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Sarah Ward

Brewery Staff: 12 Key Facets of Hiring Brewery Staff

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Brewery staff are the backbone of the process of how a brewery works. When you’re learning how to open up a brewery, finding your staff is one of the most important facets of your work. Yes, you need to learn the cost to open a brewery. Learning about brewery cleaning supplies and the process of how to get a brewery license is also helpful. You'll also need to learn about beer expiration.

That said, without the right brewery staff, you’ll have a great business plan without the oomph to make it happen. Brewery staff are the hops in your step every day at work. Sure, brewery management software will back you up, but your brewery staff will manage the daily operations and customer service

These upcoming 12 key facets of hiring brewery staff–and the work behind being a brewery worker, will help you prepare. Whether you’re looking to work in a brewery or you're hiring, this BinWise blog is the place for you. 

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Brewery Training

Brewery training is a must for anyone looking to work in a brewery. Yes, there are plenty of things you’ll learn when you’re at work, in a hands-on environment. Without some prior education, however, you won’t know where to start. 

For brewery owners and hiring managers, you want to make sure your brewers and other employees have some level of prior experience. This can come in many forms. These three facets of brewery training are good options to keep an eye out for and ask about in job interviews.

3. Through a College

Going through a college program for brewery training is a common option. When you search for brewery training (we did for this post) you’ll find many schools posting about their programs and certifications. You can work online, or find a school near you.

2. Through a Certificate Program

You can also go through a specific certification program. The Brewers Association is one option for finding these programs. It’s less time-intensive than a school program for the most part. If you’re looking for something specific and concise, a certificate through a third party is a good choice.

1. Self-Taught

If you’re not looking for a program of any sort, there’s always the option to be self-taught. We saved this for number one not because it’s necessarily the best option, but because it’s very unique. Not many people choose this route. Some of the best brewery owners have delved into the process of learning the art of brewing by themselves. 

How Much Do Brewery Workers Make?

According to Zippia, the average salary for a brewery worker is $13.91 an hour for an entry-level job. This average is across the board of the states. In some states, namely Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, New Hampshire, and California, brewery wages can be higher. In those states, it’s likely for a brewery worker to make around $42,000 a year. 

Brewery Job Titles 

There are a variety of jobs under the umbrella of brewery staff. Depending on the brewery, there will be full teams devoted to different areas of the business. That covers everything from the brewing to administration to customer service and taproom services. 

These six brewery job titles are common examples. Most brewery staff jobs fall under these categories in some way or another. If you’re looking for a brewery job, you can match your skills to one of these jobs. You could also go after another with the right training. When you’re hiring, make sure you’re looking for a mix of these employees, to keep your employee roster well-rounded.

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The brewer is one of the key jobs that most folks have heard about at a brewery. The brewer can be one of many people working in the brewing system. This person is responsible for the actual making of the beer. 


The brewery engineer is often responsible for the setup of the brewery equipment. After the initial set up the engineer is there to help make sure the equipment is in good working order. This is vital for overall beer production.

Microbiologist or Chemist

The microbiologist or chemist in a brewery spends their time analyzing the microbes found in the brewing process. They test these microbes against a database of known microbes. That helps them make sure nothing is being introduced into the mix that will negatively affect the beer. 


The manager of a brewery is often a general job, although there are also managers for different areas of the brewery. The manager is there to make sure everything is running smoothly. They work with everyone in the brewery, and have a vast knowledge of the entire works of the process. 

Sales and Marketing 

Sales and marketing folks in a brewery are generally responsible for getting the news about their beer out into the world. This is similar to many other sales and marketing jobs in other industries. These folks understand the importance of branding, and especially small business marketing for craft breweries. 

Customer Service

Customer service often crosses over into the people who lead tours through the brewery and chat with guests on-site. This is another somewhat general job, but it’s vital to the sales that go on within the walls of the brewery. 

"Key Takeaway: Brewery staff are the backbone of the process of how a brewery works."

Frequently Asked Questions About Brewery Workers

The phrase brewery staff covers a lot of ground. We’ve walked you through many of the finer points, but our answers to these frequently asked questions cover even more information! That goes to show, there’s always more to learn. When you’re hiring brewery staff–or looking to get hired–keep your mind wide, and enjoy the variety of brewery staff work and responsibilities.

What Is a Brewery Employee Called?

A brewery employee is often called a brewer, shift brewer, production brewer, head brewer, or cellar manager. Of course, these are the options for specific brewing jobs. There are also customer service and sales representatives, bartender workers, managers, and administrative staff. 

What Is a Bartender at a Brewery Called?

A bartender at a brewery is often called a beer sommelier or a cicerone. Both of these titles refer to someone who has an expansive knowledge of beer, from the brewing process to the flavor notes. They can recommend beer food pairings, from craft beer food pairing options to a beer and chocolate pairing. They also recommend options from the beer on tap

How Many People Work In a Brewery?

The average United States brewery employs about 10.8 people at any given time. Most breweries are smaller in scale, being a craft brewery or a small franchise location. The larger breweries have more employees, but even then, breweries keep their numbers small, to keep the production line and process efficient. 

Is Brewery Work Hard?

Yes, brewery work is hard work, but it is rewarding as well. The production that goes into beer takes time and focus. It’s not something you want to miss a step on. That said, it’s worth it. People who are drawn to the hard work within a brewery are generally passionate about the beer they are making. 

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Brewery Workers: Working the Beer Line

Brewery staff are a key ingredient of a successful brewery. When you’ve hired your brewery workers and you’re ready to start brewing and serving up your beers, reach out to BinWise and BlueCart.

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