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Kali Mireva

Adult Beverage Trends to Try at Country Clubs

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As the warm summer months are approaching and people get more excited about poolside cocktails, it’s time to think about new menu additions. Whether you are a bar, restaurant or a country club manager, you should be aware of the latest adult beverage trends.

The latest adult beverage trends can give you great ideas on what to add to your seasonal menu. From private label wine to new, more fun combinations - there are many ways to improve your beverage program. By doing so, you will keep things exciting even for your country club members that come more often. And keeping things new and exciting will have a positive impact on the overall customer satisfaction!

If you want your country club to stay ahead of the curve and serve the latest alcoholic beverage trends, or even come up with your own signature cocktails, this article is for you. Let’s look into what people would want to drink in 2024!

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Adult Beverage Trends in 2024

Like in every other area of life, trends come and go. Some of them come back after a few years in a very similar fashion or the new trend is just inspired by the old one. So what do people want to drink in country clubs this year? 

Now that we have left the pandemic behind us and more people believe in quality over quantity, their drinking habits have changed. Many seem to be embracing the good old days (or the ‘90s). Bartenders are noticing the shift, and they strive to deliver exactly what customers want. Which is…

Key Takeaway: The adult beverage trends in 2024 are mostly old classics and simple cocktails with two or three ingredients. People are also more likely to drink mocktails, too.

Negroni Sbagliato

The Negroni is one of the most popular cocktails in the latest years. That’s why it should not come to you as a surprise that this drink is part of the latest adult beverage trends and people are really enjoying this Italian classic. The Negroni Sbagliato was invented back in ‘70s in Milan. Sbagliato in Italian means “mistake” and in this version of the cocktail, gin is replaced by prosecco, which reduces the overall alcohol feel of the cocktail.

More Sours

People love their sours - from Margarita and Sidecar to Whiskey Sour. All these are easy to make and very versatile. That’s why they are all great options to serve at country clubs

The great thing about sours is that they can be enjoyed during all seasons. They are true classics and not adult beverage trends that will come and go easily. People will be happy to see them as a part of your country club drinks menu. 


In 2024, the Espresso Martini will continue to shine in different variations. Some bartenders add Scotch, cold brew coffee, and flavored liquors. Another Martini variation that’s going to be popular is the Apple Martini. To make is pop, you should use fresh cocktail ingredients and high-quality apple spirits.

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Two-Spirit Cocktails

Back in 2022, we saw the rise of three-ingredient cocktails. It was in a way a natural response to the long time when we couldn’t drink or eat out due to the pandemic. These cocktails with simple ingredients are not only easy to remember but also easy to make at home. So once people were able to go out to their favorite bars, restaurants, hotels, and country clubs, bartenders embraced these same, simple drinks. 

In 2024, mixologists predicted that simplicity will become an even bigger trend, bringing to the spot light the two-spirit cocktail drinks. This trend goes back to drinks like Rusty Nail with Drambuie and Scotch. Today, however, bartenders are getting more creative with cocktails like M&M, which includes mezcal and Montenegro Amaro, and Ferrari, which is equal parts Campari and Fernet Branca. 

Salty and Boozy

Salt isn’t just for the rims of the glasses anymore. In 2024, we should embrace the savory side of cocktails. Tequila and dirty martinis have been trending lately. Oyster shell vodkas, as well as caviar vodka are on the market. Many variations of dirty martinis are popular as well, and the use of saline solution, which is basically salt water. 

Agave-Based Spirits

This year, agave-based spirits will be a lot more popular. Back in 2022, the combination of tequila and mezcal was trending and will probably still be a desired combination. However, more lesser-known agave spirits like sotol and raicilla are showing up. The can both be used in cocktails or to sip on their own.

You can also see the agave-based spirits in some unexpected places in the places of some more traditional spirits. You can try mezcal Negronis, tequila Lemo Drops, and anejo Old-Fashioneds cocktails. 

The Sober Trend

Although we are mostly focusing on great cocktails to add to your menu, we should pay some attention to the non-alcoholic beverages that are trending as well.

Some sources say that almost a quarter of customers don’t drink alcohol. But also over 80% of people who are buying non-alcoholic drinks drink alcohol. What that means is that people enjoy an occasional non-alcoholic fancy drink and to stay ahead of the curve, you should offer enough options for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Adult Beverage Trends

If you are interested to know more about this topic and how summer drinks and other seasonal or non-seasonal beverages can affect the experience in a country club, read the following questions and answers.

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What Are Adult Beverages?

Adult beverages are drinks with alcohol contents, typically cocktails. The “adult” in the name comes from the alcohol as you have to be a certain age to be able to legally drink it. 

There is a wide variety of cocktails in the world, but there are also options like beer or spirits. Some adults are getting more and more into the mocktail trend as well. That’s also one of many great adult beverage trends as you can enjoy a fancy drink without the effects of alcohol. 

What Are the Most Commonly Ordered Drinks in a Country Club?

Cocktails and beer are commonly ordered at country clubs. Having something refreshing around the pool or while playing golf is what country club guests really want. That’s why it’s important to provide a nice variety of drinks from the latest adult beverage trends. 

Wine is also a popular drink to have in country clubs, but it’s usually had with lunch or dinner. That’s why pretty cocktails and beer are the most desired - they are easy to drink and go with a wide variety of foods.

Can CBD be Used in Cocktails?

Yes, CBD oils can be used in adult beverages, and they are getting increasingly popular. CBD beverages can help a person relax and improve their mood and energy levels.

If you are running country club and wondering whether to include these types of beverages on your menu, definitely consider them. You can work with an experienced mixologist to come up with something unique and tasty for your bar and restaurant menus. Following the latest adult beverage trends will prove to be worthy over time!

How Should I Store Adult Beverages in a Country Club?

Beverage storage is decided upon based on the unique conditions different types of alcohol need. It's best to have a variety of temperature-control storage options like a wine cellar, wine fridge, cooler, and other refrigerators maintaining the right degrees for what you are storing in them.

For inventory loss prevention, you need to be educated on the right ways for storing wine. From the temperature that has to be maintained to the right way to place bottles - it all matters. Lighting and other factors can also affect the quality of the alcoholic drinks. So to be able to serve the latest adult beverage trends and provide a memorable experience for your clients, make sure to do proper inventory organization, to do regular checks, and to not order more than what's needed.

What Are Some Popular Ingredients or Flavors in Modern Cocktails?

Popular ingredients and flavors in modern cocktails include artisanal spirits like craft vodka or gin and small-batch whiskey, seasonal fruits and herbs, house-made syrups and bitters, exotic spices and botanicals, and innovative ingredients such as activated charcoal, CBD-infused products, and edible flowers. Everything custom and unique is part of the adult beverage trends in the latest years.

How Are Consumer Preferences Influencing Adult Beverage Trends?

Consumer preferences are driving adult beverage trends towards healthier, more natural, and sustainable options, as well as beverages that offer unique and memorable experiences. Millennials and Gen Z consumers, in particular, are seeking authentic, Instagrammable drinks that align with their values and lifestyle choices.

What Role Do Social Media and Digital Platforms Play in Shaping Adult Beverage Trends?

Social media and digital platforms play a significant role in shaping adult beverage trends by amplifying consumer preferences, facilitating brand discovery and engagement, and driving demand for visually appealing and shareable drinks. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest influence beverage trends through user-generated content, influencer partnerships, and viral challenges.

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