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Lauren Platero

Bar Inventory Programs: 6 Best Features for Success

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Bar inventory programs have the potential to optimize operations and reduce costs for a bar or restaurant business. By reducing the manual labor that comes with tracking inventory, you can focus more of your time on pertinent tasks. Plus, it can quickly organize back of house liquor storage. Therefore, bar inventory programs are the keys to success.

We'll begin the journey to learning about bar inventory programs by deciphering what it means to restaurants. Then, we'll cover five key features that can result in bar and restaurant success. Now, let's get to it.

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What Is a Bar Inventory Program?

A bar inventory program is essentially just another name for a beverage inventory solution. It allows bar and restaurant owners to organize their inventory levels when it comes to anything from hard liquor to fruity mixers. But what are key features of such a product? Check out the next section for all the details!

6 Features of a Liquor Inventory Program That WIll Drive Success

There are numerous benefits of using a bar and liquor inventory program. From intuitive reporting to user-friendly scanning techniques to track inventory, it can streamline your business while making your life a whole lot easier. See below for the six primary features of a liquor inventory program that will drive success.

1. Hassle-Free POS Integrations

The ability to seamlessly connect with your POS system is a must. After all, there would be no other way to track inventory levels after orders roll in. Plus, simple integrations will eliminate the risk of technical difficulties and hiccups during the onboarding process.

2. Granular Inventory Tracking

Okay, so we know that the sole purpose of bar inventory programs is to track beverage quantities in your possession. But how does that work for your original mixed drink recipes or popular cocktails? That’s easy! The feature that allows you to create custom recipes in the backend will allow you to track liquor and mixers right down to the ounce. Then, when a server or bartender adds something to a customer’s tab, each ingredient quantity will automatically be deducted from currently available inventory.

3. Accurate Forecasting Metrics

Inventory forecasting is one of the main reasons as to why you would invest in one of the leading bar inventory programs. So, it’s essential that the metrics a tool provides you with are accurate. Forecasting metrics will stem from analytics being collected by the POS system. The ability to put this process on autopilot, while always being able to view accurate numbers regarding what you need to reorder is key for getting the most out of your inventory solution.

4. Data Visualizations and Customizations

Bar inventory programs that showcase bar and restaurant data in a clear and understandable design are key for optimal efficiency. Not everyone is proficient in analyzing large collections of data. So, it’s vital that your team can easily interpret various metrics. It’s also a good idea for bar inventory programs to have customization features. This way, you’ll be able to pick and choose which metrics you want to view from a particular chart.

5. Remote and Mobile Accessibility

High-tech bar inventory programs allow users to scan liquor inventory by scanning barcodes throughout their wine cellar or beverage storage unit. This means that it must feature some kind of mobile compatibility. So, it’s a major convenience when users are able to view all inventory metrics upon signing into an online account or digital app. This feature will also come in handy when managing inventory control across a franchise.

6. Simple Onboarding Phase

Once you discover a liquor inventory program that will suit your needs, it’s time for the onboarding process to begin. However, there’s nothing worse than when an adoption process is difficult and complex. While searching for bar inventory programs, ensure that you consult with a representative about what the onboarding phase will look like. If it’s a straightforward process, that should be one of many green flags.

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