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Sarah Ward

Corporate Cafeteria Menu Ideas: 13 Tips for Cafeteria Menus

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Corporate cafeteria menu ideas are something you, as a business owner or company cafeteria manager, should consider as you open a corporate cafeteria. Refreshing your menu designs and offerings along the way will also help you keep up operational efficiency

From examining menu types to your coffee distribution supplier, a corporate cafeteria menu has lots of room for continual improvement. The following 13 corporate cafeteria menu ideas will get you started. With these ideas, you can iterate further to find what works for your corporate cafeteria plan.

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13. Satisfy Sweet Tooths

Having something sweet is a must for times when employees need to satisfy a craving. Whether this is baked goods–look into bakers selling cookies online and buy some in bulk–at a coffee shop or dessert at a restaurant, something sugary is always a crowd pleaser.

12. Set Up Snack Stations

While employees anticipate full meals if that is part of what your company offers, there will also be plenty of occasions when they’re looking for something simpler. Snack stations with individual serving sizes, from power bars to shakes and other healthy snack ideas, will help satisfy those quick cravings. You can buy wholesale snacks to keep the budget in mind.

"Key Takeaway: Corporate cafeteria menus, like other types of menus, come with moving parts within the cafeteria setting. The menu is part of the larger role the cafeteria plays with the company and the office building or location."

11. Enhance Comfort Food

You can never go wrong with comfort food. When it comes to including comfort food among your corporate cafeteria menu ideas, good choices include rich breakfast items like French toast and warm soups for lunch. A homemade feel reminds your employees of how much you care.

10. Build-Your-Own Options

When it comes to build-your-own options, there are plenty you can choose from. We recommend sandwich-building stations, or if you have the room, build-your-own pizza. These classic entree food dishes become even better when they are personalized.

9. Invest In Authenticity

There’s nothing better than ethnically authentic cuisine. If you’re planning to have Chinese food, or Mexican food appetizers and meals, or a Greek salad bar, make sure you’re sourcing authentic food and preparing it with traditional practices. It’ll up the ante on your menu quality.

8. Wrap It Up

While one of the benefits of a corporate cafeteria is that employees have a place to enjoy lunch away from their desks, sometimes a desk lunch is still a good choice. Offering wraps, from sushi to sandwich wraps, is a way to give employees a mess-free, convenient lunch. 

7. Breakfast Options

Breakfast options are an absolute necessity because many employees forgo breakfast at home. Having a variety of breakfast foods, from toast to hash browns to cereal, will give those who skipped breakfast a chance to catch up until 10am.

6. Be Mindful of Seating Spaces

While a big focus of corporate cafeterias is what’s on the menu, an equally important part is the restaurant seating space. From group tables and cozy chairs to balconies with a few seats, making sure employees can gather or sit apart throughout the cafeteria makes for a welcoming environment. 

5. Rotate the Menu

Seasonality in business is something restaurants are familiar with, and it can be advantageous to use it in a corporate cafeteria setting. Building a seasonal menu around in-season produce and locally grown options will spice up your menu and may lead to your cafeteria making the list of local eco-friendly restaurants.

4. Salad Bar

At least one healthy option is always a good idea for a company cafeteria. A selection of salads is a good way to meet this need.

A salad bar with a variety of lettuce and greens is a good place to start. You should also include all manner of toppings, including fruits and vegetables to have an option for everyone.

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3. Don’t Skimp On Caffeine

While solid foods are a must for every corporate cafeteria, don’t forget about the need for caffeine by way of liquid java. From coffee and tea to matcha, many employees enjoy the chance at a caffeine pick-me-up throughout the day. Cover those needs with several coffee options. It’ll be well worth it.

2. Freshen Up

When it comes to offering baked goods (which last a few days when stored properly), it’s easy to hold onto items and sell them through the next week. Of course, there are some items this is completely okay with. Be mindful of it though, and keep your food items fresh and enticing. 

One way to be mindful of this practice is to buy smaller amounts of items that will go bad. You can buy on a weekly basis to avoid food waste. Another option is to invest in airtight containers for storage that will help items last longer.

1. Offer Unexpected Options

Offering unexpected options comes in at number one because it’s one of the 13 factors you can use in a corporate cafeteria. Unexpected options can include things like waffle cone breakfast dishes or surf and turf lunch specials once a month. Whatever you decide on, it’s a way to bring excitement to the cafeteria.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Cafeteria Menus

Corporate cafeteria menus, like other types of menus, come with moving parts within the cafeteria setting. The menu is part of the larger role the cafeteria plays with the company and the office building or location. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you more information about corporate cafeteria menu ideas and the role of the corporate cafeteria.

What Do You Serve In a Cafeteria? 

In a cafeteria, the list of potential meals and dishes served includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Happy hour event options

Which of these end up as part of a corporate cafeteria will depend on the company in question. Some places will use happy hour ideas for later in the day. Some will have several coffee shop areas throughout the offices. 

Why Is a Cafeteria Important In the Office? 

A cafeteria is important because it provides food, but also because it gives employees a place to spend time together if they want and a place to escape for a while if they need to clear their mind. It boosts office morale and increases productivity and happiness. 

What Is the Full Meaning of Cafeteria? 

The definition of a cafeteria is two-fold. A cafeteria is a restaurant where customers serve themselves, or order food from a counter and take the food to their seating area. A cafeteria is also a place where a large selection of food and drinks are available to provide options.

A corporate cafeteria draws from both facets of the definition. There are, effectively, several restaurants throughout the offices, with selections for employees to choose from for different meals.

What Is the Difference Between a Café and a Cafeteria?

The key difference between a café and a cafeteria is the variety of items being served, and the style they are served in. A café is typically a place that offers coffee, tea, and breakfast items. It can also be a brunch café, with a brunch menu. At a café, there are servers and wait staff

A cafeteria often has many of the same items as a café, but also much more available in terms of food beyond pastries and treats. A cafeteria also covers a range of meal times from breakfast to lunch, while a café often specializes in one. In terms of serving, a cafeteria is a self-serve type of business.

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Corporate Cafeteria Menus: What’s for Lunch? 

Planning corporate cafeteria menu ideas gives you the advantage of being prepared for employee needs within your corporate cafeteria. If you’re the business owner, you can plan for your employees and what you know they’ll look for. If you’re a corporate cafeteria manager, your plan will likely be more general.

Once you’ve set the menu items, check out BinWise to stay on top of your inventory needs. BinWise Pro, paired with BinScan for mobile usability, can help you manage your food and beverage program with inventory needs. You can pair BinWise with BlueCart for order management success.

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