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Sarah Ward

Types of Catering Events Guide: 10 Key Catered Events

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After you learn how to start a catering business the next question is, “What types of catering events will you service?” Will you stick with classic weddings–such as a winery wedding–and corporate social event ideas? Will you branch out with baby showers, reunions, or engagement celebrations? 

In this post, we walk you through 10 types of catering events. Some are commonly catered events, while others will be a niche area if you choose to work with them. 

Before we dive into those events, let’s take a look at the basics of catering. No matter which events you cater the basics come in handy.

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Basic Catering

The basic catering needs apply to each of these upcoming types of catering events in some form or another. Basic catering decisions you need to make include:

  • Whether you’ll serve different types of alcohol and mixed drink options. It’s best to learn how to get a liquor license if you want to serve anything stronger than tonic water
  • What menu types you’ll offer. There are all sorts of menu options to choose from including a dessert menu, brunch menu, and a light dinner option. You may also consider having specialty dishes to showcase with your catering business.
  • How you’ll set up your catering services at events. Some options include buffet style, tray passing, plated options, and banquet table setup serving. 
  • Whether you work with themes. If you want to work on specific types of events you have the option to theme your catering around that event. You’ll be able to work with business branding that shows your specialty with those events.
  • What your budget is for each event. Catering is a business where you can make a great profit but you’ll also be purchasing supplies and equipment, and paying employees. Organize the budget for your catering events to avoid worrying about finances.
  • How your kitchen organization works. When it comes to organizing your kitchen, you need to prepare for dealing with allergies, dietary restrictions, and food storage. It’s also possible to have to deal with the unknown specifics of working at the event if onsite service is requested. 

Once you’ve set up your catering business plan to include those decisions, you’re ready to start seeking out clients and events. 

Here are 10 types of catering events:

10. Baby Showers

A baby shower is a perfect event for a specialty catering business. You can make it extra special by making baby-themed menu items. Another idea would be for you to work with colors and shades based on the gender of the baby for specific dishes.

9. Retirement Parties

Retirement parties may be a personal party or a corporate event. Either way, they’re an opportunity to showcase classic catering skills with enjoyable foods that suit the occasion. 

"Key Takeaway: You can tailor your business to specific events or be a versatile business with the capability to cater for any event."

8. Family Dinners

These gatherings and dinners are a chance for family members to catch up and interact with one another. Some families may prefer catering these events instead of spending time cooking on their own. This is especially true if it’s a large gathering, holiday, or some kind of celebration. 

7. Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are a chance to show off your creative side as a catering business. In many cases, a bridal shower is a time for sweet treats and delicious drinks. Lean into the celebration of the occasion as you plan your menu and you’ll be a hit.

6. Engagement Celebrations

Engagement celebrations are perfect for any catering business looking to expand their menu with extravagant options. That could mean cheesecake, crème brulée, fine red wine types, or fresh seafood. To ensure an exquisite menu, you may want to have a Sous chef or Executive chef leading the kitchen. 

5. Reunions

Reunions can cover anything from a family reunion to a high school reunion. As a catering business you can cater specifically to reunions with themed dishes if clients request it. With that said, a reunion may also be a time to let your skills shine by creating classic dishes and drinks. 

4. Corporate Events

There are all sorts of corporate event ideas you can cater for. There’s corporate breakfast, corporate dinner events, and company cafeterias. Your catering business plan for corporate events should include corporate cafeteria menu ideas and corporate event hosting plans.

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3. Holiday Parties

Holiday parties cover a lot of ground considering how many holidays there are at the end of the year. You can work a holiday party in two ways: nondenominational or not. For example, for a holiday party that falls around Christmas, you could serve Christmas cocktail recipes. You may also consider serving the best winter cocktails to keep it festive. 

2. Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are some of the most fun you’ll have planning for a catering event. A birthday party can be a fancy affair or something lighthearted and delightful. Either way, you’ll be able to showcase your skills with unique dishes and drinks. 

1. Weddings

Weddings are the highlight of the catering business world. Between the rehearsal dinner and the reception, your responsibilities are vast. Your experience and the boost to your reputation as a caterer make it worth the work. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Catering Events

There’s always more to learn about catered events. Our answers to these frequently asked questions are helpful for starting a catering business and people looking to hire a caterer as well. 

What Does a Catering Event Mean?

A catering event means any occasion where the food and beverages served were prepared by a licensed caterer. The food is often prepared off-site and served at the catered event. However, there are some catered events where the caterer works in an on-site kitchen. A catered event is typically a party with 10 or more people. 

How Do You Organize a Catered Event?

To host and organize a catered event, the best thing you can do is find the best caterer for your type of event. Of course, you will still be in charge of working with the caterer to match the menu and dishes to the theme of the event. Once you find the right caterer, you won’t have to worry about the meals being served at the event.

How Do You Create a Good Event?

To create a good event, start planning with plenty of time to spare and focus on the important details. For a catered event those details are the specific menu items, the number of people attending, and the beverages to be served.

Why Is Event Catering Important?

Event catering is important because it’s part of making an event run smoothly. When you host a catered event you have one less thing to worry about. Your caterer takes care of the food and beverage details. 

For catering companies, event catering is your opportunity to showcase your skills. When you cater an event and do a great job, you’ll have a loyal new client and the potential for new clients by referral.

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Catered Events: It’s Your Birthday, Order Catering If You Want To

The types of catering events we outlined in this BinWise blog post are all well-suited for any catering business. You can tailor your business to specific events or be a versatile business with the capability to cater for any event. 

Whatever you choose, be sure to check out BinWise for your inventory management needs. When your inventory runs smoothly you’ll have more time to focus on creating spectacular catered events. BinWise Pro and the BinScan mobile app can help you get your inventory program in shape.

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