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Sarah Ward

Best Wine Bars: 6 Facets of Inspiration For Your Wine Bar

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When you’re learning how to open a wine bar, you’ll find your mind drifting to the qualities of the best wine bars. What are those qualities? How can a new wine bar compete? With a great wine bar manager, the best type of red wine, and the best type of white wine, and a case of wine at the ready, you’ll be on track. 

Even with those ingredients, you’ll likely still feel hectic running a wine bar and managing the cost to open a wine bar. From opening a wine bottle for each customer to keeping your wine bar supplies in stock, you’ll be busy each day. 

On each busy day, it’s important to keep your wine bar’s presence and impression on customers in mind. When you’re getting a bottle of wine from your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage, think about the design of that wine storage. When you’re engaging in wine sales, remember to share fun knowledge about the wine. 

Overall, it’s all about keeping the ideas behind the best wine bars in mind. There are characteristics that each of the best wine bars has. There are also facets of business they focus on to remain the best. This BinWise blog post will tell you about those focus points, so you can have one of the best wine bars. 

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The Best Wine Bars

These six features of the best wine bars are something you should plan from the beginning conception of your wine bar. You’ll find more ways to bring them to life as your business grows. They can all start with you from the ground up, and help your business be successful. 

6. Find a Theme

Finding a theme is the first step toward becoming one of the best wine bars. It’s something you should think about from the beginning when you make your business plan–similar to a restaurant business plan

5. Focus on the Wine

Focusing on the wine you have in your collection will give you a focal point that draws in the right customers. Make your wine display ideas a central part of your wine bar. That way customers can enjoy them from the moment they walk in the door.

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4. Be Inspired By Your Location

Finding inspiration in your location will help you be unique. This may be your city, state, or neighborhood. Listen to the people, check out the street-side artwork, and pull from those inspirations to fit your wine bar into the space. 

3. Put Time Into Decorations

Take the time to find the right decorations. This includes everything from decorative centerpieces for each table to portraits of wine-related scenes for the walls. It all comes together to make your space unique. Beverage storage can also be used as design feature, so consider it as an option.

2. Take Cues from Customers

As your business grows with regular customers, listen to them if they talk about a particular wine or a place they visited and enjoyed. Take those cues and build them into your wine bar plan as they suit you. 

1. Pour Passion Into Each Glass of Wine

This is a more intangible step, but equally important. Your passion for your wine bar business should shine through in the care you give your customers and your business. Take care each step of the way, with each time you’re pouring wine. 

"Key Takeaway: There are characteristics that each of the best wine bars has. There are also facets of business they focus on to remain the best."

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Wine Bars

The features and characteristics of the best wine bars are something you can work on, but in many ways the specifics are intangible. They inspire questions from the wine bar and bar owner community because everyone wants to be the best. 

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you further insight into the characteristics of a wine bar. We’ll also touch on success-driven bars in general. It’s all important to know when you’re planning for the future of your wine bar. 

What are the Characteristics of Wine Bars?

The main characteristics of wine bars are:

  • A wide variety of wines available, often from different regions and the best wineries
  • A clientele base of people who love wine, good times, and a cozy atmosphere
  • Decorations that suit the wine community, and make the vibes of the wine bar stand out

There are many specifics within those categories. They’re a good place to start, because they may mean something different depending on each wine bar. Characteristics of the best wine bars are, after all, fairly subjective. 

What Makes a Wine Bar Stand Out?

The qualities that make a wine bar stand out include:

  • The location
  • The decorations
  • A robust clientele
  • An impressive wine list–suited to a wine tasting flight

These factors come together to showcase a wine bar that has made a name for itself. Your wine list might include wines from the best U.S. wineries. Maybe you’ll have a lot of different varieties of wine. Perhaps your decorations are sourced from the cutest boutique decor shops. Whatever it is, make it yours, and make it memorable. 

What Should Be In a Wine Bar?

There are many ways to interpret this question, but overall, in a wine bar there should be:

  • A wine collection
  • Wine storage
  • Comfortable seating areas
  • A bar top
  • Wine flight materials
  • Decorations–often wine related
  • Glassware
  • Wine racks
  • Information about wine
  • Foods for wine pairing options

Those are some of the basics. Beyond those, you’ll find what you need as you discover what works for you and your wine bar. You could make it a maximalist space if you simply can’t decide. 

What Makes a Small Bar Successful?

Some of the attributes that make a small bar successful include:

  • Great customer service
  • A welcoming and comfortable atmosphere
  • A wide selection of drinks–cocktails, wine, beer, and liquor, as well as a long list of cocktail ingredients
  • Foods and bar snacks

While this question is pointed toward general bar business setups, it’s applicable to the best wine bars. Customer satisfaction should always be top of mind. The right atmosphere can set you up for success. A wide selection of wine will draw in a variety of wine lovers and sommeliers. Having food and snacks to pair with wine will set you apart from the competition.

What Attracts Customers to a Bar?

The things that attract customers to a bar include:

  • An atmosphere that makes you feel like you belong
  • A management team and staff who take care of you and make sure you’re enjoying your drinks and meal
  • Decorations and ambiance that inspire and relax you

These features are common across the board in the best bars. The best wine bars also benefit from these factors of success and customer attraction. 

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How to Be the Best Wine Bar: Best of the Rest

Becoming one of the best wine bars will take time. It is something you can work toward from the moment you come up with your wine bar concept and open the doors for business. Read some more articles we've shared on the topic, including how much do bar owners make. It will help you gain a better understanding of what's like owning a running a bar and what you can expect as a result.

When you’re working toward the goal of being the best, reach out to BinWise, BlueCart, and Revolution. BinWise Pro, paired with the BinScan mobile app, can ease your inventory program and make it less hectic to take inventory. The BlueCart order management system is key for keeping you in stock with everything you need. Revolution Ordering can help you grow your wine bar business when you reach an enterprise level.

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