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Kali Mireva

4 Benefits of Hiring a Cocktail Expert for Your Hotel Bar

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There’s no one size fits all success formula for the hotel industry. For example, focusing only on adding amenities like hotel minibars won’t put you ahead of the curve like hiring a cocktail expert can. A lot of planning goes into running a hotel business such as preparing wine lists, a deep cleaning restaurant checklist, hotel technology to use, hospitality risk management plans, choosing beverage storage solutions, and the hotel staff to hire. 

Another thing to plan for is hiring a cocktail expert for your hotel bar. A professional that will create the best cocktails for your bar can tremendously improve the hotel's guest experience. Providing quality service from the stocked mini bar and clean, well-designed hotel room to the food and beverages in the restaurant and bar will make your business successful. 

In this article, we focus on the many benefits a professional mixologist can bring to your business. Let’s dive right into them!

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4 Benefits of Hiring a Cocktail Expert

Cocktail experts, also known as mixologists, have studied the history of cocktails and how to make them. The mixologists know the importance of using quality components, like locally-sourced ingredients and different types of alcohol. They can even use specialty coffee for unique and very enjoyable seasonal drinks. They can create custom CBD beverages and can help you choose great glassware. Hiring a good mixologist can boost bar profitability and do so much more. 

A great bartender is not always a mixologist. These terms are commonly used interchangeably but there’s a big difference. Bartenders are experts who can mix different cocktails - classic or ones unique to the bar. They communicate with customers and are really important part of the customer experience

Mixologists, on the other hand, are also important for the experience of the customers but in a different way. They are the ones who come up with unique cocktail recipes. 

They don’t communicate with customers, only make sure they are creating great cocktails that hotel guests will enjoy. The cocktails can be created to fit the concept of the hotel, the season, or the local, quality ingredients. 

Key Takeaway: Hiring a cocktail expert can help you build a better menu, plan well your beverage inventory, avoid waste, and get some signature drinks made for your hotel bar.

1. Building a Better Menu

What’s crucial to know as a business owner in the hospitality industry, is that a mixologist can help you build your bar menu. Regardless of the menu types you have selected, a professional will help you fill it up with quality drinks your customers will enjoy.

If you like the idea of having a bar and restaurant seasonal menu, a mixologist will be of great value to you. They know which alcohols to mix for different occasions and with what other ingredients. 

When you have winter cocktails on the menu, for example, your guests will know that you have other offers during other seasons. The returning guests will be able to enjoy various drinks and immerse themselves in the time of the year. 

2. Knowing How to Mix Drinks

Creating delicious cocktails is not only about putting things together. It’s about how you put them together. Knowing the right amounts of ingredients to use but also how to mix them to create a unique experience for your guests’ taste buds. 

From using the right types of tequila to squeezing limes well and using just enough to infuse a citrusy, yummy flavor. It’s all science that only people who understand it can practice well. When your hotel bar has a mixologist, they can improve customer retention just by ensuring the great quality of the drinks that are being served. 

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3. Helping Plan Inventory 

When you have a mixologist on your team, it will be much easier to plan the alcohol inventory for your hotel bar. Because of their experience and the fact they helped you build the year-round or the seasonal menu, they will help you plan what inventory is needed and how much of it. 

Take advantage of the knowledge of the mixologist. Listen to their experience and select quality alcohol for your bar’s signature drinks. The other ingredients should be sourced from reliable vendors as well, focusing on the quality of the product they provide. Usually, the way to save money in this process is by choosing local businesses to source from or wholesale food distributors

As the seasons change or in the event of a business rebranding, a mixologist will be of great help. They can suggest new alternatives to complement the rest of the drinks on the menu or create great food and cocktail pairings. These include wine-food pairing options such as wine and cheese pairing and wine pairing with salmon.

4. Avoiding Waste 

Once you decide to do a rebranding of your hotel, you may want to stay away from the previous concept you had for the business. This type of business move usually reflects on the bar and restaurant menu, minibars in the hotel rooms, and other areas too. 

The way a mixologist can be helpful in this situation is to avoid waste. If you already have different types of alcohol and ingredients in stock, but don’t know how to use them all in your new business concept, the cocktail expert will help. They can come up with cocktails that can be made with what’s already available. 

A great cocktail expert can rebuild your menu with what’s already part of your hotel inventory. If something is needed to finish up a cocktail recipe, then with the use of good hotel technology, you will be able to order it quickly. And of course, without creating any waste. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Cocktail Experts 

Making an informed decision about hiring a cocktail expert requires doing good research. Of course, in the research process, you probably have a lot of questions. To ease this process for you, we have gathered a few commonly asked questions that will help you decide. 

Here’s what people should know before hiring an expert!

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What’s the Difference between a Mixologist and a Bartender? 

A mixologist focuses on creating unique cocktail drinks while a bartender makes what’s on the menu and communicates with customers. Mixologists are usually not on the front line, talking to customers, but are deeply involved in the building of the bar menu and creating plans for the inventory. 

A bartender needs to have great communication skills in order to excel at their job. On the other hand, mixologists need in-depth knowledge of cocktail history and the methodology of mixing different ingredients to create tasty drinks. 

Will Hiring a Cocktail Expert Make a Difference for a Hotel?

Yes, hiring a cocktail expert can make a big difference for any business offering food and beverage services. A mixologist with experience can create unique cocktails for your hotel menu. You can even get a signature drink made by such an expert. 

Creating and serving quality cocktails can greatly improve the experience of your customers. Tasty cocktails will make them want to enjoy more of them, leading to improved profits for your business as a whole. 

Can I Hire a Mixologist for Different Events? 

Yes, mixologists, also known as cocktail experts, can be hired for different types of events or in different venues. They are experts who can help you create a strong and unique cocktail menu for your hotel bar or restaurant. But they could also bring your private event to the next level - from bachelorette parties and weddings to corporate parties and everything in between.

If you want to have a one-of-a-kind experience that involves quality drinks, a mixologist is the type of expert that will help you get that. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of how great combinations are being made will help any business or private event. 

What Qualifications or Training Do Cocktail Experts Typically Have?

Cocktail experts may have a variety of backgrounds and qualifications. Some may attend bartending schools or certification programs to learn about mixology, while others gain experience through on-the-job training in bars, restaurants, or cocktail lounges. Many cocktail experts are self-taught enthusiasts who continually educate themselves about spirits, ingredients, and cocktail trends.

What Skills Are Important for a Cocktail Expert?

Important skills for cocktail experts include:

- Knowledge of spirits, liqueurs, and other cocktail ingredients
- Proficiency in mixing techniques, such as shaking, stirring, and muddling
- Creativity and the ability to develop unique and innovative cocktail recipes
- Excellent customer service and communication skills
- Attention to detail and a passion for quality and craftsmanship

Do Cocktail Experts Only Work in Bars and Restaurants?

While many cocktail experts work in bars, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues, some may also work as consultants, educators, or brand ambassadors for spirits companies. They may host cocktail workshops, seminars, or events, sharing their expertise with enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

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