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Sarah Ward

How to Work at a Brewery: 12 Factors of Brewery Work

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Learning how to work at a brewery is part of the process of how to open up a brewery and work with brewery staff. It’s unique in that this information is directed toward people coming toward the brewery for work, as opposed to the people opening the brewery. Both of those folks need to learn about beer expiration.

That said, the process of how to work at a brewery involves many of the same factors as learning how to open a brewery. It includes learning about brewery cleaning supplies, the cost to open a brewery, brewery licensing, and the way a brewery works

This BinWise blog is for anyone interested in working at a brewery. It’s a unique job and industry, and well worth it if you’re seeking out a rewarding career.

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Working at a Brewery

Working at a brewery is a never-ending adventure. From working as a brewer to working with customers in the taproom, it’s all surrounding the art of brewing great beer. The beer brands make a difference in what you’re doing in the brewing room, but beyond that, it’s all about the love of beer. 

These 12 facets of how to work at a brewery cover everything from finding brewery work to the daily tasks of a brewery business. If you’re interested in brewery work, this is the list for you. 

12. Choose Your Niche

Choosing your niche is all about finding the area of the brewery you want to work in. You could be a brewer, an engineer, a microbiologist or chemist, a manager, someone in sales and marketing, or a customer service representative. All of these roles are vital to the operations of the brewery.

11. Learn The Brewing Process

Learning the brewing process will help you excel at brewery business work even if you don’t choose to work as a brewer. If you’re in customer service it helps to be able to share the process with customers. The same goes for a sales, marketing, or management role. 

10. Sample Some Brews

Okay, you don’t need to sample some of the brews a brewery is offering to find a job there. If you’d prefer not to, there’s nothing wrong with that. That said, if you’re a beer enthusiast, sampling the brewery beers will help you have an interesting conversation in the interview. It will also give you some insider knowledge. 

9. Daily Brewery Work

Daily brewery work on this list focuses on the work you can expect on a daily basis. It’s something to think about as you’re looking for work, and something to prepare for each day of your brewing career. It ranges from the work of brewing and checking on beer batches to setting up the taproom each day to sell beer on tap.

8. Taproom Work

Taproom work falls under the general daily brewery work, but it gets its own spot on this list because of how important it is. When a brewery has a taproom, that’s a crucial component of sales and profits for the business. Keeping the taproom up and running, and inviting for customers, is key.

7. Brewery Sales 

Brewery sales can fall under the process of how to work at a brewery for a few different people on the team. For the sales-specific team, it’s a daily task of promoting the beers of the brand. That gets into branding and marketing, and often small business marketing. For customer service representatives and managers, brewery sales are a part of each task and goal.

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6. Finding a Brewery Job

Finding a brewery job comes before many of the other steps on this list. We’ve placed it at number six because of how important it is, even as a basic step. Finding a brewery job is similar to finding any other job–job boards and online ads will be the place to start your search.

5. Network With Brewers

Networking with brewers and others in the brewery industry can help you find work. It will also help you grow your knowledge and expertise in the industry. When you’re pursuing a career, the more people you know in the field, the better. 

4. Get Certified

Getting certified means something different depending on the job you’re looking for in the brewery industry. For brewers and chemists, it often involves a degree or certification program. For a manager, it can be a management course or previous experience. It all depends on the qualifications you need.

3. Brew Up Your Resume

Yes, we like beer and brew puns. Brushing (or brewing) up your resume for a brewery position will help you be more prepared for the job hunt. You can look at your past experience and see where your application skills are in the field. You may be surprised by how much experience you already have.

2. Find Intern Work

If you’re struggling to find a way into the brewery industry, starting with an internship can help you along the way. It’s an entry level option that gives you experience. If you’re toying with the idea of working at a brewery, an internship can help you fully decide. 

1. Have Passion for Your Craft (Brews)

Having passion for your work is one of the best ways to make sure you enjoy the majority of your time at work. Yes, some parts will always feel like work. However, if you have a passion for beer and the art of the brewing process, you’ll find success and enjoyment in brewery work.

"Key Takeaway: Working at a brewery is a never-ending adventure. From working as a brewer to working with customers in the taproom, it’s all surrounding the art of brewing great beer."

Frequently Asked Questions About Working at a Brewery

Our answers to these frequently asked questions are built around how to work at a brewery. They also focus on what that work will look like on a daily basis. In addition, they cover some career questions about the industry in general. 

Is Beer Brewing a Good Career?

Yes, beer brewing is a good career. The beer industry has a high profit margin. The world of beer lovers means there is always going to be a market for beer. Getting into a beer brewing career is a good choice, especially when it’s driven by passion for the craft.

How Do I Break Into the Brewing Industry?

Breaking into the brewing industry is similar to any other industry; apply for jobs, and keep at it until something breaks through. It’s hard to get started in a new industry, but persistence, training, and a plan for the job search will get you there. 

What Is It Called When You Work at a Brewery?

The common answer to this question is that it’s called being a brewer. When you get into the details, however, there are many titles and positions at a brewery. Ultimately, it’s called being a beer enthusiast. 

What Qualifications Do I Need to be a Brewer?

To be a brewer, you often need a degree or some level of education and certification. What you need specifically will depend on the brewery you’re seeking work at. There are a range of brewing degrees, fermentation degrees, and food and science certifications. 

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Working at a Brewery: Put Your Brewer’s Cap On

After you’ve learned about how to work at a brewery, you’re ready to go out and get a job in the industry. If you’re reading this from the perspective of hiring brewery workers, come back to BinWise when your brewery is staffed and ready for business. 

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