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Sarah Ward

Wine Storage Ideas: 4 Favorite Storage Ideas and Solutions

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Wine storage ideas–for your bar, restaurant, home, or winery–are a matter of great care and consideration. When you’re planning wine storage you need to consider:

  • Visual design
  • Ideal temperatures
  • Safety for wine bottles
  • Adequate storage space

All of that comes together to help you make the most of the space you have available. 

Your winery storage is two-fold. You’ll need to consider the wine your customers will see on a regular basis with wine marketing and wine sales in mind. You'll also need to plan for the bulk of your wine (this usually doesn't include canned wine and wine cooler drinks) that will be kept in a temperature-controlled space.

Of course, that temperature-controlled space in your wine cellar may be part of a wine tour. For storage purposes, however, it’s still a separate school of thought. 

In this article, we’ll cover all your needs for wine storage ideas for your winery. We’ll start with everything that’s right up front. By that we mean everything that’s in the view of your customers on a daily basis. Then we’ll move into the beverage storage ideas for bulk amounts.

By the end of this article, you’ll be well prepared to find the wine storage that works for you. Then you'll be able to get your winery set up for your first tasting. 

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Wine Glass Storage

One of the lightest parts of the load you’ll carry with wine storage is wine glass storage. This will mainly be limited to your tasting room, and potentially your lobby if you have a display featuring wine glasses. Of all the parts of your winery storage plan, setting up your wine bottle displays is on the less vital end of the list. That said, a balanced wine glass display can create depth for your overall display. It’s similar to bars with a bar glasses display to bring in curious customers. 

There are two main options for a wine glass display. One is to have your wine glasses on a high, sturdy shelf, to keep them out of potential harm’s way. The other is to have them in a lower, sturdy space, in a more secluded or controlled area. Both of these options give you a level of control over your wine glass storage and display. Of course, these rules will also apply in many ways to your wine bottle display and storage. When dealing with glass, maintaining control is always a smart move. 

Either way, your wine glass display is a minimal but important part of your wine storage and display overall. Wine glasses are excellent for adding depth and reflective qualities to a wine display. They also are complementary to wine bottles in size, shape, and aesthetics. Overall, a thoughtful wine glass display can round out your wine display in general.

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Bar with Wine Storage

When it comes to a winery, your bar area may be a full bar space, or it may be your tasting room. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to include some thoughtful wine storage ideas. Of course, it won’t be your full wine storage, so you don’t have to worry about packing everything into these spaces. You should keep it aesthetically pleasing, as your guests will be using these spaces. 

If you have a full bar, you can build your wine storage in the bar space, around the walls, and anywhere you like. A bar gives you an opportunity to create wine storage spaces that are out of the direct line of view of your customers. It can also be ideal for keeping your bestsellers on hand for bar patrons. This is similar to the process of starting a bar; you’re creating a space that is functional and enjoyable. 

If you’re working within a tasting room space, it’s best to keep your wine storage near where your tasting guides deal with pouring wine. You can also build storage around the edges of the room.

Tasting room storage is more about the visual design than anything else. A small selection of cases near the front of the room and wine barrels around the walls will suit this area best. 

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Wine Storage Ideas

For general wine storage, one of the most important factors is ample space for storing wine bottles safely. While you want lots of room, you need to make sure that room is curated to keep bottles secure. 

One popular wine storage rack idea is lattice wine racks. The lattice design gives each bottle its own space to fit snugly into. Lattice racks can also fit any space, as they come in many sizes, and can be custom-made. They also keep wine organized, which can help when it comes time for wine inventory

Of course, you can also go with cabinets and shelving of all sorts. There’s also a variety of wine cases that will be good for storing wine that you’re preparing to sell as a batch. And for aging wine, you can’t beat storing vintages in barrels until they’re ready to be sold. 

Wine Cellar Ideas

Your wine cellar is where you get to really focus on keeping the bulk of your wine in quality storage systems. Sure, you’ll have lattice shelving, and probably some standard cabinets, but everything in the cellar can be on a much larger scale.

The cellar may also be the place for your winemaking equipment. Your storage can be built around the equipment you need for the entire process. Basically, all the real work of keeping the wine you produce in temperature-controlled, large-scale storage goes on in the cellar. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Storage Ideas

As you produce wine and learn what you prefer for wine storage ideas, your wine storage needs will continue to grow. These frequently asked questions apply to winery storage, as well as home wine storage needs. Whatever you’re looking for, these answers will help you along the way. 

What Is the Best Way to Store Wine?

Overall, the best way to store wine is in a place that is well suited to the temperature needs of that wine. Learning something like the ideal red wine storage temperature will be helpful. Beyond that, design choices and everything else is subjective based on your personal preferences. You want to keep your wine in good condition; everything beyond that is up to you. 

What Is a Wine Storage Unit Called?

A wine storage unit can be many things, from a wine cellar to a cabinet to a wine fridge. If you’re looking for equipment and you’re not sure what it's called, browsing through images of wine storage gear will help you find the right item. You can also ask other wine experts or a sommelier for advice on the best wine storage units. 

How Long Can You Store Wine at Room Temperature?

You can store wine at room temperature for approximately six months. Of course, that is slightly dependent on the room you’re storing it in. The important factors are that you keep it out of direct light and limit extreme heat exposure.

With those precautions, your wine will be completely drinkable if you open it up after six months of sitting on a shelf. As long as you’re aware of the storage needs of your wine, you can avoid bottle shock.

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Wine Storage Ideas: Stock Your Shelving

When you’re at the point of starting a winery of visualizing your wine storage ideas, you’re nearly ready to stock your new storage. Of course, as you’re just opening up, it’ll take a few seasons to begin filling out your storage spaces. 

Having your wine storage prepared, however, is a big step in getting ready to bring wine lovers into your winery. You’ve put a lot of work into your winery business plan. Overall, it's all been to reach the stage of filling your winery with all the wine you’re producing from vine to bottle.

Now, you’re nearly ready to start selling that wine. Of course, there’s always more to learn, and the BinWise blog is here to help with any steps ahead of you. 

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