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Kali Mireva

Exploring the World of Fruit-Infused Spiked Cider

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Spiked cider is a great beverage to enjoy in the fall and winter months. The flavors and aromas make it a must-have for any bar or restaurant's seasonal menu around this time of the year. What’s even better is introducing fruit-infused spiked cider to your seasonal drink offers!

Curating a great wine list, picking vegan drinks and gluten-free cocktail options, as well as low-alcohol wines and non-alcoholic beverages is not an easy job. And we get that! That’s why we are talking all about different types of beverages, how to include them in your beverage menu, and how to stay on top of your beverage inventory

In this article, we want to dive deep into the world of fruit-infused spiked cider, which is a great cider drink to serve when the leaves start falling. They will help create the cozy and inviting atmosphere that you want, which will improve the customer experience

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What Types of Spiked Ciders Can I Serve? 

You can serve traditional spiked cider to your customers looking for a tasty drink and a warm feeling. You can serve the traditional version of spiked cider either hot or cold, depending on what the customers prefer or what you have decided will go best with the rest of the items on your menu. 

Another option is to combine spiked cider with different types of alcohol to create unique cocktails. For the spiked cider cocktails, you could probably need the help of a mixologist, especially if you want the cocktails to fit the concept of your bar or restaurant.   

The third option, which we want to talk about here, is fruit-infused spiked cider options. These can be very refreshing, fitting for the season, and unique to your bar or restaurant. The good news is that they are also easy to make!

Key Takeaway: You can use a large variety of fruits to create a flavorful fruit-infused spiked cider. Look into what you are already ordering for other drinks as ingredients or garnishes and plan out your menu to match your concept, beverage inventory, and the season.

Fruit-Infused Spiked Cider Ideas to Try

If you are making your own spiked ciders to serve at your restaurant or bar, you can experiment a bit with adding fruits, too. Fruit-infused spiked cider is a way to diversify your offers and bring some new flavors and aromas to your menu. 

Here’s what kind of fruit-infused spiked ciders you can serve:

Strawberry-Infused Spiked Cider

To create a super refreshing version of spiked cider, you can use fresh or frozen strawberries. It’s best to have the strawberries sliced up. Add the strawberries to the cider and crush them slightly with the back of a spoon to release the flavor. Then, add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to sweeten it. 

Blueberry-Infused Spiked Cider

For a vibrant, and a slightly tart option, create this version of fruit-infused spiked cider. To enhance the flavor of this version of the cider, you can add some lemon zest. Crush the blueberries to release their flavor and aromas. Add honey at the end if you want to sweeten it. 

Blackberry-Infused Spiked Cider

To create a deep purple cider, all you need is blackberries! This drink is not only delicious but beautiful, which makes it a great one to use in your restaurant marketing campaigns for fall. To make the flavor more complex and the whole feel of the drink perfect for fall, add a cinnamon stick. 

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Peach-Infused Spiked Cider

Blending spiked cider with ripe, sliced peaches will create one of the most delicious fruit-infused drinks you have ever tasted! The natural sweetness of the peaces complements perfectly the natural taste of cider. You can, again, add a bit of lemon juice for some freshness and sweeten additionally the drink with honey. 

Cranberry-Infused Spiked Cider

For a festive and slightly tart cider, you can add cranberries. To balance the flavors, you can add some orange zest. Sweeten to taste with honey or an alternative like agave syrup. 

Mango-Infused Spiked Cider

For the people who can’t let summer go, you can offer a mango-infused spike cider. It has a tropic feel. To brighten the flavor, you should squeeze some lime juice. Sweeten to taste, as mango is quite sweet on its own. 

Pear-Infused Spiked Cider

For a sweet and mellow infusion, try adding sliced pears to the spiked cider. Add cardamon on cinnamon to complement the flavors and create a great fall drink for your customers. The unique flavors and aromas of this bar drink will make everyone feel cozy and happy. 

How to Optimize Your Inventory

When you curate the offers for your fall and winter menu, think about all the ingredients you are able to get locally and at good prices. Chances are that locally-sourced ingredients will be more affordable and you won’t have to wait for deliveries as much. 

Consider the cocktail garnishes you have for all the other great cocktails you serve. If you need some fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices to garnish some of the drinks you already have on your menu, it makes sense to use them in the spiked cider recipes, too. For example, if you are serving cocktails with cinnamon sticks already, it would be easier to make blackberry spiked cider by ordering a bit more. 

To keep the inventory in check, however, you should also consider using a beverage inventory software. By automating the process of auditing, counting, and ordering, you will save a lot of time, which you can spend on menu design and engineering, marketing, and more. You will use up all bottler before they expire, will have a clear understanding of what customers prefer and will be able to do different types of analysis with the historical data you will get.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fruit-Infused Spiked Cider in Bars and Restaurants

Every fruit-infused spiked cider is unique to the place it serves it and this is what makes it a great beverage! If you are a business owner in the hospitality industry, you need to consider adding a spiked cider to your fall/winter menu. 

If you are still unsure about it and have some more questions, look into the answers we are giving below!

What Is Fruit-Infused Spiked Cider?

Fruit-infused spiked cider is a flavorful alcoholic beverage made by infusing hard cider (also known as spiked cider) with the natural flavors of fresh fruits. This way you will create a refreshing and unique drink.

What Types of Fruit Can Be Used for Infusing Cider?

You can use a variety of fruits for infusing cider, including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, raspberries, cherries, pears, and more. The choice of fruit can significantly impact the cider's flavor profile, so if you can pick fruits according to season or the concept of your menu. 

Is Fruit-Infused Spiked Cider Typically Served Hot or Cold?

Fruit-infused spiked cider can be served either hot or cold, depending on the recipe and season. Hot versions are popular during the colder months, while cold versions are great for summer. You can use different recipes thorough the year to keep all cider-lovers satisfied but also have great seasonal offers! Don't forget the great opportunities for spiked cider pairings.

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