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Sarah Ward

The Best Breweries In the U.S.: 15 Best U.S. Breweries

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When you’re preparing and learning how to open up a brewery, looking at successful breweries is a good way to get ideas for brewery marketing, your setup, and the overall goals of your business. The best breweries in the U.S. are a good place to start. 

When you’re getting started you’ll be creating your brewery business plan, hiring a brewery manager, and setting up your brewery management software. You’ll have to look into how to get a brewery license, how to work at a brewery, and how a brewery works. You'll also need to learn about beer expiration.

You’ll need to learn the cost to open a brewery, and how those costs play into hiring brewery staff. On top of those practical steps, you’ll also need to plan the aesthetics of your brewery, from the layout to how you draw in customers. 

From brewery cleaning supplies to the overall map of how a brewery works, these 15 of the best breweries in the U.S. are businesses you can draw inspiration from. Read on to start planning what you want for your brewery.

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15. Machine House Brewery In Seattle, WA

Machine House Brewery in Seattle, WA, specializes in unique beer. They produce small-batch, English-style cask ales. Their tasting room is a delightful space for guests. They’re an example of the unique beer spaces populating Seattle.

14. Suarez Family Brewery In Hudson, NY

Suarez Family Brewery in Hudson, NY, specializes in ales that have a mixed range of fermentation. They also have a mastery over unfiltered lagers and crisp brews. Their brewery is unique, and they’re an example of what you can do with some truly specialized brews.

13. Halfway Crooks In Atlanta, GA

Halfway Crooks in Atlanta, GA, has a mix of pilsners, lagers, and ales. Their beers range in ABV, but have consistently amazing flavors. Flavor is one of the most important things on your list to pay attention to as a brewery owner.

12. Resident Culture Brewing In Charlotte, NC

Resident Culture Brewing in Charlotte, NC, offers guests a mix of brews, cocktails, and food. A brewery that offers more than beer is a surefire success. Offering beer food pairings, especially craft beer and food pairings, is a specialty area for breweries.

11. Wheatland Spring Farm and Brewery In Waterford, VA

Wheatland Spring Farm and Brewery in Waterford, VA, is an estate brewery, which means their farming operations are dedicated to ingredients for their unique beers. They’re a top-tier example of farm-to-table operations. 

10. Jester King Brewery In Austin, TX

Jester King Brewery in Austin, TX, boasts a brewery, kitchen, farm, and event hall. Their craft beers, fermented with wild yeast, are one of a kind. Even with a name like jester, there’s no joking about the quality of their beers.

9. Highland Park Brewery In Los Angeles, CA

Highland Park Brewery in Los Angeles, CA, is a craft brewery located in Chinatown. Their beer on tap selection is impressive, and it’s paired with a variety of appetizers. They’re a fine example of the unique brewery spaces that have grown in popularity throughout Los Angeles.

8. Blackrocks Brewery In Marquette, MI

Blackrocks Brewery in Marquette, MI, is a mellow microbrewery with craft beer, live music, and an outdoor area for guests to relax with a great brew. They’re a place that, for every guest, quickly becomes the place they always want to spend time at to enjoy some beer in a great environment.

7. Ruse Brewing In Portland, OR

Ruse Brewing in Portland, OR, features delicious beer, an environment where you feel the beer scene in Portland, and delicious pizza. Portland has a lot of great beer, but you can never go wrong with Ruse Brewing.

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6. Side Project Brewing In St. Louis, MO

Side Project Brewing in St. Louis, MO, is a fine example of a passion for beer turning into a successful brewery business. Their beer is unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

5. Supermoon Beer Company In Milwaukee, WI

Supermoon Beer Company in Milwaukee, WI is an example of the beer state that Wisconsin is and has been for ages. They specialize in hybrid brews that showcase the quality that has come out of Wisconsin over the years.

4. Tilted Barn Brewery In Exeter, RI

Tilted Barn Brewery in Exeter, RI, is known for being Rhode Island’s first farm brewery. They’ve been crafting some of the best beer in Rhode Island since 2014.

3. Untitled Art In Waunakee, WI

Untitled Art in Waunakee, WI, is another fine example of the best beers Wisconsin has to offer. Their brews are truly a work of art, and they focus on their presentation with artful designs on their cans.

2. Vitamin Sea Brewing In Weymouth, MA

Vitamin Sea Brewing in Weymouth, MA, gets a five-star review for their creative name alone. Beyond that creativity, they specialize in craft brews that will make you consider the beer of Massachusetts as a serious matter.

1. Weldwerks Brewery In Greeley, CO

Weldwerks Brewery in Greeley, CO, has won a number of awards for their unique brews. From great beers to a kitchen menu that will have you coming back for more, they’re an excellent example of the great beers Colorado has to offer.

"Key Takeaway: When you’re preparing and learning how to open up a brewery, looking at successful breweries is a good way to get ideas for brewery marketing, your setup, and the overall goals of your business."

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best U.S. Breweries

The best breweries in the U.S. span the country far and wide. Some may be names you’re familiar with, and there may be some names you expected on this list. Our answers to these frequently asked questions delve further into some of the best U.S. breweries, including some long-term brand names. 

Where Is the Best Beer In the USA?

The best beer in the USA isn’t something we can make a definitive statement about, but some of the most recognizable brands are Bud Light and Budweiser. Overall, the best beer is a matter of personal preference. 

What Is the Top Rated Beer In America?

The top rated beer in America is something that is hard to nail down, as it changes, but on average currently, the Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout from Toppling Goliath Brewing Company holds the title. It has over 900 ratings, with an average of 4.83 on a 5.00 scale.

Who Are the Biggest Beer Drinkers In the World?

The Czech Republic tops the list of the biggest beer drinkers in the world. They’ve held that spot since 1993. On average, the Czechs drink 181.7 liters of beer per year, per person.

Who Is the King of Beers In America?

The “King of Beers” is a title that belongs to Budweiser. They changed their slogan to the “King of Beers” in the mid-twentieth century. To this day in America, due to some exceptional advertising, business branding, and content marketing, the phrase “King of Beers” is synonymous with Budweiser.

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The Best U.S. Breweries: Finding the Best Brew 

The best breweries in the U.S. are places you can turn to when it comes to designing your own brewery business. Ultimately, they all have one thing in common: a passion for great beer. That is the main ingredient of a successful brewery. 

When you’re ready to open the doors to your brewery, reach out to BinWise and BlueCart. The BinWise Pro inventory program, paired with the BinScan mobile app, can ease the process while you take inventory. BlueCart’s order management system gives you peace of mind when it comes to your reorder point.  

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