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Sarah Ward

Brewery Cleaning Supplies: 6 Key Brewery Cleaning Solutions

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Your brewery cleaning supplies checklist is a vital part of the process of how to open up a brewery. You'll be learning the cost to open a brewery, how to find brewery staff, all about beer expiration, and how to get a brewery license. On top of all that, you need the right supplies. Brewery cleaning supplies have some specific needs, as well as general commercial business cleaning requirements. 

When it comes to how a brewery works, a lot of it revolves around maintaining a clean, sanitized, and brew-ready environment. The brewery manager job description even includes the need to keep brewery cleaning supplies stocked. This BinWise blog post covers a range of the cleaning supplies a brewery needs no matter what. 

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Commercial Brewery Cleaning Supplies 

When we specify commercial brewery cleaning supplies, the key term is “commercial” in relation to the number of supplies. In a brewery, you need to consider the space, supplies, and customer service levels you’ll be keeping up with when it comes to cleaning. 

If you’re brewing beer anywhere besides your home, you’re working with a commercial brewery cleaning supplies list. A craft brewery, microbrewery, or franchise brewery will have different needs. They will all, however, need a range of supplies for each area of the brewery. 

Brewery Cleaning Supplies List: 5 Types of Cleaning Supplies

This brewery cleaning supplies list is a comprehensive and general list for any brewery. Whatever type of brewery you own and operate, you’ll need these items in different quantities. You may also find that you want other items, and you can’t disregard items like standard soap and cleaning equipment. 

These five types of cleaning supplies cover the vital areas of your brewery business. From the beer brewing equipment to the taproom–where you serve up beer on tap–this list has you covered. These items are things you can purchase as you set up your brewery, to prepare for your cleaning needs from the very beginning. 

5. Acid Detergents

Acid detergents come up in the number five slot. This isn't because of their importance, but because they are one of many vital brewery cleaning supplies. Acid detergents keep residue from building up, and they can work for heavy industrial materials without worrying about harming the material. 

4. Caustic Cleaners

Caustic cleaners are a sodium hydroxide cleaner used to clean and sanitize your brewery equipment. They break down residue left behind from the brewing process. This keeps your equipment ready for the next batch, with minimal contamination. Caustic cleaners are a staple for every brewery.

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3. Draught Line Cleaners

Draught line cleaners are a niche area of brewery cleaning supplies, but they’re oh-so-important. From acid cleaners to caustic cleaners, keeping your draught lines clean is a must. It minimizes contamination in your brews and keeps them tasting fresh and in keeping with the flavor profile.

2. Sanitizers

Sanitizers cover a wide range of cleaning usage in a brewery business. Some of these are also used in restaurants and bar business settings. They might even show up in a brunch café, a cocktail bar, or other types of bars

From a quaternary sanitizer to a food-grade sanitizer, there’s plenty you should have on hand. Sanitizers help you prepare your brewery equipment for other cleaners and keep a lot of the general areas of your business clean. 

1. Specialty Brewery Products

Specialty brewery products come in at number one because they are so unique to brewery cleaning supplies. Specialty brewery products cover everything, including conveyor lubrication, de-foaming agents, caustic cleaner additives, and no-foam additives. 

These products are some of the most specific mixes on this list. The other cleaners are often used in other projects and cleaning situations. These specialty products, however, are primarily used in conjunction with other cleaning supplies in a brewery. 

"Key Takeaway: Your brewery cleaning supplies checklist is a vital part of the process of how to open up a brewery."

Frequently Asked Questions About Brewery Cleaning and Supplies

There are plenty of questions to be asked about brewery cleaning supplies. The variety of information available is primarily due to the need for so many parts of a brewery to be kept clean and sanitized. From the food and beer preparation areas to general customer satisfaction in the brewery, every inch of a brewery has cleaning needs. 

Our answers to these frequently asked questions cover a range of topics for brewery cleaning. They showcase the specifications of cleaning a brewery and keeping it safe for beer production. Read on to add to your knowledge about keeping your brewery clean and ready for customers.

What Do Breweries Clean with?

One of the most common cleaning agents used in breweries is caustic soda. Caustic soda is a common name for sodium hydroxide. 

Caustic soda can be used for many endeavors, including candle making, soap making, frosting glass, chemistry experiments, and cleaning breweries. It’s used in breweries because it is efficient for cleaning the residue left from the wort, beer, and yeast residues. Those residues build up in brewing equipment.

How Do You Clean a Microbrewery?

Cleaning a microbrewery is the same process as cleaning any other brewery. You’ll need the brewery cleaning supplies outlined on this list. The key factor to remember is the area you’re cleaning. You might need to change the ratios of chemicals depending on the size of your space. You should look up specific ratios for your space, to be on the safe side.

How Do Breweries Clean Fermentors?

Breweries clean fermentors with a mix of a pre-rinse cycle and a more intense clean. The pre-rinse cycle is done with simple mixes. Its primary purpose is to prepare the fermentors for a more intense clean. 

The intensity comes in with a caustic cleaner, which is an alkaline cleaner. This breaks down residue to prepare the fermentors for the next batch. 

How Do You Clean a Brewery Floor?

To clean a brewery floor, the standard options of a dust mop, a broom and dustpan, or a vacuum will work well. You want to sweep away debris before you mop with water and cleaning supplies. That’ll help avoid any items getting stuck and mucking up your floors. 

Can You Clean Brewing Equipment with Vinegar?

Yes, you can stock up on bulk white vinegar in your brewery cleaning practices. The general practice is to fill the equipment you’re cleaning with a gallon of white vinegar and heat it to a boil. After it reaches the boiling point, use a brush and pipe cleaner to remove any remaining deposits on the equipment. It’s an effective cleaning agent, but sometimes you’ll still need more powerful chemicals. 

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Brewery Cleaning: 99 Cleaned Bottles of Beer on the Wall 

This brewery cleaning supplies list will help you prepare to open your brewery for business and keep it running smoothly through the years. Having a clean brewery is a big part of the battle for operational efficiency. Your beer will be better and your customer satisfaction will be through the roof if you keep your brewery in working order. 

When you’re ready to start buying these cleaning supplies, reach out to BinWise and BlueCart. The BinWise Pro platform, paired with the BinScan mobile app, can ease your inventory program. The BlueCart order management system gives you peace of mind, so you never have to worry about your reorder point

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