassware in the hotel bar and restaurant. Having a quality beverage program is key, but serving cocktails in style will put you ahead of the competition. With the majority of travelers being Millennials, the way you present classic or seasonal drinks will make a huge difference in the way customers consume their beverages. 

What do we mean by that? People are more likely to purchase something if they like the look of it. When the cocktail drinks or their specialty coffee is presented in a unique, beautiful way, in clean and pretty glassware, they are likely going to get more of it. This is customer behavior that is worth using to your advantage when in the hospitality industry.

If the topic of how to use hotel glassware to your business’ advantage interests you, just keep reading!

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The Importance of Good Glassware

In this day and age, looks are important. Even the highest-quality food and beverages may not be liked much by customers just because of how they are presented. People today are capable of getting the things they want from the store and that’s why your hotel staff should offer them an experience, rather than just a product. 

When you are running a hotel restaurant or even stocking up a mini bar, make it look cool. Focus on creating a feeling of effortless beauty that blends well with the aesthetics and concept of your hotel. Even if you try something trendy like offering CBD beverages.

Customers will appreciate that,enjoy their stay more, will likely take pictures, and talk about their stay to others or on social media. Do you see how a well-presented drink can boost your business? 

Key takeaway: Quality and stylish glassware can put your hotel business ahead of the competition. People are looking for a unique presentation of their drinks and will surely appreciate the time you spent curating glassware.

Glassware in the Age of Social Media

Hotel glassware will never be the same with the rise of social media. In fact, social media marketing for restaurants and hotels is bigger than ever these days.

Now, customers and business owners don’t look at things only from a practical point of view. Design is becoming a bigger and bigger part of decision-making when spending money. 

People in general prefer to surround themselves with beautiful items that showcase their personal style. This greatly affects the way they consume not only fashion and home decor, but how they choose food and beverage services as well. 

To improve your business marketing without pouring extra money into your social media channels, invest in Instagrammable glassware. That’s right! Make sure you are using glassware that will make your hotel beverages enjoyable to drink and look at. 

When customers share their gorgeous photos and tag you, more people will be interested in checking out what your hotel has to offer! This is a great customer acquisition and customer retention tactic.

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Turning Classic into Unique

When planning the menu for your bar, one of the things to do is have a cocktail expert on your side. With the expertise of a mixologist, you can create a unique year-round and seasonal menu. But that’s just part of the whole story. 

Once you have a list of drinks to make and handle your digital ordering operations to stock up on essentials, it’s time to assign glassware to each cocktail. Of course, the glass needs to be large enough to fit the cocktails, but you can play around with various styles. This is one way to make a classic drink look unique and more appealing to customers, which will result in a profit increase. 

Margaritas, Bloody Mary’s, Martinis, and other classic drinks can better fit in with the concept of your hotel and bar by simply choosing a different glass design. Don’t underestimate the power of styling a drink in a clean and pretty glass, with a simple yet elegant garnish!

Types of Glassware

Although you can choose from various styles of glassware, it’s still important to plan the sizes and types you need. Below, you can find a list of the different types of glassware that are used for some of the most common drinks. Don’t be afraid to mix and match if a drink that fits into another type of glass and looks good!

  • Wine goblets
  • Shot glasses
  • Single rock glasses
  • Martini glasses
  • Margarita glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Pilsner glasses
  • Snifter glasses
  • Highball glasses
  • Lowball glasses
  • Hurricane glasses
  • Pitchers
  • Copper mugs
  • Red wine glasses
  • White wine glasses

Choosing simple or more intricate styles of these types of glasses is up to you. The glassware will define the look and feel inside the hotel bar. 

The way they match with each other is important, too. So keep that in mind when doing so. Don’t forget the hotel minibars when you are planning the glassware for the hotel. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel Glassware

Planning out the glassware for your hotel bar could be a nerve-wracking task. From figuring out amounts and styles to how often to replace them - it’s a lot. But this is why we are here! 

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions from hotel business and bar owners

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How Many Glasses Do I Need for My Hotel Bar? 

Glasses numbers are planned according to the seating availability and per drink type. For example, with beer, it’s good to plan for ⅓ glasses of the number of guests you can accommodate. Beer drinkers usually take the bottler. 

For wine glasses, however, it’s best to estimate 1-2 glasses per guest. For champagne, about 40 for every 100 guests. Special glasses like Martini glasses can be estimated at about 20 per every 100 guests. 

If you are focusing on specific types of drinks or have a seasonal offering for a cocktail, make sure you prepare more glasses for it. Usually, special offerings get the customer's attention, and they will be ordering more of it. 

How Often Should I Replace the Glassware in My Hotel Bar? 

Replacing hotel bar glassware is done on a needed basis. Glass is typically very sturdy and if it doesn’t chip or get smudgy, the glassware doesn’t need to be replaced. 

Another factor to consider is the way you clean the glassware. If the dish washing machines or products you use are scratching them, it’s possible you may have to replace many, if not all of them, every one to two seasons. To keep glasses clean and clear, it’s best to use the right glassware cleaner

What Are the Main Types of Drinking Glasses?

The four main groups of drinking glasses include short drinks and classics, tall mixed drinks, champagne and wine drinks, and beer, cider, and shandy. However, within every category, you need a few different types of glasses in order to serve different cocktails and types of alcohol in style.

Once you figure out your hotel bar menu, you will be able to plan the glassware accordingly. 

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