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Kali Mireva

CBD Wine: Merging Restaurant Drinks and Wellness Trends

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If you want to hop on the adult beverage trends train, you need to look into CBD drinks. They are part of the wellness movement that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. And the great thing is that many restaurants can now serve CBD-infused drinks and provide an even better customer experience!

In previous articles, we have talked all about CBD coffee and tea, as well as CBD cocktails, and the health benefits of CBD drinks. We are also commonly giving new information on different varieties of wine. Now, we are combining these two major categories and will be looking into CBD wine!

We will let you in on how CBD wine is made, why it’s good to consider adding it to your restaurant’s wine list, alongside low-alcohol wine, exotic wines, canned wine, and even wine cocktails. Let’s get started!

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What Is CBD-Infused Wine?

CBD-infused wine or CBD wine, is an innovative product that blends perfectly with CBD tinctures and wine. Mixing wine with CBD intensifies the effects of both (see: health benefits of drinking wine). You can even do it with freezing wine techniques.

How Is CBD Wine Made?

Winemakers are using special tinctures to create CBD wine. They infuse the wine with CBD tincture and create a seamless blend. The winemaking process is not changed so the quality of the wine at the end will be the same as that of regular wine. 

Key Takeaway: CBD wine is a unique beverage you can add to your wine list. It will help you stand out from the restaurant crowd in the area and earn you new customers.

What’s Healthier Than CBD Wine?

Both wine and CBD drinks offer a range of benefits, but what’s actually even healthier is - non-alcoholic wine infused with CBD tinctures. Alcohol can cause some mood disruptions, increase the blood pressure of the consumer, or cause liver and pancreas damage. 

Because of that, people who enjoy wine but want to stay on the healthier side of things prefer no-alcohol drinks. If you want to cater to a really large group of people, you can add both alcoholic and non-alcoholic CBD wine to your beverage menu.  

Why Is CBD Wine Becoming Popular?

Not only does it bring many health benefits, such as improving heart health, lowering the risk of diabetes, anti-aging effects, and reducing the risk of cancer, but it has other pros to it, too. CBD wine also offers people a chance to get their daily CBD intake in a much more pleasant way. 

CBD wine will be well-appreciated by wine enthusiasts, who also want a CBD drink. Another great benefit is that typically wines with CBD tinctures have a lower alcohol content, which reduces the risk of getting an unpleasant hangover, while still enjoying your favorite call drinks.

What Does the Future Hold for CBD Wine?

Lately, many vineyards have been experimenting with CBD and trying to come up with unique products. The CBD tinctures allow winemakers to create new flavors.

The main goal of many is to create a great drink for brunch or even fine dining that doesn’t have a high alcohol content and can be consumed by a larger group of customers. Since food and wine pairings are preferred by many, a new type of wine, such as CBD wine, will be a great addition to a restaurant beverage program

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Serving CBD Wine at a Restaurant: Challenges and Opportunities

Introducing something new to restaurant menus brings its challenges, as well as opportunities. CBD wine is a unique beverage that you need to consider when planning your restaurant beverage inventory

Here are the challenges and opportunities you can face when you decide to do so!


  • Legal complexities - One of the biggest challenges is navigating the legal landscape surrounding CBD products in general. They are not legal in all states and there can be some regulation specific to a certain region. So before you buy CBD wine, get familiar with the local rules and regulations. 
  • Uncertain Customer Perception - Many customers may not be aware of the benefits of CBD and that there are various CBD drinks. They can have some concerns and may not want to get a beverage containing CBD.
  • Price of CBD Beverages - CBD wine, as well as other CBD beverages tend to be more expensive than their regular counterparts. That’s caused by the addition of CBD tinctures. The higher price may stop some people from trying the CBD wines and other drinks you offer and you will need to invest more in your restaurant marketing campaigns if you want to change that behavior. 


  • Being Innovative - Showing your customers that you embrace innovation is a good thing. By introducing CBD wine to your menu, customers will see that you are open to trying out new things and will be intrigued by this. Regulars will also be enticed to try something new with their dinner and you will be able to offer them great new drink and food pairings!
  • Offering More Wellness Options - What’s CBD good for? Relaxation and stress relief! This makes CBD beverages a huge part of the whole wellness drinks trend. When you choose to offer such beverages, you are catering to a large audience of people who are striving to improve their mental health and overall well-being. 
  • Great Marketing - Offering CBD wine can make your restaurant feel more modern and in tune with the latest trends. This, of course, is something that you should use in your marketing campaigns, both online and offline. Offering CBD beverages will contribute to your brand image in a good way. 

How to Store CBD Wine

Storing wine the right way is very important for keeping its flavor and characteristics. Just like regular types of wine, CBD wine needs to be put in temperature-controlled storage. The wine needs to be kept cool at a temperature between 45°F and 65°F.

Avoiding direct sunlight is another crucial tip to follow. UV light can degrade wine, as well as the compounds in CBD. Together with that, make sure that the wine is stored on its side so the wine can keep the cork moist and prevent air from getting inside the bottle and spoiling the wine.  

Keeping track of all the bottles you have is also crucial, so you can provide great customer service and keep satisfaction levels high. Organizing inventory and staying on top of it is much easier with the help of BinWise!

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Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Wine

Have some more questions regarding CBD wine? We answer some of them here!

What Does CBD Wine Taste Like?

The taste of CBD wine depends on the variety of wine and the CBD tincture that was used. In general, CBD adds herbal, earthy, or nutty notes to the wine. 

Are There Any Potential Health Risks of Drinking CBD Wine?

Generally considered to be a healthy beverage, CBD wine can pose health risks when combined with certain medications. If you take medication for health conditions, discuss with your doctor whether different types of alcohol, including CBD wine are safe to consume. 

Can I Get Addicted to CBD Wine?

CBD is not considered an addictive substance. However, if you are concerned about addictions, be sure to consult with a medical expert before taking CBD in any form.

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