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Kali Mireva

Popular Prosecco Drinks: Best Cocktails & Types of Prosecco

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In the world of alcoholic drinks, there are so many different varieties of wine. From reds and whites to roses and sparkling wines, there is a lot to choose from. The huge diversity allows for many food and wine pairings and wine cocktails to be made, which is of crucial importance if you are running a restaurant. 

One of the sparkling wines that deserves special attention is prosecco wine. There are many incredible prosecco cocktails, as well as prosecco food pairings to try. That is why prosecco is a must-have for any restaurant wine list

The history of prosecco is long and fascinating and there are even some interesting facts to know about prosecco vs. champagne. Prosecco and desserts also go great together, which is why this type of wine is popular for celebrations like bridal showers, and it's a preferred brunch drink. 

 There are many popular prosecco drinks, including cocktails and the different types of prosecco. But how popular are they actually and which is the best know drink?

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The Most Popular Prosecco Drinks: What Cocktails to Make

Prosecco is a light and flavorful bubbly wine that quickly won the hearts of many. You don’t need to be a wine enthusiast to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of this drink. People love celebrating their special occasions with a nice glass of bubbly. 

Since prosecco is generally more affordable but has a great flavor profile, naturally, it’s becoming increasingly popular. There are so many unique cocktails that include prosecco. However, the most popular prosecco drinks remain the same because they have a balanced flavor, are easy to make, and people from all over the world enjoy them. 

If you are currently in the making of the beverage menu for your restaurant and you want to curate a list of great cocktails, don’t forget the 5 most popular prosecco drinks. 

Key Takeaway: Many popular prosecco drinks deserve attention. From the most popular cocktails that will fit seamlessly into any beverage menu to the most common types of prosecco to try, there is a lot to learn and implement. 

1. Mimosa

There is no surprise that the Mimosa is so popular. People love simple, yet refreshing and delicious cocktails. And Mimosa is exactly that! It combines prosecco and fresh orange juice. It’s a must-have for any brunch menu, as well as a cruise cocktails menu. Of course, if you run a bar, restaurant, or hotel, don’t skip it either. 

It’s perfect for earlier in the day and to toast any special occasions like bachelorette parties, baby showers (for the guests), and many more. 

2. Bellini

The Bellini is a favorite of many. A cocktail staple that surely deserves a spot on your drinks menu. To make it, mix prosecco with peach purée or nectar. Its fruity and sweet character makes it a beloved cocktail. 

After the pandemic passed, many cocktail experts started leaning towards simpler drinks. That’s why it’s perfect to go back to the classics that have just two or three ingredients. Although it’s great to come up with your own signature drinks, sticking to what really works sometimes is the best course of action. You can spice up popular prosecco drinks by choosing unique glassware or cocktail garnishes.

3. Aperol Spritz 

This is a drink that screams summer! A famous Italian cocktail that is not a prosecco drink, strictly speaking, but it does have some in it. It’s a mixture of Aperol, prosecco, and soda water. Because of its light and bubbly nature, many people love to have it on hot summer nights. 

If you want to create a seasonal menu for your restaurant and you need great summer offers, don’t skip the Aperol Spritz. It will probably be among the most ordered drinks. 

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4. Kir Royale

This is an elegant cocktail that blends prosecco and crème de cassis (also known as blackcurrant liqueur). It has a gorgeous deep red color and balanced flavors. Your restaurant customers can enjoy it all year round. 

Because of its gorgeous color, you can include it in your festive offers. You can also garnish it in different ways to fit better the specific time of the year. 

5. French 75

French 75 is one of the true classics that you just can’t miss out on! This is a delicious cocktail with a sparkling twist. It combines gin with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and prosecco. It has a zesty and bubbly feel, which helped it win the love of many people. 

No matter what type of restaurant you are running, the French 75 is one of the popular prosecco drinks that needs to be on your menu. 

The Most Popular Prosecco Drinks: Prosecco Types

Now that we talked all about the cocktails you need to have on the menu, let’s look into the specific types of prosecco that you should have in your beverage inventory

1. Prosecco DOC (Dry)

Prosecco labeled as "Dry" is the most common and widely consumed type of prosecco. It offers a balanced and versatile flavor profile, making it a popular choice for various occasions. Make enough room in your beverage storage for it because you will need a lot of bottles from this crowd favorite. 

2. Prosecco Extra Dry

Prosecco labeled as "Extra Dry" is slightly sweeter than Brut but still maintains a pleasant balance of sweetness and acidity. It appeals to those who prefer a touch of sweetness in their sparkling wine. 

3. Prosecco Brut

Brut prosecco is the driest of them all, offering a crisp and refreshing taste. It's often used in classic cocktails and is favored by those who enjoy a drier sparkling wine. If you have a range of popular prosecco drinks on your cocktail menu, definitely get more of this type of prosecco. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Popular Prosecco Drinks

If you want more information about popular prosecco drinks, read the answers to these common questions. 

Can I Create My Own Signature Drinks with Prosecco?

Prosecco is a versatile drink that can be used for various cocktails. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it and create your own unique cocktails with it. You can introduce a few different options to your beverage menu and over time phase out the ones that people don’t order as much.

Are There Non-Alcoholic Alternatives for Prosecco?

Non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice or cider can be used as alternatives. If anyone prefers to have a non-alcoholic version of prosecco cocktails, you can skip the wine and replace it with any of the aforementioned options. Offering alcohol-free drinks is a great way to cater to designated drivers, pregnant women, and people who are avoiding alcohol. 

What Are the Best Garnishes to Use With Popular Prosecco Drinks?

Common garnishes for popular prosecco drinks include fruit slices or twists, herbs like mint or rosemary, and edible flowers. As always, you can experiment with other garnishes or use some of these on not-so-popular drinks. Always curate your offers based on your own preferences and match them with the concept of your restaurant. 

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