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Sarah Ward

Corporate Event Ideas: 4 Corporate Event Foods and Drinks

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Planning corporate event ideas takes coordination from the company hosting the event and the venue staff to the management team for the event. A corporate event could involve banquet servers and the banquet manager of a hotel staff team if the event is held at a hotel. It could bring a restaurant manager and servers into play if the event is at a restaurant. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through ideas for the food and beverage needs of a corporate event. The following four ideas are a way to make the event a success. They're also pillars that give the planners of the event useful concepts to build on.

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4. Dessert Towers

We’re starting the list with a sweet treat. Dessert towers are a way to dress up the finale of a corporate event. They can also serve as centerpieces for tables, or for self-serving buffet tables around the room.

Some desserts to include are macarons, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, tiered cakes, angel food cake shots, chocolate strawberries, truffles, and mini cheesecakes. Of course, while this is a long list, there are many dessert options out there–don’t limit yourself! You can choose from anything that looks tempting on a tiered tower.

"Key Takeaway: Corporate event ideas for foods and beverages are in the unique position to be professional and suited for a formal meal, yet still delicious."

3. Company-Specific Cocktails

Coming in at number three, company-specific cocktails can be a few different types of cocktails. One option is to craft cocktails for the event occasion.

Another is to create cocktail recipes, or rename the most popular cocktails with the company and industry in mind. This can be a fun adventure in adding to the cocktail experience, from mocktails to the best gin cocktails. Those often use the best gin brands.

One example of a cocktail that is company-specific is a specialty cocktail, made with a unique ingredient, and named after the industry. For example, let’s say your company is a marketing firm that works with cereal distributors. You could make a screwdriver with vodka and orange juice, add strawberries, and call it breakfast to go.

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2. Inventive Sliders

We all love the original food behind number two: sliders. Sliders are the mini version of a burger, and you can dress them up as much as you can a full-sized burger. Sliders can be a full meal within themselves, or they can be a top-notch choice for an appetizer list.

One of our favorite ways to get inventive with a slider is to use plant-based meat. From tofu to meatless patties, there are options to make sliders healthier and more eco-friendly–even eco-friendly restaurants would serve them up. You can craft sliders that will suit any diet.

1. Creative Garnishes

We’ve saved one of the most versatile corporate event ideas for foods and drinks for the top spot. At number one we have creative garnishes. Creative garnishes can be used to embellish everything from fancy cocktails and inventive sliders to salmon dishes and desserts. 

When it comes to choosing your creative garnishes, there are two key ways to go about it. One is to pick garnishes that complement the flavor of the dish or drink you’re decorating. This is best when you’re short on time or resources. The second option is choosing in-season garnishes. This will make for some unique combinations on a seasonal menu

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Event Foods and Drinks

Corporate event ideas for foods and beverages are in the unique position to be professional and suited for a formal meal, yet still delicious. That covers a lot of ground in the food service industry. From red wine types and popular cocktails, and also from the best Mexican appetizers and fine dining, the options are vast. 

Our answers to the following frequently asked questions cover questions about food and beverages for corporate events. They also lean into the importance of food and beverage services for these events. If you’re managing a corporate event or hosting one, these answers will help you along the way.

How Do You Make Corporate Events Fun? 

Corporate events have a stereotype that follows them. That stereotype is one of being less than fun and more focused on the corporate factors than the event factors. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fun though. 

To make corporate events fun, consider what guests will enjoy (within reason), and find a balance between the agenda items and the enjoyable event factors. If you go into the planning process with fun in mind, you’ll be able to find a balance. With that balance, you can keep the event enjoyable throughout the schedule.

Why Is Food Important In Event Management? 

Food is important in event management because events are often centered around a meal. Sometimes that meal is a mix of the best appetizers and drinks with great cocktail ingredients. Sometimes it’s a full-course sit-down meal around a banquet table setup. Whatever the plan is, food is a centerpiece of most, if not all events.

Corporate events can be dry, and finding ways to keep it enjoyable takes a lot of work. One integral plan is to invest in the menu types at the event, and make sure the food is to-die-for. Good food always makes for a great event.

What Are Some Issues to Consider When Planning Food and Beverage for an Event? 

Some of the issues you should consider when planning food and beverage for an event include:

  • The ages of the guests. This can include knowing the legal drinking age, and this also prepares you to serve a teetotaler.
  • Food allergies and sensitivities. You should also take into consideration the religious reasons behind different food preferences and restrictions.
  • The timing of speeches and presentations with the meal delivery. You should coordinate the courses so that people can receive food without interrupting a speaker (to the best of your planning ability).
  • Backups for potential mishaps in the kitchen. Between the Sous chef and the wait staff, accidents happen. You should plan to have extra food and backup meal options just in case.

Planning for those potential issues and considerations will help you prepare for every food and beverage facet of the event. Planning ahead allows you to enjoy the event without worrying about what could go wrong.

What Is the Main Aim of Food and Beverage Service? 

The main aim of food and beverage service is to meet the needs of the customer (or guest) and achieve customer satisfaction. This is often seen in relation to restaurants, brunch café spots, and bar business locations. It is equally important in corporate events.

When it comes to corporate events, food and beverage services are there to keep the meal running smoothly. They also provide a vital portion of the enjoyment of the event. 

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Corporate Food and Drink Ideas: Snacks and Slacks

These corporate event ideas for food and drink services can take any corporate event from good to great. They can work for any type of corporate event with tweaks to the main theme. They can even be used for general parties and less formal functions. 

When you’re ready to set up your corporate event, with these ideas and a plan for a company dinner, come back to BinWise. Our inventory program, BinWise Pro, paired with the BinScan mobile app, can help you manage your event inventory. You can pair BinWise with BlueCart, for order management success.

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