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Kali Mireva

Hotel Beverages: The Rise of CBD Beverages in Hotel Bars

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Staying competitive in the hotel industry requires following customer behaviors. It’s not only about the perfect food menus or wine lists based on your opinions. It’s also about choosing stylish and unique glassware, serving special seasonal drinks, and keeping up with the latest food and beverage trends, including CBD beverages. 

Some of the latest adult beverage trends have been CBD beverages. Similar to specialty coffee, they can make your hotel bar more appealing to customers looking for quality, unique drinks. Although they are not so common yet, there sure is a rise in popularity and consumption. It’s one of those wellness drinks that can increase customer retention and satisfaction. 

If you are unfamiliar with the CBD beverages that you can add to your hotel minibars or restaurant and bar menu, this article will be helpful. Below, we will tell you more about these wellness drinks and why it’s good to consider adding them to your hotel beverage program! 

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What Are CBD Beverages? 

CBD beverages are drinks infused with cannabidiol. This ingredient is the non-psychoactive element of the hemp plant. This type of drink has the same benefits you would get from using CBD oils. However, they are a more delicious and convenient way to take your dose and unwind at the end of the day. 

These wellness drinks don’t have an immediate effect. In fact, the time the CBD drink takes to show effect is different for everyone. Just like it would be with coffee or different types of alcohol for each individual person. The time it takes depends on the person’s diet, metabolism, genetics, weight, and more. 

Key Takeaway: CBD drinks are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for people’s health. As a hotel business owner, you can make them a part of your minibar stock or include CBD in your cocktail drinks. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Drinks?

Drinking CBD-infused beverages has its benefits. As previously mentioned, they are an easy way to get your fix without taking CBD oil. The drinks are also very easy to transport and store, which makes them travel-friendly. Many of them also have added minerals and vitamins, making them healthier. 

These types of drinks are also great for people who are new to the CBD concept. They can try a CBD cocktail or canned beverage and discover the benefits for themselves without the need to purchase oils separately. This also makes it a more discreet way of doing it. 

CBD offers health benefits as well. The drinks infused with CBD are not just enjoyable but can aid with pain and anxiety relief, and will improve the overall health of the person. In addition, these drinks are now available in various tastes, so anyone can find something they like. 

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Why Include CBD Drinks in Your Hotel Beverage Program?

The great thing about canned CBD beverages is that you can stock up the mini bar in each room with them and also add them to the bar menu. These wellness drinks are a great way to relax, so guests will have an even better stay in your hotel. 

As a matter of fact, if you work with a cocktail expert, you can have them create unique CBD-infused cocktails for your bar. They could even be part of your seasonal offerings and have a unique CBD cocktail all year round. 

Whether you offer canned CBD drinks or cocktails in your hotel bar or minibars, you sure will improve customer satisfaction. Today’s travelers want to try new and exciting things, and of course, to relax well. Give them what they want by diversifying your beverage program! And don’t forget to use hotel technology to make the process easier for you and your hotel staff. Making use of hospitality risk management will also help in the process.

How to Make the Most of CBD Drinks in Your Hotel

CBD-infused beverages are a trend, but it doesn’t mean they will go away anytime soon. Considering the many benefits they offer, we think they are here to stay. You, as a business owner, should hop on this bandwagon and reap the benefits they can bring to your hotel. 

If you are wondering how to include CBD drinks in your hotel beverages inventory, here are a few ideas from us: 

  • Stock the hotel minibars with canned CBD drinks in various flavors. You can even ask customers which types they like best, so you can narrow down the best options. 
  • Consult with an experienced mixologist on what type of cocktails can be made with CBD oils and tinctures.  
  • Try adding some seasonal options with CBD to keep it interesting for new and returning customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Beverages

Anything related to CBD can spark a lot of interest and questions. When we are talking about serving such drinks in your hotel, the questions may even double. To help you learn more on this topic, we’ve gathered some commonly asked questions here. Let’s jump into it!

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Can I Have a CBD Drink Every Day?

Yes, you can have a CBD drink every single day, especially if you are struggling with a condition that’s affected in a good way by it. The conditions can be anxiety, chronic pain, neurological disorders, and more. 

However, even if you are not struggling health-wise, you can still enjoy a nice CBD-infused drink. CBD is known to promote relaxation, which makes it a great way to end the day. Or enjoy it on your vacation!

Is There a Right Time to Use CBD?

There’s no right or wrong time to use CBD. If you have a CBD drink or oil in the morning, it can help you feel refreshed and more awake. During the day, if you are struggling with symptoms that are well-affected by it, you can take it as a relief. At night, CBD can help you unwind and have a better night’s sleep. 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with having a CBD drink at any time of the day. You will gain the benefits no matter how early or how late in the day it is. All you have to do is pick your favorite cocktail or canned CBD beverage and enjoy! 

Can I Take CBD with Coffee or Cocktails?

Yes, you can enjoy your coffee or cocktail with a few drops of CBD oil and reap all the benefits. This is a great way to get your dose of CBD in a more enjoyable way. 

However, when it comes to cocktails with CBD, it’s best for them to be created by experts who know how to achieve a perfect blend. This way, you will get not only the health benefits and enjoyment but also a perfect drink at the end of the day. If you are a bar or hotel owner, you can create special blends with the help of experienced cocktail makers. 

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