BinWise Pro

BinWise Pro is beverage inventory management at its finest. Eliminate manual entry and paperwork. Save up to 85% of your time spent doing inventory and say goodbye to counting errors.

BinWise is designed and built by hospitality professionals like you to help you run a more profitable beverage program. BinWise is fully customizable and scales with you as your business grows.


BinWise has all the features you need to make your job easier and help you make smart business decisions.

Inventory Management
Purchasing & Invoicing
Reports & Analytics
POS Integration
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Beverage Inventory Management

Eliminate manual entry and paperwork. Save up to 85% of your time spent doing inventory and eliminate errors while you’re at it.

Error-free inventory scanning in seconds

Eliminate manual entry and paperwork. Save up to 85% of your time spent doing inventory and eliminate errors while you’re at it.

Keep a close eye on your top movers and dead stock

Keep tabs on your inventory by beverage type, brand, and quantity, and know when you have too much or too little. Never hold on to unnecessary stock or miss out on crucial sales.

Streamline ordering and invoicing

Place orders from BinWise directly to your suppliers and seamlessly convert purchase orders into invoices and received inventory items.
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Purchasing & Invoicing

Place orders to all your suppliers from anywhere and track outstanding orders and products as they are delivered. Digitize and streamline your procurement and accounting process.

Send purchase orders directly to your suppliers

Place orders to all your beverage suppliers from one easy-to-use interface. We track your items’ cost history to ensure you’re always getting the best deal from your supplier.
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Eliminate paperwork and data entry

Save time and money when you upload your supplier invoices into your accounting system and skip the double entry.
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Never risk running out of a product ever again

BinWise tracks your purchases and sales, ensuring you always know how much you have on hand. Set your pars so you know just when to reorder necessary stock.
bar inventory purchase tracking

Enrich your inventory with detailed product information

Build your inventory using our quick-add functionality and we will automatically update your inventory items with detailed information from curated database of wine and liquor.
enrich inventory with bar inventory management
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Reports & Analytics

Use detailed reports to make smart business decisions and run a profitable beverage program with ease.

binwise variance report

Variance Report

Use the variance report to ensure that you’re accounting for everything that you sell, break, or otherwise deplete from your inventory. This report helps to minimize loss and grow profits.
binwise smartview report

SmartView Report

Know what you sold, when and for how much. Dial in your cost percentages and run pricing experiments to maximize margins and profits.
binwise last day sales report

Last Day Sales Report

Use this report to stay on top of your final bottle count and inventory value at the end of each period.
binwise bar inventory report

Inventory Report

See how long items have been sitting in your cellar and run promotions to get rid of dead stock and replace them with high-margin, fast-moving items.

Point of Sales Integration

With integrations for over 50 different point of sale systems, importing your data into BinWise for in-depth reporting and analysis has never been easier.

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