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Kali Mireva

Holiday Mocktails: Delicious Alcohol-Free Options

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Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to figure out the special offers for the seasonal menu. Every restaurant owner knows how important it is to change things up and follow seasonality to some extent. This will keep your guests interested and improve the customer experience

There are many delicious holiday drinks you can add to your beverage menu. From classic to signature holiday cocktails - there is a lot of ground to cover. There are even great holiday mocktails to make and accommodate a larger audience. Non-alcoholic drinks are always well appreciated by designated drivers, pregnant women, and people who avoid alcohol. 

If you are interested in knowing which are some of the popular holiday mocktails you can offer at your restaurant or your bar, this article is for you. We have curated a list of great drinks that will add just the right festive atmosphere to your restaurant!

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Popular Holiday Mocktails to Serve at Your Restaurant

Mocktails are fun and delicious drinks. They can be enjoyed by almost anyone. That is why you should include a few non-alcoholic options in your menu. You can always turn to a mixologist and create unique options, but that is not necessary. 

There is a variety of classic holiday mocktails you can make and if you want them to be more unique, play around with the garnish and the glassware. Presentation is very important in this day and age. You can turn a boring drink into something really exciting just by styling it a different way. 

But now, let’s dive deep into the classic holiday mocktails you can add to your offers this winter!

Key Takeaway: There is a large variety of holiday mocktails you can add to your beverage menu. Pick the ones that suit your other offers best or the concept of your business. You can add your own spin on the drinks to make them even more special. 

Cranberry Sparkler

Cranberry juice is a common ingredient used in fall and winter cocktails, as well as holiday drinks. That is why it is no surprise our first recommendation is a mocktail with cranberry juice! 

Mix the juice with sparkling water, lime juice, and simple syrup. Add some ice and garnish with some berries. The nice red color just screams holidays!

Ginger Ale Fizz

The ginger flavor is a holiday favorite. That is why you need to have something gingery on your beverage list! To make the Ginger Ale Fizz mocktail you need the ale, simple syrup, lemon juice, as well as club soda. Top everything off with ice. You can copy the cocktail garnish typically used for this drink, which is mint leaves. 

Pomegranate Spritzer

Pomegranate is another seasonal favorite you can’t skip when building your holiday menu. Whether you are going to use pomegranate in your desserts or drinks, it’s up to you. But we suggest you try this holiday mocktail. To make it, you need pomegranate juice and sparkling water. Also, add lime juice and simple syrup. Mix with ice and finish it off with fresh rosemary and some pomegranate seeds. 

Virgin Mary

To the people who love a good Bloody Mary but can’t have alcohol right now, you can offer a Virgin Mary. It’s as awesome as the alcoholic version! To make it, you need tomato juice, lemon juice, as well as Worcestershire sauce. Add hot sauce, too. The spices you need are salt and black pepper. Finish off the drink with a celery stick and ice. 

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Sparkling Apple Cider Punch

Apple cider is one of the staple fall and winter drinks. So why not take it to the next level by turning it into a sparkling apple cider punch? Mix sparkling apple cider with cranberry juice and orange juice. Then, add club soda and some apple slices. Don’t forget the ice!

Berry Lemonade Cooler

All holiday mocktails with berries are so refreshing! The Berry Lemonade Cooler is no different and it’s worth the try. To make it, you will need mixed berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Add lemonade and mint leaves. Mix everything and add club soda and ice. You can garnish this drink with berries or a lemon peel twist. 

Hibiscus Ginger Sparkle

As already mentioned, ginger is a flavor that is often associated with the holiday season. That’s why it’s a common ingredient in holiday mocktails and cocktails. For this drink, you will need Hibiscus tea, ginger syrup, as well as club soda, and lemon juice. Add ice at the end and garnish with a lemon peel twist. 

Mock Champagne

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of champagne or prosecco wine? Most people do but they can’t always have it. So for the people who can’t have any type of alcohol, you can suggest a nice glass of Mock Champagne. It’s made with ginger ale, white grape juice, and sparkling water. Add ice and use berries to garnish the drink.  

Citrus Punch

Another great punch option is the Citrus Punch. Mix orange juice with grapefruit juice, lemon juice, as well as simple syrup, and club soda. Add orange slices and ice. 

Managing the Beverage Inventory around the Holidays

If you want to limit losses, you should pick holiday mocktails to make with ingredients you already have in your beverage inventory. You can also do your best to create great drink and food pairings with the mocktails in mind.  

To make the planning process easier, it’s best to implement software that is focused on managing restaurant inventory. When you use such a tool, you will be able to look into historical data and analyze which drinks are doing better than others. This way, you will be able to narrow down your options and phase out unpopular drinks quickly. 

BinWise can be a helpful tool for any restaurant business. If you want to learn more about it and how it can save you time and money, book a demo now!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Holiday Mocktails

If you want to learn more about holiday mocktails, read the answers to these questions. You may find some useful information!

How Can I Make Mocktails Look Festive?

Make your mocktails look more festive by adding different garnishes. For example, cranberries, mint leaves, citrus slices, or decorative drink stirrers. To take the holiday mocktails to the next level, choose unique glassware or add a sugar rim. 

Can I Customize Mocktail Recipes?

All mocktail recipes are customizable. Adding your own spin on things is actually recommended if you want to stand out from the crowd. You can adjust the sweetness, acidity, and flavor profiles to suit your preferences. Feel free to experiment with different fruit juices, herbs, and sparkling water to create unique holiday mocktails.

What Are Some Alcohol Substitutes in Mocktail Recipes?

Common alcohol substitutes in mocktail recipes include sparkling water or soda, non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine, and various fruit juices. These alternatives can 

provide a similar texture or flavor to traditional cocktails without the presence of alcohol.

Knowing the substitutes you can use, you will be able to create your own mocktail recipes. Experiment with different juices and fruits to create flavors you like and that are fitting for the holiday season. 

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