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Kali Mireva

Stocked Mini Bar: Importance of Stocking a Hotel Mini Bar

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The main purpose of a mini bar has always been to meet the basic needs of the hotel guests. Lately, some managers and business owners use the hotel mini bars to set themselves apart from the rest and give the clients something unique. 

What’s important in these situations is to have a quality beverage program, and snacks that pair well with beer, wine, and other liquor. Of course, making sure you have a stocked mini bar for all guests too!

So if you are wondering how to create a great customer experience, this article is for you. Having a cocktail expert by your side and stylish glassware in your bar is not always enough. Let’s jump into the importance of having a well-stocked mini bar in the hotel room!

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A Well-Stocked Mini Bar

If customer retention is one of your main objectives, you may consider doing something unique with your business. This includes having a food and wine pairing menu or beer and chocolate pairing menu, and everything in between. Choose something that makes sense for your hotel and utilize hotel technology to make things easier for yourself.

Stick to the concept you’ve set for your business and surprise your guests with a mini bar full of unique experiences like CBD beverages. Keep in mind that there are some staple hotel food and beverage options people expect to see in their rooms. 

While the snack and drink presentation is becoming more and more popular, mini bar staples are still important. Maybe you know of some already, but others may be some you should add to your list. Let’s talk more about that!

Key takeaway: A well-stocked mini bar should have enough water, soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as a good selection of snacks. Following the concept of the hotel and choosing something unique is always a good start.

Why Should You Have Water in the Hotel Mini Bar

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Maybe you can’t imagine a mini bar without water, but there are cases when it’s either missing or not enough. 

The thing with water is that most people prefer to not drink it from the tap. Depending on your location, it might not even be a good idea to consider it as an option.

Make sure that your hotel mini bar has bottles of water for each guest staying in a particular room. If the space in the mini bar allows it, you may leave a few extra bottles. 

The bottom line is, water is one of the first and most important things people look for in a mini bar. To ensure customer satisfaction, you have to meet this need. 

Why Should You Include Alcohol in the Mini Bar

People drink alcohol on different occasions. Some like whiskey, others may prefer different types of tequila, red or white wine, or different beer brands. But, if you want to have a well-stocked mini bar, you need to provide a variety of options. 

A great tip here is to choose different alcoholic beverages, some with a higher alcohol percentage and others with a lower one. The more niche and unique the alcohol is, the better. 

More and more travelers are looking for new and different experiences. It’s a great way for them to try something new and local thanks to your well-stocked mini bar. 

If possible, include a larger variety of options, but in smaller bottles. Include seasonal drinks, when possible. This way your guests can taste more drinks and when they visit the hotel bar, they may order more of the same. You may also consider experimenting with cocktails featuring this same type of alcohol. 

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Why Should You Include Snacks in the Mini Bar

A mini bar should never be limited to just water, juice, and alcohol. There should be a nice curation of snacks too. 

Try to stay away from all the trendy sweets that people can buy at the nearest grocery store. Instead, try to select snacks that reflect the feeling you want to create. 

For example, if you are running a hotel with a Greek vibe, this needs to show in the mini bar offerings, too. Create a collection of tasty, Greek, or Greek-inspired desserts, crackers, and similar snacks. This way the customer will have a unique experience at your hotel. 

Another option to consider when curating the snacks for the mini bar is to tailor them to specific dietary requirements. If you serve vegan food at the hotel restaurants, think about the great vegan snack options you can supply. 

You can go for gluten-free, lactose-free, and other options based on your guest’s preference. There are various healthy snack ideas to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions About Curating a Mini Bar

Curating a good mini bar that makes sense for the guests in your hotel is not something to overlook. It may not be simple, but it’s not too difficult either. This is especially true if you follow good advice and the concept of your business.

Don’t be afraid to be unique and test things out, too! Guests in different hotels and various parts of the world expect different things. Some may even expect to enjoy specialty coffee in their room, but you can always direct them towards the hotel restaurant for that. But if you are still wondering how to narrow down the items that will go in your stocked mini bar, keep reading!

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How Does a Curated Mini Bar Look? 

A curated hotel mini bar is filled with specially chosen alcoholic and soft drinks, snacks, and desserts. These should be enough for the number of guests in the particular hotel room. One of the recent best practices to consider when stocking your mini bar is to choose local or concept-fitting food and hotel beverages.

Another option is to try different curations. Present guests with freebies and ask them to write a review, for which they will receive something complementary in return. This way, you can have your guests help narrow down your mini bar options. 

How Often Should a Mini Bar be Restocked? 

The mini bar should be restocked every time a guest finishes certain drinks or snacks. The hotel staff is responsible for the restocking, and they should have a list of the things that are usually in the mini bar. After checking what’s missing, they should add what must be replenished. 

Checking the mini bar itself will also depend on the policy of the hotel and the wants of the guests. If they leave the “Do not disturb” sign on their room, better to ask if they would need a restocking at a convenient time. 

Some hotel guests that love the convenience of mini bars will even ask themselves for a restocking. This means that the more flexible you are as a service provider, the better. 

Do All Hotels Have a Stocked Mini Bar? 

No, today not all hotels have a stocked mini bar. Some hotel managers have decided to move away from the idea. Back when mini bars were first introduced, they made a real profit for the hotel. They were a luxury and a hit at the same time.

However, as travelers and times have changed, people began to move away from them. Some mini bars didn’t evolve as fast as the hotel guests. So soon after they were left empty or phased out of the design of the rooms. 

This doesn’t mean they can’t be seen in hotel rooms. There are still many hotels that have mini bars and choose to keep them for the convenience they provide. The most important thing is to have them well-stocked if they are available in the room.

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