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Sarah Ward

What Is Soda Water? 5 Factors and Uses of Soda Water

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Soda water. Is it soda? Is it water? 

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It’s one of those weird terms that everyone’s heard, but nobody can quite define. Even worse, the real definition of soda water adds little to the picture. You’ll probably end up asking yourself what is club soda and how it is different from soda water, tonic water, and seltzer.

To help clear things up, keep reading to learn what soda water is, some of the most popular soda water brands, and the caloric and carb content.

What Is Soda Water?

Soda water is a generic term for carbonated water. Asking for a soda water can get you either a club soda or a seltzer water depending on how your server interprets it. If a recipe or mixed drink calls for soda water, either club soda or seltzer would work. The carbonation is what is desired in these circumstances.

Soda Water Calories

Soda water has 0 calories. Since the term soda water covers club soda and seltzer, it’s essentially just plain water that's been carbonated and infused with minerals. There is nothing caloric in the drink. Choosing to use club soda or seltzer instead of a carbonated soft drink will save as many calories as choosing just water.

Soda Water Brands

Shopping for soda water has never been easier. Both longstanding club soda staples and a slew of new seltzer brands can be found in nearly every grocery store. We’ve listed our favorites below, but there are quite a few brands that are so well known you can expect to find them nearly everywhere.

Here are the ten most popular soda water brands for sparkling water drinks:

  1. Perrier Mineral Sparkling Water
  2. Schweppes Sparkling Water
  3. Bubly Sparkling Water
  4. Polar 100% Natural Seltzer
  5. Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water
  6. Spindrift Sparkling Water
  7. La Croix Sparkling Water
  8. San Pellegrino Natural Sparkling Water
  9. Poland Spring Sparkling Water
  10.  Seagram’s Seltzer Water

Remember, popularity doesn’t necessarily equate to taste. Explore the options around you and give smaller brands a try. You might find one that works particularly well in some spring cocktails you’re working on.

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Soda Water Carbs

There are no carbohydrates in soda water. As there is no sugar present in club soda or seltzer, there are no carbs. This makes soda water a great ingredient for all purposes because it can be consumed regardless of dietary needs or restrictions. This differentiates it from some other types of carbonated water which contain added sugar or fruit juice to sweeten the drink.

Soda Water Nutrition

The nutritional value of soda water is a bit complicated. There are no drawbacks to drinking it, but the nutritional gains are fairly minimal. Soda water contains a number of minerals, which contribute to the flavor, but there generally isn't enough to see health benefits. 

With that in mind, here are the general nutritional facts of soda water:

  • Calories- 0 grams
  • Cholesterol- 0 grams
  • Sodium - 75 milligrams
  • Potassium- 7 milligrams
  • Carbs- 0 grams
  • Protein - 0 grams

It’s a great choice to be added to gluten free gift baskets along with some other mixers if you’re giving them to someone with a wine allergy. Beyond nutrition, there are still a number of benefits related to drinking soda water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soda Water

There are a few other things you may be curious to know about soda water. Read on to learn more about the topic at hand!

What Are The Soda Water Benefits?

There are many benefits to soda water whether you're drinking it straight or using it to add flair to mixed drinks and cocktails. There are even non-consumption benefits. Here are the top three.

First, it's a healthy alternative to soda and other sugary beverages. Since there are no carbs or calories in soda water, it is often used to replace less-healthy drinks. It will keep you hydrated and help you focus without any negative side effects. If regular water doesn't do it for you, soda water is a good replacement. It's important to note that tonic water is not the same as soda water and, in fact, does contain a high amount of sugar. This is also good for people looking for low-calorie alcoholic beverages because there are a lot of calories in wine. This is true of the calories in red wine, calories in white wine, and the calories in rose wine. So, it’s good for all wine drinkers to consider.

Second, soda water can be very helpful for nausea. The carbonation in the water has been shown to help settle people's stomachs and is often served on cruise ships just for that reason. It also helps give the feeling of fullness, so nausea arising from hunger is also satiated. We recommend keeping some soda water on hand if nausea is a common issue you encounter.

Third, soda water can actually be used as a fairly effective cleaning agent. The effervescent nature of club soda and seltzer makes them ideal for cleaning jewelry, removing rust, cleaning a decanter, or to remove red wine stains. They're also not as damaging as other cleaning agents since it's really just the carbonation that does the work. However, there is a limit to soda water's effectiveness, so it's definitely worth investing in one of the best wine stain removers.

What's The Difference Between Soda Water and Sparkling Water?

This is a tricky one. The terms soda water and sparkling water are occasionally used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. The main difference is that soda water is artificially manufactured while sparkling water is naturally sourced. Soda water lends itself more to being mixed with other ingredients, while sparkling water is fresh and pure and good enough to be enjoyed on its own. Soda water and sparkling water drinks are often similar, but there is certainly a difference between the two.

What are Good Soda Water Cocktails?

You'll find soda water in many of the drinks every bartender should know. These drinks tend to be lighter in flavor. Along with the carbonation, the mineral flavors are what make soda water a great ingredient to have on hand when making summer cocktails.

With that in mind, here are a few popular cocktails that contain soda water:

  • Tom Collins
  • Tequila Soda
  • White Wine Spritzer
  • Southside Fizz
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Mojito
  • Vodka Soda
  • Gin Rickey
  • Whiskey Highball
  • Gin Fizz

How Is Soda Water Different From Club Soda and Tonic Water?

Soda water, club soda, and tonic water are often confused, but they are different. Soda water is carbonated water with no added flavors. Club soda is carbonated water with added minerals like sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride. Tonic water is carbonated water with quinine and is typically sweetened.

Is Soda Water the Same as Seltzer Water?

The terms "soda water" and "seltzer water" are often used interchangeably. However, some argue that seltzer water may be more precisely defined as carbonated water with no added minerals. In practice, they are very similar.

Does Soda Water Contain Calories?

No! Soda water is typically calorie-free. It is water infused with carbon dioxide, and it does not contain sugars or other caloric additives.

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Water You Talking About?

Soda water is a term that covers many different mixers, so it can be confusing when looking at a standardized recipe that isn’t more specific. However, you can generally use either club soda or seltzer water whenever soda water is listed.

Whether you're making classic drinks or fancy aphrodisiac drinks, soda water can be used for nearly anything. However, make sure not to add a flavored seltzer unless you're intentionally trying to add a new flavor profile to a cocktail. Different flavors pair better with different types of alcohol, so test them out and see what works best or check out some of the best bartending books for more inspiration.

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