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Kali Mireva

Low-Calorie Holiday Cocktails to Enjoy Without Any Guilt

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Once the middle of November comes, most people get into the holiday mood. Everyone starts making plans and buying presents, but if you are a restaurant owner, you are probably more concerned with holiday drinks and meals. 

It’s crucial to invest time and resources into creating a unique seasonal menu, especially around the holidays. You can make signature holiday cocktails for your restaurant or bar, come up with holiday mocktail offers, and more. Figuring out great drink and food pairings is going to make your business even more successful during this holiday season. 

Eggnog is a classic drink to offer around the December holidays, but it’s not the only option you have. There are a bunch of delicious hot holiday drinks to serve, as well as holiday wines. But what you may be lacking on your menu is low-calorie holiday cocktails. There are people on dietary plans who would also love to indulge in delicious holiday drinks. That’s why we are going to discuss some guilt-free holiday beverage recipes

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Low-Calorie Holiday Cocktails to Make

You will surely have customers on keto and gluten-free diets, or with other dietary restrictions. That’s why you need to have plenty of options and have everyone feel included. Although most holiday cocktails include some heavier ingredients that don’t work with the majority of diets, there are still recipes you can make. 

We have curated a list of holiday cocktails that are suitable for everyone who would like to participate in the festive fun but without getting extra calories through their drink. Of course, these drinks can be enjoyed by people who don’t worry about calorie intake, which makes them a perfect fit for any beverage menu.

Key Takeaway: Holiday cocktails are not always a synonym for high-calorie, sugary drinks. There are plenty of recipes you can make that can be enjoyed by people who are on a specific dietary plan while still giving them that festive feel. There are great alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, too.

Vodka Soda with Cranberry Splash

Anything with cranberry just screams holidays, doesn’t it? From meals to drinks, the cranberry flavor is loved by many. The great news is that if you make this cocktail, almost all of your customers will be able to enjoy it. Guit-free! 

To make this drink, you will need vodka and soda water. Then add a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice. This drink contains about 100 calories per serving. It’s very refreshing and you can garnish it with cranberries or a green herb like rosemary. It will taste and look so festive!

Sparkling Pomegranate Mojito

Mojitos are not just your favorite summer cocktail. They can be enjoyed in the wintertime, especially around the holiday season, if you make a twist to it. For the Thanksgiving or Christmas Mojito version, we suggest you add some pomegranate. This will make the drink much more seasonally appropriate. And very delicious, too!

Mix white rum with sparkling water.  Add fresh mint and pomegranate seeds. Top it off with lime juice. The pomegranate seeds serve as a cocktail garnish, too. Add extra garnishing to complete the festive look. This drink has approximately 120 calories per serving. 

Gin and Tonic with Cucumber

It doesn’t sound like a winter cocktail, but give it a chance. It’s so nice and refreshing and will match perfectly with a lot of the dishes you already serve at your restaurant. Even with the festive meals!

It’s a very simple cocktail drink to make. All you need is gin, tonic water, and cucumber slices. This cocktail has lonely about 110 calories per serving. 

Skinny Margarita

Who doesn’t love a nice, refreshing Margarita? If you want to make it a bit less calorie-intense, Skinny Margarita is the way to go. 

Tequila and triple sec or orange liqueur are the main ingredients you need. Blend them with lime juice and a splash of agave syrup to make this delicious drink. The holiday cocktail contains only 110 calories per serving. 

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Champagne Spritzer

Sparkling wine, and mostly prosecco wine or champagne, are an integral part of any celebration. This is one of the most refreshing and festive holiday cocktails you can make. You don’t need many ingredients and the majority of your customers will love it. 

Mix champagne or another sparkling wine of choice with soda water. Add a splash of fruit juice, preferably orange or pomegranate. Mix well and garnish however you like. Choose something a bit more festive like berries, rosemary, or pomegranate seeds. This cocktail has only 90 calories per serving!

Light Eggnog

A lot of people immediately think of eggnog when you are talking about holiday cocktails. However, it’s a very calorie-intense drink if you make it the classic way. That’s why we suggest you try this light version, too. 

Mix almond or skim milk with spiced rum. Add egg substitute and nutmeg. This cocktail will even work for people who prefer vegan drinks. The light eggnog has approximately 150 calories per serving while the regular eggnog has 200-250 calories on average. 

Hot Toddy with Lemon and Honey

For the fans of whiskey cocktails, the Hot Toddy is a great option. You need to mix the whiskey with hot water and lemon juice. Sweeten it with honey. This holiday cocktail has only 100 calories in a serving. 

Raspberry-Lime Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Sparkling wine is a must-have in your beverage inventory all year round. But during the holiday season is even more important. There are plenty of holiday cocktails you can create with it. And this is one of the best options! 

Mix sparkling wine of choice with raspberries and fresh lime juice. Garnish the drink with raspberries or any other berries you have on hand that will give the cocktail a festive look. This delicious, simple drink has only 100 calories per serving. 

Ginger Citrus Mocktail

Mocktails are a crucial part of any beverage menu. Don’t forget about all the people who are avoiding different types of alcohol but also look for low-calorie holiday cocktails. 

Make this ginger mocktail by mixing soda water, ginger, and citrus slides. This drink has the smallest amount of calories at only 20 per serving!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Low-Calorie Holiday Cocktails

There are so many amazing holiday cocktails you can make. But since not all have a low-calorie count, you need to curate a list. If you have more questions on this topic, we suggest you read the following. 

How Can I Reduce the Calorie Content in Eggnog or Other Creamy Holiday Drinks?

Use low-fat or skim milk, opt for a sugar substitute, and control portions. Consider making a lighter version of eggnog with almond or coconut milk.

Can I Make a Low-Calorie Version of a Festive Holiday Punch?

Use diet sodas or sparkling water as mixers. Choose lower-calorie spirits, and load up on fresh fruit for natural sweetness and flavor. This way you will get a delicious punch but without the high-calorie count. 

Are There Low-Calorie Options for Holiday Cocktails That Still Feel Indulgent?

Try a "Skinny White Russian" with vodka, coffee liqueur, and light cream. Use sugar-free alternatives and top with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. Try similarly adjusting some other holiday cocktails and enjoy! 

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