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Sarah Ward

Corporate Social Event Ideas: 8 Corporate Social Plans

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Corporate social event ideas are a unique form of corporate bonding. Sure, you’ve got corporate dinner events, standard corporate event ideas, and company cafeteria social time–with great corporate cafeteria menu ideas. Corporate social events can pull from each of those corporate event categories. They’re unique in the emphasis on social activities over corporate activities.

Corporate social events are made to be team-building events, as well as time for coworkers to unwind with each other. They boost team morale and productivity. In this blog post, we’ll explore some social event ideas that can work for a variety of companies and industries.

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How to Plan a Corporate Event

Planning corporate social event ideas is different from corporate event hosting for a dinner. These social events are typically geared towards fun more than a corporate goal. Of course, you should still put time and effort into making sure you have backup plans in case something goes wrong. 

These eight corporate social event ideas have a fair amount of variety among them. Some will work best for smaller businesses. Some might be limited by where your company is located. As a business owner or manager, when you’re choosing the right ideas for your company, keep those factors in mind. You can even search your local area for an applicable event.

8. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a great way to get your team out in the community, working together for an important cause. Of course, Habitat isn’t the only organization you can work with to build homes or support the community. 

Any type of charitable work will be rewarding for your team, and it will bring you all closer together. Setting up a monthly charitable event will help others and help your team work together.

7. Classic Happy Hour

You can never go wrong with a classic happy hour. From enjoying happy hour drinks to finding great happy hour deals, your team will appreciate this lighthearted social event. 

Check out the BinWise happy hour guide if you’re curious about the history of happy hour and just how fun it can be. You can find places with happy hour themes, or visit some favorite local spots on a monthly basis for the best happy hour times. You could even do a tour of the best bars in your area, and include a beer garden in the tour.

"Key Takeaway: Corporate social events are unique in the emphasis on social activities over corporate activities."

6. Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? A scavenger hunt can be made to fit any scale and any team. You can craft a hunt that goes all around the city. You can keep it on a smaller scale with an in-office scavenger hunt. 

A scavenger hunt is an excellent option to help your team build their teamwork skills. Beyond those valuable work skills, it’s a delightful way to let your team indulge their inner children. 

5. Escape Room

An escape room is similar to a scavenger hunt in terms of teamwork and fun. The key difference is the setting of an escape room, which is typically more charged in a delightfully challenging way. 

There are so many escape rooms out there these days. One way to choose the escape rooms you want to try is to give your employees options to pull from a hat. Some great options are a horror-themed room, a murder mystery, or an island escape. From there, you can try one each quarter. 

4. Murder Mystery Event

A murder mystery event is a perfect way to get your employees thinking outside the box and working together in an exciting setting. A murder mystery can be a virtual event, an interactive life-sized event, or a board game. 

If you want to build the suspense of the murder mystery, save this event for a Halloween celebration. Encourage costumes, and make it truly an event to remember. It can be something to look forward to for Halloween celebrations in the future.

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3. Bingo

Bingo is a little outdated, but that only adds to the charm of this social event. Bingo can be set up to work for any event, holiday, or special company occasion. It can also be a small event or a large-scale social outing at a bingo hall.

If you want to have a game of bingo at the office you can print your own bingo cards. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, look into local bingo halls. You’re sure to find a few options that will fit the bill.

2. Pickleball

Pickleball was first played in 1965, but in recent years it’s been bursting into popularity. It can an athletic event, but it’s casual enough that anyone can play and have a good time. You can make this a competitive social event or something easy-going. 

Most major cities now have pickleball courts. If there isn’t one near your company location, you can use different courts that have the space for the game. 

1. Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has been growing in popularity in recent years. In a broad sense–the hospitality definition is expansive–axe throwing is one of many hospitality industry trends. There are axe throwing businesses you can visit with your team. You can also hire an axe throwing company in a mobile capacity, to come to you for an on-site event. 

We’ve saved the number one spot for axe throwing because it’s a whole bunch of fun. Any of these corporate social event ideas will be fun for your team and a boost for your business. They all feed into teamwork skills and team bonding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Social Events

There’s plenty that goes into selecting and planning corporate social events. Now that we’ve walked through these eight ideas, it’s time to address some of the other questions you might have. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you plan the best possible corporate social events. 

How Do You Make Corporate Events Fun? 

To make corporate events fun, don’t force the fun. You’re in a situation where fun is the name of the game. For that exact reason, you shouldn’t try too hard for a fun time. The right corporate social event ideas will naturally create a fun environment with relaxed event management. Letting that speak for itself will make it easier for employees to have a good time. 

What are Good Team Bonding Ideas? 

Good team bonding ideas can be any of the ideas in this blog or anything that gets your team working and having fun together. The best team bonding ideas are events and occasions that don’t feel forced. A lack of pressure will let your employees bond in a natural way. 

How Do You Create a Unique Event? 

To create a unique event, you should start with a classic event and put your own spin on it. If you choose kayaking, make it a relay race. If frisbee golf is more your speed, you can make it a costumed event. Think outside of the box for something unique and delightful. 

What Makes an Event Unforgettable? 

The main factor that makes an event unforgettable is that the fun, team-bonding, and exciting moments of the event happen organically. Of course, a spectacular event with a great theme or activity is also important. The naturally occurring enjoyment of the event is what will truly make it unforgettable.

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Corporate Socials: How About a Corporate Ice Cream Social? 

All these corporate social event ideas are ways to bring your team closer together. They should be focused on fun, team-bonding activities. Of course, that doesn’t mean work won’t be involved. Plan your events with care, and once the social time comes around you’ll be ready to join in the fun.

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