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Emma Valdiserri

Your Guide to the 6 Best Tequila Options for Margaritas

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Are you a major fan of margaritas, which is arguably one of the most popular cocktails? It's perfect for National Cocktail Day. With countless flavors, cocktail ingredients, and juices to choose from, there’s nothing better than having the best tequila for margaritas. With so many types of tequila out there, it can be hard to home in on the best tequila brands for your mixed drink. A liquor bottle display can be full of many types of tequila.

Not to worry. Whether you’re making a single serving or a whole pitcher, we’ve got you covered with a guide on the best tequila for your margarita. By following along, you’ll get the most out of your margarita when you get your mixology on!

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What Is the Best Tequila for Margaritas?

With tequila being one of the most versatile types of alcohol, it’s tough to narrow it down to just one tequila for your margarita recipe. To make things easier, we’ve broken down the best tequilas by type and brand for you below.

The Best Blanco Tequila for Margaritas

Also known as tequila silver, tequila blanco ages for the shortest amount of time–often less than two weeks. This means it is one of the purest forms of tequila and tastes strongly of agave.

The best blanco tequila for margaritas is:

ElVelo Blanco

Made in Jalisco, Mexico, this tequila blanco has an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of 44.5% and ages for up to 60 days. With notes of grass, green peppercorn, stone fruit, and a hint of mint, this tequila is a top contender for bright and sharp-tasting margaritas.

Even better, it won’t bust your budget. You can find bottles of ElVelo Blanco for under $30.

The Best Reposado Tequila for Margaritas

Tequila reposados are perfect for crafting smooth and flavorful margaritas. Unlike tequila blanco, a tequila reposado ages in oak barrels between two months and one year. This process explains why you may see tints of golden coloring in the bottle.

The best reposado tequila for margaritas is:


Also made in Jalisco, Mexico, this brand of tequila has an ABV of 40%. It rests in American oak barrels between two and four months after distillation.

With subtle notes of stone fruit, caramel, and allspice, this tequila reposado creates a soothing blend of flavor in any margarita. To help keep your budget for booze under control, you can find bottles of Milagro for under $30.

The Best Añejo Tequila for Margaritas

Known for aging in barrels between one and three years, tequila añejo has a darker color. It’s even a substitute for your favorite whiskey brands with certain cocktails. 

Tequila añejo has less of a bite to it. This means its smoother and sweeter flavors can complement any margarita.

The best añejo tequila for margaritas is:

El Tesoro

Along with the tequila reposado and tequila blanco mentioned above, the El Tesoro Tequila Añejo is also made in Jalisco. With an ABV of 40%, it ages between two and three years in barrels that were once used for bourbon.

Its natural gold coloring pairs nicely with a balance of pepper, oak, floral, and vanilla tones. While it’s a little pricier (most bottles starting at $60), it’s worth it to enhance the rich flavors of your margarita.

The Overall Best Tequila for Margaritas

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for. What is the overall best tequila for margaritas? Drum roll, please!

The best tequila for margaritas is:

Roca Patrón Silver

The Roca Patrón will rock your margarita world. Also produced in Jalisco, Mexico, it has an ABV of 40% and is the best go-to for mingling with your margaritas. It’s made uniquely too. A tahona (large stone wheel) is used to press the agave after cooking to extract more flavors.

With a blend of herbaceous, black pepper, and smooth tones, the Roca Patrón silver pairs perfectly with any margarita recipe. While it may be a little higher in price (some bottles starting at $40), it is guaranteed to please.

The Best Cheap Tequila for Margaritas

From single servings to whole pitchers, having a budget for booze is always a good idea. Lucky for you, there are several affordable tequila brands to choose from.

Some of the best cheap tequila for margaritas includes the options from above like ElVelo and Milagro. For more variety, you can buy a Cazadores Reposado (starting at $16), Corazón Blanco (starting at $14), or Herradura Silver (starting at $22).

How to Make a Margarita

Now that you know what the best tequilas for margaritas are, it’s time to make some. Grab your salt, limes, and cocktail shaker, and have fun being your own household’s bartender. If you’re really inspired, you may want to check out some common bartender duties or learn about the drinks every bartender should know.

With some practice, patience, and the right ingredients, you can become an expert at making popular cocktail recipes in no time. Check out some of the summer cocktails, fall cocktails, winter cocktails, and spring cocktails you can make.

The following standardized recipe yields two servings and takes less than 10 minutes to make. Some might call it magic.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a delicious margarita:

  • 4 oz. tequila silver
  • 2 oz. triple sec
  • 2 lime wedges
  • 1 ½ oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ¼ c. salt
  • Ice

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients listed above, it’s time to shake things up. 

Follow these directions to make your magical margaritas:

  1. Prepare: Place the salt on a plate or cutting board. Grab a lime wedge and gently slide it along the rims of your serving glasses. Flip the glasses and twist them in the salt to coat the rim.
  2. Shake: Place the tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake for five seconds.
  3. Serve: Strain the mixture evenly between your two glasses. Top with a few ice cubes to keep your drink cool and refreshing. Garnish each glass with a lime wedge and serve.
  4. Enjoy!

Want to make four margaritas? All you have to do is double the recipe and serve to please.

The best part about making these margaritas is how easy it is. In addition, you can use many of the same ingredients for other recipes. For example, once you’re sipping away, you may start craving some easy homemade salsa or other delicious Mexican food appetizers

So, why not throw on an apron, take inventory of what you have at home, and get to cooking? Check out some popular Cinco de Mayo restaurant specials as inspiration for your next rendezvous in the kitchen.

If you want to spice up your margarita-making game, try using different flavors, fruits, and spices. For example, you can make a batch of peach margaritas. You can also let a spicy jalapeño margarita be the judge of how much heat you can handle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Tequila For Margaritas

Which Type of Tequila Is Best for Margaritas?

Tequila blanco is the best type of tequila for a bright, quick, and easy margarita. However, the best type of tequila for margaritas ultimately depends on the flavors you’re craving.

How Do You Pick Tequila for Margaritas?

When you pick a tequila for margaritas, look for labels that read 100% agave. These types of tequila will have more natural and smooth flavors. Labels that read 51% agave imply the bottle contains sugary additives.

Is Silver or Reposado Tequila Better for Margaritas?

Tequila blanco contributes stronger agave flavors while tequila reposado provides a smoother taste. Ultimately, it comes down to what type of flavor you want in your margarita.

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