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Sarah Ward

Best Wines for a Cocktail Party: 12 Cocktail Party Wines

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The best wines for a cocktail party are something every wine lover should know. As you learn how to collect wine, and you dive into the best wine lists, the best wines for a cocktail party will come up along the way. 

If you’re a restaurant or bar business owner hosting cocktail parties, this BinWise blog post is the place for you too. It’s even good for learning how to host wine tasting parties.

You’ll find a mix of the best type of red wine, the best type of white wine, and everything in between on this list. Some cocktail parties are best served with certain wines–it often depends on the food and menu types. If you’re hosting a cocktail party, options from among these 12 cocktail party wines will fit the bill.

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12. Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is always a good plan for a white wine at a cocktail party. It’s one of the most unique white wines of the classic options. It pairs well with, well, all cocktail party foods. You simply can’t go wrong. Sauvignon Blanc comes up first whenever you look into the right white wines to bring to a party.

11. Dry Rose

Dry rose is a good option when you’re choosing the right rose for a cocktail party wine. Many roses, while delicious, are meant to be served with dessert menu options. A dry rose, on the other hand, will pair with a variety of appetizers throughout the party. To learn more about rose in general, read our article on calories in rose wine, too.

10. Sparkling Wine

You should have a few options for sparkling wine at a cocktail party. From Prosecco to sparkling red wine, sparkling wine is good with any appetizer. It also fits the party part of a cocktail party. Two options is a good place to start. You can add more depending on the theme or occasion of the cocktail party.

9. Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris–also made as Pinot Grigio–is a must for any cocktail party. It’s one of the most agreeable white wines for all wine drinkers. It’s bright, refreshing, and pairs with so many options. It’s perfect for a wine cheese pairing, in fact. Pinot Gris is perfect for any party.

8. Red blends

Red blends come in handy for many party occasions, and they’re certainly one of the best wines for a cocktail party. The beauty of red blends is how many there are. You can pick your favorites, or choose any option. You can’t go wrong with a red blend. They can fit any meal and any occasion, and provide something easy to drink for anyone new to wine.

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7. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir belongs at every event where wine is being served. It’s one of the most popular red wines. In fact, some sources even claim Pinot Noir is the best red wine option. We don’t know about that–there are so many to choose from–but Pinot Noir is definitely a wine to have for any occasion. That includes any cocktail party occasion!

6. Chardonnay

Chardonnay is another white wine option that never goes out of style, and it’s perfectly suited to the best cocktail parties. Chardonnay can be buttery and smooth, or sharp and crisp. Anything along the range of Chardonnay options will be a good choice. It’s perfect for many pairings, and can be served as the first wine option of the night.

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5. Riesling

Riesling is a white wine option that occasionally flies under the radar. It’s unique, and not for everyone. That said, there is a wide variety of flavors across the spectrum of Riesling. It makes for unique pairings, and can be a delightful accent for a cocktail party. 

4. Merlot

Merlot is a red wine option that, despite all the love it gets from the wine community, deserves even more. Merlot fits with so many pairings, from steak to snacks. It’s a necessary wine choice for cocktail parties.

3. Syrah

Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is one of the unique Australian wines that impresses wine lovers all around the world. It’s fruity and bold, but not too bold. It’s savory, built to be paired, and delicious in every setting, from a cocktail party to an evening at home.

2. Barolo

Barolo is an Italian red wine that has made a name for itself, but still has room to grow in the wine collections of new generations of wine drinkers. It’s smooth and rich, an impeccable example of Italian wine. 

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

Every wine list, for any party or event, needs to include Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s one of the most popular red wines. It goes with everything, or nothing if you prefer to have a glass of wine without appetizers. Any cocktail party can be improved with some great Cabernet Sauvignon options.

"Key Takeaway: The best wines for a cocktail party are something every wine lover should know."

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine for Cocktail Parties

The best wines for a cocktail party are something that inspires questions across the range of wine lovers and cocktail party hosts. Is there one best cocktail party wine? Well, no. But there are many options to talk about! 

Our answers to these frequently asked questions delve into some great wine options. We also took a look at some general cocktail party questions. Read on and enjoy.

What Is a Good Wine for a Cocktail Party?

A cocktail party is best served by a few different varieties of wine. You want some red wine types, some types of white wine, and some rose and sparkling wine options. The best way to choose wine for your cocktail party is to plan your menu and pair wines with the menu items.

Is Red or White Wine Better for Parties?

For parties, it’s good to have both red and white wine, neither is inherently better than the other. There are reds and whites that pair equally well with the same food. A lamb wine pairing, steak wine pairing, or chicken and wine pairing can be done with red and white wine. 

What Is Usually Served at a Cocktail Party?

Cocktail parties usually have a mix of great cocktails, mocktails, beer brands, wine, and delicious food. The food is often made up of appetizers, as they’re easiest in a cocktail party setting. Some cool bar food ideas often go into the planning of a menu for a cocktail party.

What Makes a Great Cocktail Party?

A great cocktail party needs two things: great snacks and drinks and great company. Invite the right people and you’ll find that great company. From there, plan your menus, get your cocktail ingredients and learn about popular cocktails, as well as these great wine options. Those steps will have you set up for success.

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Best Cocktail Party Wines: With a Great Party There’s Nothing to Wine About 

The best wines for a cocktail party cover a range of options. The most important factor of every cocktail party wine is how it pairs with the rest of the party. When you plan the menu and the event, pair your wines with everything, and you’ll have the best wines.

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