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Sarah Ward

Corporate Breakfast: 5 Best Corporate Breakfast Ideas

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A corporate breakfast event is a chance to utilize corporate event ideas and some corporate event hosting skills. It’s different from a corporate dinner in terms of the food served. However, it's similar in terms of the overall structure and goal: to have a corporate event with some delicious food. 

If your business is a typical office-type of company, your corporate breakfast might take place in the company cafeteria. If that is the case, you can lean on some corporate cafeteria menu ideas to bolster your breakfast menu. An inventory management plan for your cafeteria will help you prepare for future breakfast events. 

For a catering business or restaurant business, this blog post will give you ideas to add to your business breakfast offers. For companies, these ideas will help you host a business breakfast that kicks off the work day on a high note. Read on to learn all about it!

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Corporate Breakfast Ideas

Later on in our FAQ section we’ll dive into some of the best corporate breakfast ideas when it comes to food options. That’s not to say we won’t mention food and beverage choices here, but it’s not the main focus. For these corporate breakfast ideas, we’ll focus on general breakfast choices in terms of how you host a corporate breakfast. 

These five ideas work for any company. If you’re a restaurant or catering business that offers corporate breakfast menus these ideas will help you come up with corporate breakfast plans. These five corporate breakfast ideas are sure to be a hit for any morning occasion.

"Key Takeaway: Corporate breakfast is an opportunity for companies to make morning meetings and early spreadsheet work more enjoyable for employees."

5. Heat Up the Menu

Heating up the menu is all about providing comfort food. This can be warm waffles and pancakes. It can also be something fresh and cheerful. Whether it’s actually hot isn’t the key, it’s all about comfort.

4. Shop Seasonally and Locally

A seasonal menu with local options keeps your breakfast meetings fresh and fun and eco-friendly. You can kick it up a notch by hosting breakfast at eco-friendly restaurants. Hosting in line with seasonality is a good way to ensure some delicious food.

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3. Make It Brunch

Whether you go to brunch places or craft an office brunch menu, brunch foods work for a breakfast meeting or an early lunch chat. Dive into the meaning behind “What is brunch?” and delight your employees.

2. Take the Team Out to Eat

Staying in is nice, but going out can be quite a treat. Taking your team to a local breakfast or brunch spot for a casual meeting is one way you can show your team you care. For the sake of your budget, limit this to once a quarter.

1. WFH Breakfast Options

There are plenty of companies that have made the switch to being entirely work-from-home. When it comes to providing breakfast for virtual employees, you can always go with the option of sending breakfast orders to everyone. This should also be a quarterly or twice-a-year occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Breakfast Ideas

Corporate breakfast is an opportunity for companies to make morning meetings and early spreadsheet work more enjoyable for employees. For catering companies, restaurants, or brunch café spots, corporate breakfasts are a way to boost profits and reach a niche market opportunity. All around, morning office meals are packed with potential. 

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you background on corporate breakfasts. From the best food options to hosting advice, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a company executive hosting a breakfast or a catering company in the niche of corporate breakfasts, these answers will help you along.

What Should Be Served at a Business Breakfast Meeting?

At a business breakfast meeting, it’s important to serve a variety of food ranging from healthy to sweet treats. Some items to include are:

  • Fresh fruit and veggies
  • Yogurt
  • Granola options
  • Waffles
  • Breakfast burritos
  • Bagels–with cream cheese and salmon toppings, as well as seasonings
  • Cereal options–some healthy options, as well as a few sugary types
  • Mini muffins
  • Energy bars–or protein balls
  • Toast options and English muffins
  • Banana bread
  • Smoothies
  • Omelets–with veggies and other mix-in options
  • Protein options–eggs, bacon, sausage, or tofu
  • Baked goods like scones

You should have some options that are fresh and some that will last through the morning. While a work breakfast is enjoyable, it should also be suitable for eating throughout meetings and work emergencies that interrupt a meal.

What Is a Team Breakfast?

A team breakfast–when it isn’t attached to a meeting or occasion–is typically a team-building event. It can be a specified activity in a breakfast setting. Another option is a relaxed breakfast with general conversation and time to mingle. A team breakfast is an easy way to work in team building in a comfortable environment.

How Do I Host a Business Breakfast?

To host a business breakfast, you should:

  • Prepare an agenda with room for breakfast and time for conversation. Make sure to send out the agenda at least one day in advance to give people a plan for the meeting. This is helpful in terms of making the breakfast meeting enjoyable and productive.
  • Have coffee and breakfast prepared before the meeting. People can still eat and enjoy their drinks during the meeting. Having everything ready before the meeting means folks can wake up, have their coffee, and mingle before the meeting begins. 
  • Prepare a variety of breakfast foods and drinks, to have something for everyone. This should include diet-inclusive options, as well as allergy-friendly foods. You should also have plenty of coffee, water, juice options, and tea. 

Following those general guidelines will give you a successful business breakfast. Everyone will be well-fed and prepared for a meeting with operational efficiency.

How Do I Spice Up Morning Meetings?

To spice up a morning meeting, try any of the following tactics:

  • Provide breakfast
  • Start slightly after the beginning of the workday
  • Begin the meeting with some news–industry news or company-specific information
  • Prepare an icebreaker
  • Set an agenda with time for enjoying breakfast
  • Stick to the agenda and end on time

A morning meeting can be a rough time. Everyone is still waking up a little bit and looking for an easy meeting to start the day. Make it better with good food, light conversation, and a concise meeting agenda.

What Is the Best Breakfast for Office Workers?

The best breakfast for office workers is something hearty, easy to eat on a busy morning, and tasty enough to last until lunch. Granola varieties–from bars to mixed berry and granola bowls–are always a good choice. Cereal is also a good option. Fruits and veggies are also good to have on hand. They can be standalone options or mixers. 

Overall, the best breakfast for office workers can depend on the day and the worker. Some folks prefer something small like an energy bar. Others enjoy a large breakfast to provide energy throughout the whole day. When you’re hosting a corporate breakfast you should provide options for every preference.

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Corporate Morning Meals: Coffee and Corporate Meetings

Whether you’re a company hosting a breakfast or a restaurant or catering business providing your services, there’s a lot to plan for breakfast meals. One thing to cross off your list is your inventory program for breakfast items. Check out BinWise, and use BinWise Pro and the BinScan mobile app to cover your inventory needs. 

If you’re hosting regular breakfast events, take a look at our sister site, BlueCart. BlueCart can help with your order management system. When you pair BinWise and BlueCart, you’re set to host business breakfasts that will make employees want to wake up for work.

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