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Food and Beverage Director Job Description: F&B Manager Work

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The food and beverage director job description in a hotel and hospitality business covers a variety of management functions and responsibilities. From casual dining rooms and room service to coffee bars and time management for all those locations, the food and beverage director oversees a lot.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the food and beverage director job description. From the description itself, to different types of roles that report to a director (see bar manager salary), to the different aspects of food and beverage director work, all the answers you need are here. We’ll even look into a food and beverage director resume–similar to a bar manager resume–for tips if you’re looking into this role.

There’s no discounting the importance of the food and beverage director in a hotel business. With the food and beverage department making up the majority of the hotel sectors, the director is responsible for a myriad of tasks on any given day. With our look into the position, you’ll be prepared to job hunt, hire a director, or simply go to a hotel with more knowledge about the industry’s inner workings.

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Food and Beverage Director

The food and beverage director in a hotel or hospitality business is one of the most important roles in the business. With so much of the business involving meals and drink specials, the F&B director has critical responsibilities towards each business area.

The responsibilities of the food and beverage director cover all manner of hospitality-related factors. From customer service to employee management, the director spins a lot of plates. As we dive into the director’s job description, we’ll break down the skills a director needs to have. 

Food and Beverage Director Job Description

The food and beverage director job description covers everything from managing the wait staff and others in the department to ensuring quality customer service. The food and beverage department of a hotel covers the standard meal-based amenities of a hotel.

In addition, the job description includes the needs of a restaurant management setting and a standard customer service space. It even rubs elbows with restaurant accounting. That means the skills a director should possess should be fairly diverse.

A food and beverage director resume would be well-suited to include experience in:

These areas of experience cover the core responsibilities a food and beverage director job description will include. This list isn’t exhaustive, though. Depending on the hotel, the food and beverage director will need to be prepared to manage any guest need that comes up. 

How Much Do Food and Beverage Directors Make?

A food and beverage director can expect to make anywhere from $80,000 to $120,000 per year. A director who is starting out or transitioning from a similar career can expect to be salaried at closer to $80,000 a year. That comes with the expectation of raises as they work hard. 

The $120,000 per year marker is by no means a maximum cap on the possibilities for the director’s salary. Depending on the skill of the director and the size and profitability of the hotel, that number could get higher. However, $120,000 is a good standard cap to have in mind when negotiating or hiring. 

Food and Beverage Director Jobs

Finding a job as a food and beverage director is just as much work as a job hunt for any other career. Before you begin the job hunt, there are some factors you need to consider. Those factors are:

  • What size hotel you want to work in
  • What your level of experience will equip you for
  • Whether you want the full director job or a similar role 
  • What salary you’re willing and able to accept
  • Whether you have connections you can network with

Those won’t necessarily be easy to answer. Having your answers prepared before you search for work will help you know what exactly you’re looking for, and help you prepare for interviews.

Assistant Food and Beverage Director Job Description

One of the above factors–whether you want the full director job–is particularly important in the beginning of your job search. If the title of top dog isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you have the option of seeking the position of assistant food and beverage director. 

This role is one step below the director, and it gives you the opportunity to work in that role without as much required experience. It can also be a great stepping stone to becoming the director later on in your career.

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How to Become a Food and Beverage Director

Once you’ve made your decisions about the work-finding process, it’s time to jump into your job search. Finding a food and beverage director job is something you can do through LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, or your chosen job search site. 

Outside of those sites, you can also lean on networking and job fairs to find opportunities. You never know when a connection will turn into your chosen career path. Gearing your networking towards people in the hotel and hospitality industry is something you should start sooner rather than later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food and Beverage Director Job Description

The job of the food and beverage director is multifaceted, and it covers a lot of range within the hotel business. It’s a substantial role with nuanced responsibilities and connections across the hotel. Our answers to these frequently asked questions shed light on the relationship between the food and beverage director and the food and beverage division. 

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Food and Beverage?

The duties and responsibilities of food and beverage within a hotel, as a department, are to ensure the dining experiences of the guests are satisfactory in every way. From making sure coffee is ready to prepping the entree menu-perhaps with a custom QR code menu, the food and beverage department is responsible for all guest satisfaction in the sector.

Who Is the Highest Position In the Food and Beverage Department?

Specifically within the food and beverage department, the director is the highest position. Of course, the owner of the establishment can work within the department and be on a similar level to the director. When it comes to department-exclusive work, however, the director is in charge. 

What Is the F&B Department In Hotels?

The F&B department in hotels is the department of food and beverage needs and responsibilities. From breakfast spreads and dining room setups to room service and happy hour, the F&B department covers all manner of food and beverage-related work within the hotel. 

What Is the Role of Food and Beverage in the Hospitality Industry?

In the hospitality industry, food and beverage plays the role of consistent guest satisfaction. Room arrangements, entertainment, and accessibility to local attractions are all important in hospitality. That said, food and beverage services make up most of what guests will experience throughout the day. 

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Food and Beverage Director: Directing Food and Beverage to Perfection

The job of a food and beverage director in a hotel is truly never done. Whether you’re a current director,  a job seeker, or a hotel owner looking to hire a director, there’s always more to learn. You can swing by the BinWise blog, or our sister site, the BlueCart blog, any time you need more insights on the hospitality and wholesale industries.

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