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Kali Mireva

8 of The Best Cocktails to Choose From at a Hotel Bar

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What should you order at the hotel bar? Great cocktails, of course! If the hotel has a quality beverage program, you will be able to order all kinds of classic and unique drinks. Not to mention there are plenty of drinks every bartender should know.  

Reputable hotels always have a nice variety of bar drinks. Whether you prefer bourbon cocktails or cocktails with prosecco, the cocktail expert or bartender should be able to give you what you want. 

There are new cocktail recipes coming up all the time. There are even plenty of seasonal drinks. However, the best hotel beverages are usually the same anywhere you go, no matter the banquet table setup ideas they use. Of course, there some a few exceptions, but more about that later!

There are some cocktails that have become true classics because of their great taste and look. Any bartender should be able to mix up your favorite drink on the spot, using quality alcohol. But what should you order if you don’t have a favorite? 

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8 of the Best Cocktails to Try at a Hotel Bar

The best bar cocktails are classified as either more feminine or more masculine. Feminine cocktails are on the sweeter side. Many of them are pink, which may make them more appealing to women. 

Masculine drinks, on the other hand, include more alcohol. They are spicier and sour in general. The separation between feminine and masculine drinks can be noticed even in the packaging. 

When opening the hotel minibars, guests can choose what they would like to drink by the color and branding on the bottle or can. It’s similar to the different types of menus at bars or hotel restaurants. Many people judge which are the best cocktails for them, based on the picture.

But if looking at pretty cocktails doesn’t help you choose, these are the drinks considered to be the best bar cocktails!

Key Takeaway: The best cocktails to order in a hotel bar are the true classing. Another great option is to try what’s unique for the area you are currently in!

1. Margarita

A true classic, the Margarita is one of the best cocktails ever. It’s mainly preferred by women because of its look. However, when made properly anyone can enjoy its great taste. 

The mixologist should use the best tequila for Margaritas they have on hand. The tequila is then mixed with a bit of Cointreau and lime juice. It’s then served in a nice glass with a rim covered in salt. It's also a great gluten-free cocktail to have in case you avoid consuming gluten. (see also: gluten-free drinks)

2. Cosmopolitan

Thanks to the TV series, Sex and the City, this became one of the best cocktails to serve in the 90s. Many think that it’s close to the classic Martini because of the glassware used to serve it. However, martinis have vermouth, which is absent in the classic Cosmopolitan recipe

The Cosmopolitan is one of the best vodka cocktails. In addition to the vodka, the bartender adds triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice. The drink has a nice pink color and taste that’s sweet enough but not overpowering. It pairs perfectly with different types of food. 

3. Moscow Mule

Another popular drink at the hotel bar is typically the Moscow Mule. It’s a refreshing drink to have any time of the year, but especially in the summertime or in warmer climates. In fact, it’s one of the preferred summer cocktails.

The classic way to serve this refreshing drink is in a copper mug. It’s a perfect mixture of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. With some ice on top, it’s just the perfect way to unwind after a long day. 

4. Martini

Yet another classic, one of the best cocktails ever. Enjoyed by both men and women, the classic Martini recipe (that's among the classic gin cocktail recipes) is prepared either with gin or vodka. There are many choices for gin brands. The other very important ingredient is dry vermouth. Then, it’s topped off with a lemon peel or olives. 

Every hotel and restaurant has its own drink menu design. If on the menu it says they make the Martini with gin, but you want vodka, just ask. It’s part of the bartender duties to make sure all ingredients are on hand and mix the type of alcohol you prefer. 

5. Whiskey Sour

A great refreshing whiskey cocktail you should try at the hotel bar. The Whiskey Sour cocktail is made with quality whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar. Some bartenders add an egg white, but that’s optional.

Generally, this is a most masculine cocktail but women who love whiskey-based cocktails will surely enjoy it too. 

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6. Manhattan

What’s a list of the best cocktails without a Manhattan? If you are not into cocktails with a lower amount of alcohol, this one is for you. 

The Manhattan cocktail is based on whiskey and sweet vermouth. With a dash of Angostura bitters, the taste is complete. When made well, it’s a cocktail you will surely enjoy. Look into “What are bitters?” to get a better understanding of why they’re used in this cocktail.

7. Spritz

If what you need is bar drinks with lower amounts of alcohol, a Spritz should be your cocktail of choice. Super refreshing, and great for long and hot summer evenings, this cocktail is a mixture of Aperol, Cinzano Prosecco, and a splash of soda. 

Although it can be found in a stocked mini bar, it’s way better when freshly made by an experienced bartender. It’s enjoyed by all genders and for a good reason!

8. Mojito

This favorite-of-many cocktail is based on rum. It originates from Cuba and is one of the staple summer drinks. However, you can enjoy its freshness all year round! 

The rum is mixed with the perfect amount of lime and mint, as well as some simple syrup. This is one of the best bar cocktails because it’s loved by both men and women. It should be made by a real bartender for ultimate freshness and enjoyment. 

Something Unique

Some bars and restaurants have their own unique cocktails. If there’s a type of alcohol produced in the local area, it’s worth it to try cocktails with it. Maybe the locals will show you some new flavors that will be totally worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Cocktails to Drink at a Hotel Bar

If there are too many options on the menu, it could be difficult to choose what to drink at the hotel bar. That’s why menus are not all made up of unique offerings. 

There should always be some classics for people who are not into experimenting. Or, for those who have their own signature drink they like to get everywhere they go.

As a business owner, making sure all ingredients are available at all times can be hard. That's why you should use hotel technology to streamline the process and please customers. From different types of liquor and CBD beverages to specialty coffee - you will order everything with ease.

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Why Go Down to the Hotel Bar for a Cocktail? 

Get your cocktails at the hotel bar for the ultimate customer experience. Although minibar selections can be great, nothing can beat a freshly made cocktail by an expert bartender. 

The bartender can also offer you a drink to try based on your taste preferences and mood. In addition, by going to the hotel bar, you will be able to try local drinks that may not be available anywhere else. 

What’s the Main Rule When Creating a Cocktail? 

The best cocktails are created with a 50ml base alcohol mixed with a few extras. Whether you are adding juice, more alcohol, or something else, this rule of thumb works really well.

Depending on personal preferences, you can get great cocktails with a high percentage of alcohol. If you want to enjoy something less alcoholic, choose a cocktail with added juice or other ingredients, rather than other types of alcohol

How Many Types of Alcohol are Needed to Make a Cocktail? 

The most popular cocktails are made with one or two types of alcohol. However, there are many cocktail recipes with more types of alcohol mixed together. 

Choosing the right cocktail for you depends on many things. The most important factors are taste preferences, your mood, and the time of the year. You can always ask the bartender to recommend you something best on all these factors! 

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