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Kali Mireva

How to Incorporate Brandy into Your Restaurant Beverage Menu

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Brandy is a drink with a long history. It was first distilled in the Middle Ages and was used as medicine. It became popular in America decades later. Today, there are great brandy cocktails, as well as delicious food and brandy pairings that deserve attention. 

Now there are various fruit brandy types you can choose from and you can find one for any taste. They are made from fruits like apples, apricots, blackberries, pears, and more. They all have a unique flavor profile that depends on the aging process. And the best part is that there are health benefits of brandy!

If you are running a business in the hospitality industry, however, you probably want to know different details about brandy. Anything related to brandy storage in a restaurant and incorporating this type of alcohol into your beverage menu. If that is so, you will find the information you need in this blog article. 

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Incorporating Brandy In a Restaurant Beverage Menu

It goes without saying that brandy should be on the beverage menu of your restaurant. It’s a well-known alcoholic beverage that appeals to many customers. In addition, it can be included in a range of delicious and unique cocktails that will set you apart from local competitors. 

Here’s how you can efficiently incorporate brandy into your restaurant beverage menu: 

Key Takeaway: Brandy can be incorporated into a beverage menu in different ways. From offering various styles of brandy to serving popular brandy cocktails or unique ones, there are options to try. Following seasonality, and trends, and promoting your beverages are also key. 

1. Offer Different Styles of Brandy

Make sure you have a variety of brandy styles in your beverage inventory. From Cognac to Armagnac to classic American brandies, such as Applejack - serving different types of brandy will make your beverage menu better. 

The customers at your restaurant will be able to explore different flavors and enjoy great brandy with the delicious meals you serve. Let’s not forget that even though food can turn your business into a Michelin Star restaurant, beverages play a huge role in the whole experience, too. 

2. Highlight Classic Brandy Cocktails

What’s the best way to introduce alcohol to your beverage menu? Through some great cocktails, of course! People love fancy drinks (especially Millennials) so in general, as a restaurant manager, you need to prioritize cocktails, pretty cocktail garnish, and stylish glassware

Add cocktails like Brandy Alexander, Sidecar, or Vieux Carré to your beverage menu. These are timeless cocktails, familiar to many customers and they can be an excellent introduction to brandy. You can also work with a mixologist to create unique offers and make any regular type of menu more exciting. 

3. Have Seasonal Brandy Specials

It’s always a good idea to have a seasonal menu. This keeps things more exciting, especially for regular customers. So if you want to spice up your beverage menu for the upcoming seasons, consider introducing some new brandy cocktail options or other types of brandy. 

You can either get bottles of brandy from a different region or made of different fruits, or work with a cocktail expert to create new cocktails. Highlight the newest offers on your beverage menu, include them in your restaurant marketing campaigns, and show them on social media.

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4. Food and Brandy Pairings 

We have already mentioned that, but drink and food pairings in general are a great way to get new customers. And make them regulars! Train your staff to offer brandy with specific dishes from your menu or vice versa. Different brandy types can complement the flavors of many delicious meals and pairing them well together will only increase customer satisfaction.

5. Brandy Dessert Cocktails 

Create dessert-style cocktails using brandy. For example, you can make a Brandy Alexander Milkshake or a Chocolate Brandy Sour. These options can be part of your beverage menu or dessert menu. 

It’s also a great idea to offer brandy styles and cocktails with the desserts served at your restaurant to boost the experience for your guests. 

6.  Brandy and Coffee Drinks

Serving specialty coffee will help you gain new clientele and leave coffee lovers satisfied. However, you can take things to the next level with the help of quality, flavorful brandy! There are drinks like Irish Coffee and Spanish Coffee that are both excellent drinks for after dinner. 

7. Brandy Selection

Invest in a well-curated brandy selection with options for different budgets. Ensure that your staff is knowledgeable about the brands you carry and can make recommendations to customers. When you have brandies at different price points in your beverage menu, you cater to a wider audience. 

This is always a winning strategy as you are going to win a lot more regular customers. A great brandy selection in your beverage storage also means that people can come back to try other options they haven’t already. 

8. Beverage Menu Presentation

Last, but surely not least, it’s important to invest time and resources into creating a visually appealing beverage menu. We all know that aesthetically pleasing drinks are more likely to be sold. The menu design also plays a huge role in how many cocktails you are actually able to sell. 

Stick to the concept of your restaurant and your brand colors but maybe try doing something unique with the beverage menu. For example, you can get vintage or more modern glassware, experiment with garnishes, and have beautiful pictures taken. You can also play around with the names of the cocktails, look into pretty fonts, etc. 

Promote Your Beverage Menu

Something restaurant managers and owners tend to neglect is promoting the beverage menu. Although people may be mostly coming for the delicious meals, beverages are a great way to upsell and even win new customers. Invest time and effort into promoting new drink options all over social media and to walk-in customers. 

You can even create special offers, make a happy hour, and even dive deeper into other marketing areas like influencer marketing. Offering free drinks or discounts to people who take pics and post your cocktails on their social media is another great option to try. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adding Brandy to a Restaurant Beverage Menu

If you need more information about brandy and restaurant beverage menus, read the answers to these frequently asked questions. 

Should I Offer Brandy Tastings or Events at My Restaurant?

Hosting brandy tastings or special events can be an excellent way to engage customers and educate them about brandy. This is a great way to promote your brandy, as well as the tasty food served at your restaurant. It’s a great way to make your restaurant better known in your area. 

Are There Brandy-Inspired Mocktails I Can Include in the Beverage Menu?

Creating non-alcoholic brandy mocktails is possible, using ingredients like apple cider, ginger ale, and flavored syrups. These non-alcoholic drinks would be great options for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

How Can I Make Brandy an Integral Part of My Restaurant’s Identity?

Incorporating brandy as part of the concept and branding is the first step to take. This can be reflected in the decor, menu design, and the overall dining experience. You can also include brandy in some of the dishes, especially in desserts. 

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