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Kali Mireva

Prosecco Food Pairing: Perfect Pairings for Your Restaurant

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Delicious drink and food pairing options are an important part of the experience people get at a restaurant. From well-curated wine and cheese pairings to beer food pairings, and even tea pairing options, you need to offer a variety.

But what else should you think of? There are so many different varieties of wine to add to your beverage menu, including prosecco wine. It’s a light and refreshing drink that allows you to create great prosecco food pairing options, as well as enticing prosecco cocktails. A sure way to increase customer satisfaction

Champagne is also a sparkling wine that pairs well with different types of food. However, the flavor profiles of the two are different, as well as many other facts about them. Read our article on prosecco vs. champagne if you want to know more. And if you want to dive deeper, read the history of prosecco and the history of champagne.

If you are a restaurant owner looking for great prosecco pairings to offer, this blog article is for you. We will get into the details of what pairs well with everyone’s favorite sparkling wine!

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Prosecco Food Pairing Options

Prosecco is a light and refreshing sparkling wine. Because of that, it’s possible to create various prosecco food pairing options with ease. Its bright acidity and effervescence make it an excellent drink to combine with both main courses and appetizers. 

Another great thing about prosecco pairings is that they can be done with a huge variety of foods. This means that whether you are running a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine or another kind, you can still add prosecco to your wine list. Make sure your waiters are well-trained so they can offer customers foods that go well with prosecco and vice versa. 

Here is our comprehensive list of foods you can offer alongside prosecco:

Key Takeaway: There are so many incredible prosecco food pairing options that your restaurant’s customers will love. Pick the dishes that will suit your business concept and style, stock on quality prosecco and you will be good to go.  

1. Light Appetizers

Light wines like prosecco complement well the flavors of light appetizers. These appetizers can include:

  • Fresh Seafood - There are various light seafood dishes that pair well with prosecco, including oysters and shrimp cocktails. Oysters and prosecco make for a fabulous pairing that people would love to enjoy when they are celebrating a special occasion!
  • Bruschetta - One of the best prosecco food pairing options is with Bruschetta. It’s a great pairing to offer not only as an appetizer but also if you are serving brunch at your restaurant. 
  • Caprese Salad - This simple, fresh, and loved by many salad, is a perfect dish to pair with a nice glass of chilled, bubbly prosecco. The acidity in the prosecco makes it a perfect match with the tomatoes and mozzarella. 

2. Cheeses 

Cheese and wine pairings are famous for a reason. There are so many cheese varieties, just like there are wines. You can always find a cheese that will perfectly match the flavors of your wine. This is true for prosecco, too. Here is a short list of the cheese you must serve with prosecco: 

  • Brie - The creamy texture of Brie makes it an ideal type of cheese to serve with prosecco. The acidity of prosecco makes it a great partner for this delicious cheese. What’s even better is that you can include Brie in a platter but also use it to make an appetizer.
  • Goat Cheese - Another must-have cheese if you are serving platters or charcuterie boards is goat cheese. This cheese's strong flavor is balanced perfectly by the bright, light prosecco wine. 
  • Parmesan - This cheese is also a crowd favorite that can be added to various meals. It has a flavor that gets complimented by the bubbliness of prosecco and the aromas of the wine. 

3. Salads

Wines go perfectly with many different salads, and prosecco is no exception. There are numerous salads you can create but here are two main categories that you can pair with prosecco for sure: 

  • Mixed Greens - A simple green salad goes well with prosecco because of the crispiness of the wine. Experiment with different ingredients to make staple salads for your restaurant or use classic recipes. Either way, wine lovers will surely enjoy a nice glass of prosecco with a fresh and delicious green salad!
  • Arugula Salad - Arugula has peppery notes that get balanced by the acidity of prosecco. You can use arugula in green salads or in other unique combinations that will make a great prosecco food pairing option. 
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4. Pasta and Risotto

No wonder pasta and risotto go well with prosecco since all of them come from Italy. There are various recipes you can use to make pasta and risotto, which means you can always find a perfect match for any type of wine you want to serve. Here is what types of pasta and risotto you can pair with prosecco: 

  • Pasta Primavera - The vegetable flavors in this dish match perfectly with the vibrancy of prosecco. The whole pairing is very light and enjoyable. 
  • Lemon Risotto - Did we say light and fresh enough times already? Because of these characteristics of prosecco, it’s the perfect drink to have alongside a lemony risotto. 

5. Light Main Courses

Because of the nature of prosecco, it goes with all kinds of light foods. Light main courses are no exception. You can offer prosecco to people who order the following dishes: 

  • Grilled Chicken - The effervescences work ideally with the flavors of the grilled chicken. Add some vegetables on the side or a green salad, and your customers are about to have a great lunch or dinner!
  • White Fish - If you are serving seafood at your restaurant, you can suggest prosecco to customers who order fish like sea bass, sole, or cod. 

6. Asian Cuisine

We already mentioned that prosecco pairs well with seafood. However, Asian food is a whole other category, including: 

  • Sushi - The crisp and clean feel of prosecco makes it a perfect pair for sashimi and sushi. This is a prosecco food pairing option that all sushi lovers will enjoy greatly!
  • Thai Dishes - Another type of Asian food that prosecco goes well with is Thai. This wine has the ability to balance spicy and sweet flavors, which makes it a great choice when you are indulging in delicious Thai meals. 

7. Fruit and Desserts

Prosecco is a common drink at bridal showers and other such celebrations because it pairs so well with fruit and desserts. 

  • Fresh Berries - Strawberries, as well as raspberries and other types of berries, are a great match for bubbly wine like prosecco. 
  • Fruit Tarts - The bright acidity of prosecco complements well the sweetness of fruit tarts. As mentioned before, berries are a good match too, so berry fruit tarts will be a good option to serve. 
  • Light Desserts - Light, delicious desserts are always a great company for a glass or a few of prosecco. Doesn’t matter what, if the dessert is not too heavy, it will be a great match. 
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Frequently Asked Questions about Prosecco Food Pairing Options

If you want to know more, check out the frequently asked questions we have answered below. 

Why Is Prosecco a Popular Choice for Food Pairings?

Prosecco has a bright acidity and effervescence, which makes it a versatile wine that can complement a wide range of foods. It acts as a palate cleanser and enhances the dining experience.

Can I Pair Prosecco With Spicy Foods?

Prosecco is a good choice for spicy dishes. Its acidity helps balance and complement the heat in the food. It’s a prosecco food pairing that people who love Mexican or Indian meals will appreciate. 

Can I Use Prosecco in Cooking or for Making Sauces?

Prosecco can be used in cooking to enhance the flavor of dishes and create sauces. It adds a bright, bubbly element to recipes.

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