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Sarah Ward

Brewery Manager Job Description: 4 Brewery Management Facts

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When it comes to how to open up a brewery, learning about the brewery manager job description is crucial for brewery staff solutions. The brewery manager job plays into the cost to open a brewery, how a brewery works, and how to work at a brewery. It’s a job title that covers a range of responsibilities and important factors of the success of the brewery. They're even responsible for learning about beer expiration.

A brewery manager will use tools ranging from brewery cleaning supplies to brewery management software on a regular basis. They’ll also manage the customer service aspects of the brewery. They’ll play a key role in how to get a brewery license. A qualified brewery manager is a necessary component of the qualifications for getting a license. 

All in all, the brewery manager job description covers a lot of ground in the brewery business. From daily tasks to overarching goals, the manager position is packed with responsibilities for guests and employees alike. Read on to learn all about it!

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What Is a Brewery Manager?

The brewery manager job description covers everything from the daily brewery operations to expanding customer service and guiding the brand of the brewery. A brewery manager is a standard manager and brand manager all in one. They fulfill a variety of responsibilities, because their main job is keeping the brewery running smoothly. 

Is a Brewery Manager the Owner? 

The brewery manager is often the same person as the brewery owner. Depending on the size of the brewery, the roles of owner and manager can be identical. In some cases, there are small differences, but the same person still holds both positions. 

When Do You Hire a Brewery Manager?

If you’re a brewery owner hiring a manager, the best time to hire is when you have a brewery business plan and financing. Once those parts of the plan are in place, you’ll be ready to find a manager and bring them on board. From there they can help you build up the business.

Brewery Manager Responsibilities

A brewery manager is responsible for the daily operations of the brewery, as well as overall goals for the business. Brewery manager responsibilities include:

  • Supervising, scheduling, and training employees
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the brewery
  • Keeping the brewery up to code and in compliance with licensing regulations
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Managing inventory–an inventory management system and inventory management program will help
  • Overseeing the brewing process
  • Managing wholesale beer sales with vendors
  • Overseeing brewery finances

Overall, the brewery manager responsibilities cover each aspect of the brewery. Oftentimes, a brewery manager will work closely with the brewery owner and the brewers. Those three positions come together to manage the brewery from all angles. 

Brewery Manager Salary

The brewery manager salary changes depending on the location, and occasionally on the scope of work for a particular brewery. There are, however, some averages you can expect.

According to Indeed, brewery managers can expect to earn between $94,400 and $112,100 a year. Glassdoor has the average salary of a brewery manager noted as $56,972 a year. ZipRecruiter has a salary of $36,449 a year for brewery managers. PayScale has a range that falls between $32,000 and $74,000 a year. 

All that goes to say, a brewery manager salary can vary widely depending on location and brewery specifications. If you’re a brewery owner working as the manager, your salary will depend on your annual revenue and overhead expenses

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Brewery Management Courses

There are a range of brewery management courses that can help you prepare for the brewery manager job description. General management courses and certifications are a good option. You can also lean into the brewery-specific courses available. 

Those include the business of craft brewing, beer quality analysis programs, and master brewer courses. They’re all good options for expanding your knowledge and learning things you can share with brewery guests.

Brewery Manager Qualifications

There aren’t always specific brewery manager qualifications, but when there are they usually revolve around management and brewery experience. Those qualifications can be quite expansive and open to interpretation.

If you’re looking to be a brewery manager, your experiences may be more applicable to the job than you think. It often depends on if you have the general skills.

"Key Takeaway: The brewery manager job description covers a lot of ground in the brewery business. From daily tasks to overarching goals, the manager position is packed with responsibilities for guests and employees alike."

Frequently Asked Questions About Brewery Manager Jobs

Our answers to these frequently asked questions about the brewery manager job description shed further light on what the job entails. They also showcase why it’s important to the overall brewery structure. It’s a position that holds a lot of the responsibility of the brewery, but it has all the rewards as well. 

What are the Responsibilities of a Taproom Manager? 

A taproom manager is responsible for all areas of the taproom, including:

  • Scheduling the taproom employees
  • Opening and closing the taproom, which includes accounting, cleaning, restocking and ordering, and addressing any concerns
  • Checking the quality of the beers on tap, to make sure they’re ready to be served
  • Assisting taproom customers and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Creating and maintaining the taproom environment
  • Planning and assisting with special events in the taproom
  • Working on branding and marketing for the taproom, to be in line with the business branding guidelines
  • Managing food and beverage production and servicing for the taproom
  • Maintaining the taproom inventory
  • Supporting employees as a bartender, server, and customer service representative
  • Optimizing taproom operations for operational efficiency

The taproom manager is sometimes referred to as the brewery manager, and the two positions can be interchangeable. In many breweries, however, the taproom manager is a specific job. That's because the taproom is such a vital part of the success of the brewery. 

What Does a Brewery Manager Do?

A brewery manager is responsible for the daily operations of the brewery, as well as executing overarching plans. They manage the employees, work quality control on the brews, and work on maintaining and improving customer service. That can mean everything from coming up with beer and chocolate pairings for the tasting room to organizing customer satisfaction surveys.

How Many Employees Work at a Brewery?

On average in the United States, breweries employ 10.8 workers. U.S. Breweries have been growing their numbers in recent years. With the rise of microbreweries and craft breweries–with great craft beer food pairings–there’s more room for brewery workers. Much like working at a winery, working at a brewery is a mix of passion, skill, and great customer service.

What Is the Head of a Brewery Called?

The head of the brewery is often referred to as the head brewer. This title can be interchangeable with brewmaster, although there are occasionally differences in skills and background training. The other position that comes at the head of a brewery is the owner, but in many cases, the head brewer is the owner. 

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Brewery Management Work: Managing Microbrews 

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