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Sarah Ward

National Wine Day In 2023: 10 Ways to Celebrate In 2023

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Celebrating National Wine Day in 2023 is an opportunity to enjoy wine with a reason–beyond just the enjoyment of wine. National Wine Day is a great day to enjoy different varieties of wine

You can explore white wine types, red wine types, and everything in between from different cases of wine. Wine lists are a great place to start. Opening a bottle of wine on National Wine Day in 2023 will help you enjoy this delightful national holiday. Whether you're hosting brunch, working in country clubs and preparing country club food, or working in customer experience and aiming for customer satisfaction through wine, this is the holiday for you.

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When Is National Wine Day?

National Wine Day is celebrated on May 25th each year. The earliest references of National Wine Day come from 2009. There isn’t a specific historical reason we celebrate National Wine Day, but we’re sure glad it’s a holiday! National Wine Day in 2023 is a time to enjoy your favorite wine, whether that’s the best type of red wine or the best type of white wine

National Wine Day 2023 Celebrations

National Wine Day in 2023 provides the perfect day to enjoy wine in so many different ways. You can enjoy wine mocktails. You could check out the best wine bars. Mixing up wine coolers with friends and enjoying them outside in the sunshine is a great way to celebrate. 

You can’t go wrong with enjoying wine in some form or another on National Wine Day in 2023. If you need a place to start, these 10 ideas are all ways to enhance your love of wine. You can mix and match, pick one, or save this list to check off items on National Wine Days through the next 10 years.

10. Visit a Winery

Visting a winery is a great way to enjoy National Wine Day in 2023. You can check out the best wineries, or visit a favorite familiar spot. Appreciating winery design while you appreciate wine is one of the best ways to fully enjoy your time at the winery.

9. Host a Paint and Sip Night

Hosting a paint and sip night is one of the most fun options when it comes to enjoying wine with friends and other wine enthusiasts. A paint and sip night is a mixing together of wine appreciation and painting. 

8. Do a Wine Bar Crawl

A wine bar crawl is a great option if you’re looking for an adventure on National Wine Day. Choose some wine bar businesses in your city, chat with a wine bar manager, and enjoy all the wine you’ll find. 

7. Buy the Best Wine

Wine lovers often save the best wines for special occasions. Well, National Wine Day is the perfect occasion for some of the best wine! You can check out the best wines of 2023, the best wines for a cocktail party, or any wine names you’ve been curious about. 

6. Watch Wine Films

If you’re looking for a chill way to enjoy National Wine Day at home in 2023, wine movies are an excellent plan. There are many wine documentaries out there that are fun for learning about the nuances of the world of wine. You could also enjoy your favorite French films, or movies that make references to loving wine. 

5. Enjoy a Blind Tasting

Blind tastings, where you taste several types of wine, discuss them, and try to tell which is which type of wine, are always fun. You can enjoy one on National Wine Day in a wine tasting room with a wine tasting flight. You could also host a wine tasting party with friends. 

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4. Update Your Wine Storage

Wine storage is something every wine lover is familiar with. Learning how to store wine is something we’ve picked up along the way, and National Wine Day is the perfect time to update your wine storage. Wine storage ideas, built up with wine storage furniture, is fun to mix with the enjoyment of wine. 

3. Make a Meal with Wine Pairings

If you want something semi-formal for your celebration of National Wine Day, having a small dinner at home with friends and loved ones is an excellent choice. To make it focused on wine, create a wine pairing menu. A steak wine pairing or lamb wine pairing is a good place to start.

2. Enjoy Frosé Outside

If you’re particularly a fan of rosé wine, the best way for you to celebrate National Wine Day is with a glass of frosé outside in the sun, and learn about freezing wine. Frosé is a blend of rosé and ice. You can mix in fruits for other flavors if you like. Frosé is best sipped while learning about the history of rosé.

1. Make Your Own Wine

For a particularly ambitious celebration of National Wine Day, you can dive into the process of making wine. With the best winemaking kits and supplies, you can find your own groove as a winemaker. 

"Key Takeaway: Opening a bottle of wine on National Wine Day in 2023 will help you enjoy this delightful national holiday."

Frequently Asked Questions About National Wine Day In 2023

National Wine Day in 2023 is a great time to enjoy wine, and learn more about wine. Our answers to these frequently asked questions about National Wine Day are here to help you do just that: learn more. From other wine holidays to the general enjoyment of wine, these answers will give you even more to dive into and appreciate about wine.

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Is February 18th National Wine Day?

February 18th is a day that gets mixed up for National Wine Day, but technically February 18th is National Drink Wine Day. The two days go hand-in-hand, and we love that the wine community is so active as to need several days for the pure enjoyment of wine. 

Why Do We Celebrate National Wine Day?

We celebrate National Wine Day purely because of the love of wine. There isn’t a known historical event or occasion that kicked off National Wine Day. The community around wine is simply so active and engaged that we needed a day to enjoy all wine. 

The same answer applies for most holidays around wine. Some of them are specific dates for a reason, but most are simply because we want to celebrate enjoying wine.

What Is Wine Tourism Day?

Wine Tourism Day is a holiday on the second Saturday of November. Wine Tourism Day is dedicated to wineries and wine-related events around the world. The celebration of Wine Tourism Day started out in Europe in 2009. Since then, it has extended to the United States and all around the world. 

What Day Is Champagne Day?

Global Champagne Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of October. For 2023, that day falls on October 27th. Global Champagne Day was started officially in 2009. It’s best celebrated with a glass of champagne and some delightful refreshments. 

Learning about the history of champagne will top the day off. The process of how to open a champagne bottle will also be a handy thing to learn.

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2023’s National Wine Day: Wine Not Celebrate With Wine? 

Celebrating National Wine Day in 2023 is the perfect time to open a bottle of your favorite wine, and enjoy wine however you like it best. Head to your favorite bar. Curl up on the couch at home. Gather your friends for some wine and a fun night. Whatever you do, do it for the love of wine!

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