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Sarah Ward

Beverage Inventory Software: 10 Ways It Improves Management

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Beverage inventory software is the backbone of a restaurant or bar business. It's vital to answering the question of how much do bars make. It even comes into play in how to open a winery. Managing your beverage inventory will keep your business running smoothly and your customer service top-notch. But how do you do that? Inventory management can be a messy project. If you have the right beverage inventory software and beverage management systems, however, it can be a piece of cake–even whiskey cake!

Today we’ll walk you through the benefits of the best beverage inventory software to suit your inventory definition of success. We’ll also look at the essential details you should look for in your inventory software, some of which can help with restaurant risk assessment. By the end of this article, you’ll be well-armed to find the beverage inventory software that works for your business. Heck, you'll even be able to venture into online liquor sales.

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Inventory Software

Inventory software is the computer program that keeps your inventory tracking all in one place. Instead of a spreadsheet, beverage inventory software makes the process easy to manage. It can even be managed from your phone, tablet, or computer. That convenience is what makes the best beverage inventory support so crucial. 

Inventory software is crucial for any business with a variety of products. It’s especially important for businesses with a beverage list, due to the constant flux of beverage stock. That application translates into specific beverage inventory software needs. We’ll dive into those needs next. 

Best Inventory Management Software

The best inventory management software for beverages includes functions that ease the process of selling and tracking beverages. They make inventory management techniques a breeze. From tracking bottle weight–and wine bottle sizes–with each pour to keeping an eye on any items fitting the 86 meaning, beverage inventory software is a unique system. It even helps specifically with beverage safety stock

As you search for the right beverage inventory software for your restaurant or bar business, keep an eye out for these 10 qualities. These range from the software’s compatibility with your other systems to the accessibility of different features. Overall, a program with a mastery of all these elements will have your back when it comes time to take inventory

10. Purchasing

When you think of inventory, you naturally think of keeping a count of the stock you have on hand. The other side of that equation is the need to purchase and replenish your inventory when it gets to your reorder point. Through BinWise you’re able to work directly with vendors to keep your stock at prime levels with an ideal fill rate, all within the BinWise system. 

9. Invoicing

Invoicing is just as important as purchasing power, especially when it comes to keeping track of your profits and overhead expenses. BinWise has an integrated invoicing system, so you can keep an eye on your money in one place. The invoicing system also keeps the relationship between you and your suppliers moving smoothly.

8. Interactive Wine Lists

The BinWise wine list is one of the key features that gives you the control you need. It can help you manage a wine list of 30 to 300 names. For many businesses, a quality wine list and wine tracker is the bread and butter of stocking a bar or restaurant. Having a wine list that works with you and keeps you on top of every bottle is the key to keeping customers happy.

7. Barcode Scanning

Inventory used to be ruled by an inventory spreadsheet and one person alone in a store room or cellar for hours, ticking off bottles and cases. With BinWise and the BinScan mobile app, you can toss the spreadsheet and pick up a scanner.

Once you get your barcode system set, your regular inventory will be as easy as scanning your barcodes. You'll be able to keep a mobile count with the touch of a few buttons. A barcode scanner app for inventory massively levels up your inventory game.

6. POS Integration

For bar owners and bar workers, there is no bigger headache than working with a bar POS system that doesn’t work with the business. BinWise offers POS integration, so you can accept and process payments without breaking the inventory chain. Your staff will thank you. 

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5. Mobile Compatibility

The ability to do inventory from your phone is the key to a quick, painless inventory. With BinWise, the barcode scanner, reports, and so much more can be just a click away on your mobile device. It doesn’t get much easier than inventory counts and checks on your phone.

4. Detailed Product Information

Your inventory process will be made simpler when you can add more detailed product information to your inventory software system. Make it a point to differentiate between wholesale products or raw materials inventory and finished goods inventory or merchandise inventory. From notes on counts to exact product descriptions, BinWise gives you the room for the information you need on hand for any inventory count.

3. Reports and Analytics

From a variance report to the standard inventory report, quality reporting and analytics means you never have to be concerned about missing a beat. BinWise has a variance report, a SmartView report, and a last day sales report in addition to a standard inventory report. It’s all the information you need in one highly accessible place. 

2. Customization

While there are many commonalities across the board of inventory in bars and restaurants, there will always be specific circumstances with unique needs. Having the option to customize your plan and your features will go a long way to success. The BinWise customer success team will work with you to find the best BinWise balance for your business.

1. Saving Time

All these factors come together to make the most important part of any beverage inventory software program: overall time saved. With BinWise, once you’ve got your barcodes set up and your wine list integrated, you'll save time to give more back to your business. That’s the key highlight of any bar software, and especially of bar inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beverage Inventory Software

The questions surrounding beverage inventory software range from software specifics to broad questions about beverage inventory. Our answers here will give you a base of knowledge to start with as you discover more about the process of beverage inventory. There’s plenty of information out there, but this is a good start. 

How Do You Manage Beverage Inventory?

Ultimately, you manage beverage inventory by staying on track, using the best beverage inventory software, and keeping calm in the chaos. Inventory management is a lot of work and it takes focus, and staying calm is the key to keeping it organized and under control. 

How Do You Count Shots in a Bottle?

You count shots in a bottle by knowing the number of shots a bottle contains, and then keeping your shot servings uniform and controlled. You can do this with a cocktail jigger, and you can also weigh your bottles if a count ever seems really off. 

How Do You Calculate Beverage Cost Percentage?

To calculate beverage cost percentage, you need to know the cost of a drink for your bar. You need that information in relation to the cost you will charge for that drink. The simple formula is:

Price per drink - Cost per drink = Profit on drink

That number, multiplied by all the drinks you sell, will make up a sizeable chunk of your bar profits.

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Beverage Inventory Software: Inventory Software Keeps the Taps Flowing

Finding the best beverage inventory software for your business is vital to the longevity of your success. Any business owner has a million tasks to juggle on any given day. A quality beverage inventory software program eases the load. 

BinWise is here for your beverage inventory needs. You can always come back to the BinWise blog for beverage program and inventory advice and information on other aspects of your business. Wherever you’re at in your bar or restaurant business journey, BinWise has your back. 

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