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Kali Mireva

CBD Drinks: Why and How to Include Them in a Restaurant Menu

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Running a restaurant is more than organizing inventory, planning a yearly or seasonal menu, and wondering how to earn a Michelin Star. It’s also about getting to know your customers, creating a good atmosphere, and staying up-to-date with adult beverage trends, including CBD drinks.

Creating an outstanding beverage program is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot to make sure you are following trends but staying true to the concept of your restaurant. This is one of the biggest challenges of any business owner and restaurant manager

Lately, this challenge has a whole new category to think about. Well-curated wine lists, quality whiskey and rum, and many great cocktails people know and love may not be enough to set you apart from the competition. There’s a rise in a new category - CBD cocktails and drinks. 

In this blog article, we want to dive deeper into this new trend and see what restaurants can do about it. If you want to be informed about what’s new in the restaurant industry and how to stay current, just keep reading!

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What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, which is most popularly known as CBD, is an active ingredient in cannabis that’s extracted from the hemp plant. However, the component doesn’t cause a high and it’s not addictive for people. 

Currently, CBD oil is gaining more popularity because of its health benefits and ease of use. It’s known to lower anxiety, reduce PTSD symptoms, relieve pain, ease diabetic complications, and more. (see also: benefits of CBD drinks)

Key Takeaway: CBD drinks are a trend all restaurant owners should look into. They offer great health benefits and customers would love to see them on the menu. Boosting profits and customer satisfaction are the main benefits for businesses in the hospitality industry.

When Did CBD Drinks Become Popular? 

CBD drinks became popular after cannabis products were legalized by the Farm Bill in the United States. This happened back in 2014. In the past almost 10 years, more and more people are using CBD oil because of its many health benefits. This naturally boosted the CBD beverages market as well. 

According to a CBD beverages market share analysis conducted in 2022, the global CBD drinks market accounted for USD 5527.13 Million. It’s expected for it to cross a valuation of USD 62748.24 Million over the next decade. This is a forecasted 27.5% increase.

After seeing these numbers, everyone in the hospitality industry should think about the implementation of CBD cocktails or special canned drinks in their beverage programs. If this is a product people are actively looking for, you can only benefit from it. 

How to Use CBD in a Restaurant?

CBD is added to food and drinks more in the latest years, so of course, restaurants started using the ingredient as well. Here it’s important to mention that you need to check the regulations in your local area before introducing CBD drinks to your menu. In different locations in the United States, there are different laws regarding the use of CBD in food and beverages. 

If the law allows the use of CBD oil in cocktails, for example, you can start making your research and see what you can offer. We suggest working with an experienced mixologist on this one, as they have the right knowledge. 

A cocktail expert will be able to create unique CBD cocktails with just the right amount of the special ingredient. It will also help you get cocktails that will fit the concept of your business, which may be affected by the restaurant location, interior style, or cuisine. 

Another way to hop on this trend, other than serving CBD-infused drinks, is using CBD oil in desserts and other foods. Again, do that only if the local regulations allow it. 

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Why Serve CBD Drinks?

Choosing to serve CBD drinks it’s not just an easy way to add this ingredient to your menu. It’s also a preferred one by many! A few drops of CBD oil can make a drink more desirable, which will not only boost profits for the business but customer satisfaction as well. 

CBD oil provides great benefits and many people use them regularly to keep themselves in good mental and physical health. When they find out they can get the benefits they want while enjoying a delicious cocktail, they will probably get it.

Imagine sipping on your favorite Daiquiri drink, which is not just delicious but relieves anxiety, helps you truly relax, and enjoy the moment. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? This is what a Daiquiri or another other classic cocktail infused with CBD oil can do for you. 

How to Present CBD Drinks on Your Menu

You can use different types of menu for your restaurant. From QR code menus and a la carte to static menus, you can have them in all of them. However, it’s good to think about the way they will be included. 

Although some may be tempted to mix them with the other cocktail drinks, it’s best to have a separate section since this is entirely different type of product. Create their own category on your menu and make sure you state what these drinks include. 

Great customer service is not just about the presentation of food and drinks and serving everything as fast as possible. It’s also about being honest. Make sure all ingredients are listed in the menu so customers can make an informed decision when ordering at your restaurant. 

Before you add them to the menu, also check out our article on average drink prices at bars to learn more on how to properly set the prices for your new offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Drinks in Restaurants

Although we already covered a lot of frequently asked questions, there sure are more to be answered. Hopefully, in this section you will find the additional information you need for CBD drinks!

Do I Need to Serve CBD Drinks in My Restaurant? 

The popularity of CBD drinks is rising in the last few years, but this doesn’t mean you have to serve them in your restaurant. If you don’t think they go well with the concept of your business, your personal values, or the dishes you sever, you can keep going without them.

Country clubs, hotel restaurants, bars, and other places that serve drinks may decide to hop on the bandwagon and add some alternatives to their year-round, seasonal, and brunch menus. This would be beneficial if their customer base enjoy CBD cocktails and beverages. However, not including them on your menu doesn’t mean you will lose clients or run a less profitable business. 

Are CBD Drinks Promoting Relaxation?

CBD drinks help reduce anxiety and body aches and can help people feel relaxed. This makes them a great drink to have after a long them of work or when you have high levels of stress in your life.

Having a CBD-infused drink would be a better option than plain alcohol as sometimes, alcohol can boost the feelings of anxiety and stress. CBD is a natural way to promote the desired feeling of relief. 

Can I Add CBD Oil to Classic Drinks?

Yes, you can add CBD oil to your favorite classic cocktail recipes. CBD will boost the flavor of the drink and make it even more refreshing and relaxing. 

Another great thing about CBD drinks is that they won’t give you a hangover and you won’t regret having a great night on the next day. You can even make CBD coffee and tea drinks with ease.

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