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Kali Mireva

Health Benefits of Brandy: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Lately, there has been a rise in the number of people looking for ways to live a healthier life. Many automatically excluded different types of alcohol from their diets and started ordering non-alcoholic drinks, matcha drinks, and other more nutritious options. 

Although alcoholic drinks are not typically related to health, there are some benefits that people can get. For example, there are plenty of health benefits of wine that you should know about. And it’s the same with brandy! There are some health benefits of brandy that you should be aware of before putting only trendy drinks into your beverage menu

Wine, brandy, and other such drinks have been around for decades and there’s a good reason behind it. When had in moderation, even alcoholic drinks can bring benefits to people. So if we got your attention, it’s time to dive deeper into the brandy benefits everyone should know!

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Are There Any Health Benefits of Brandy?

Brandy is different from other alcoholic drinks because it contains no carbs and it’s low in cholesterol. This means that brandy can fit into a lot of diets (having it in moderation, of course), like keto, for example. Read our article on "How is brandy made?" to find out more about it.

It’s also a drink that can be used as an aperitif. Because of the antioxidants it contains, it also helps remove bad cholesterol from the arteries and helps make way for the good cholesterol. 

But there are so many more health benefits of brandy you can get, especially if you are not drinking brandy cocktails but only the alcohol itself. There could be some healthier cocktails, of course, but many drink mixers can make it not diet-friendly. 

Key Takeaways: Brandy, just like wine, can offer a plethora of health benefits. When people drink it in moderation, they can enjoy the positive effects of this flavorful alcoholic beverage.

8 Actual Health Benefits of Brandy

As we already established, there are health benefits of brandy and it’s good to know them before you decide to avoid this alcohol altogether. Educate yourself on brandy storage, too. Below, we’ve listed the main benefits and explain everything in detail. Let’s jump right in!

Brandy Helps with Respiratory Infections

A great reason to have a glass of brandy with your dinner is its anti-inflammatory properties. Brandy in particular is very effective in relieving respiratory issues like coughs and sore throats. The high ABV of brandy, which is typically between 35% and 60%, helps eliminate bacteria and loosen up phlegm and mucus. This way, it acts like an expectorant.

Brandy Is Great for the Immune System

For thousands of years, brandy was used to treat health problems. They include the common coughs and colds, and even the flu. Because of brandy’s natural warming properties, it helps induce healthy sleep. In addition to that, the antibacterial nature of the drink makes it great for strengthening the immune system. 

Brandy can help eliminate pathogens from a person’s system and can boost the immune system thanks to its many antioxidants. 

Brandy Can Be Good for the Heart

Similar to different varieties of wine, one of the brandy benefits is the effect it has on the heart. When had in moderation, heart health can improve thanks to all of the antioxidants in brandy.

The antioxidants can lower the levels of the accumulated bad cholesterol in the body and can balance out the overall cholesterol levels. They will prevent plaque buildup and possibly reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system. By reducing inflammation, the tension in the blood vessels is eased and the blood pressure gets lower. 

Brandy and Cancer Patients

Some cancers can be made much worse by excess consumption of alcohol. However, studies have shown that brandy consumption can actually help prevent and even treat some types of cancer. 

An essential component in brandy is ellagic acid, which is an organic compound that could prevent the development of cancerous cells. So far, an obvious positive effect of brandy has been seen in treating bladder and ovarian cancer. 

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Brandy Has an Anti-Aging Effect

As we already mentioned a few times, brandy has great antioxidant properties. Some of them are attributed to the copper in the aging barrels. The antioxidants can help eliminate free radicals in people’s bodies and neutralize their effects. 

Free radicals are a byproduct of cellular metabolism and they can be dangerous. They can cause healthy cells to mutate and undergo cell death. Brandy, however, can prevent this type of cellular death in the hair, skin, internal organs, and even the brain. That’s why many people relate brandy consumption to limited aging symptoms like poor vision, wrinkles, cognitive issues, and even chronic conditions. 

Brandy and Weight Loss

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that brandy is a drink people on different diets can enjoy. That’s because, unlike beer (even gluten-free beer), for example, brandy has no carbs. This is one of the health benefits of brandy that many people are truly happy about. 

Because brandy has no carbs, there can’t be any conversion of carbohydrates into fat and there’s no storing fat as a result. However, just because it doesn’t contain any carbs, it doesn’t mean people can have a lot of it. As with any other kind of alcohol, we should all enjoy a good brandy within limit.  

Cardiovascular Benefits of Brandy

Because of the high polyphenol content in brandy, it offers lots of cardiovascular benefits. Drinks that contain polyphenols suppress a gene called NF-kappaB that has a role in inflammation. And since inflammations can lead to heart disease, the negative effect of brandy on this gene can actually benefit people’s cardiovascular health. 

Brandy Helps Induce Sleep

Similar to other types of liquor, brandy has calming properties. That’s why it can help people go to sleep. Brandy is often recommended as an after-dinner drink for that reason.

No matter what type of fruit brandy you choose to serve, people at your restaurant can reap these great health benefits of brandy. What’s even better is that there are plenty of great food and brandy pairings you can create to boost customer satisfaction!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Benefits of Brandy

To get even more information about the brandy benefits, read the answers to these commonly asked questions!

How Much Brandy Is Considered Moderate Consumption?

A single drink typically contains 1.5 ounces of alcohol (or 44 milliliters). For men, moderate drinking is defined as two drinks per day, while for women is one drink per day. If you have any conditions and you are wondering how much you can drink, make sure to ask your doctor. Brandy benefits can be reaped only if consumed in moderation.

Are There Any Health Issues That Come From Drinking Brandy? 

Health issues can arise from drinking too much of any type of alcohol. Common problems include liver damage and heart problems. Too much liquor increases the risk of accidents and injuries which is why you should always drink in moderation. 

Can Brandy Help With Digestion?

It's believed that brandy can aid digestion when you consume it after a meal. Brandy is thought to help relax the digestive tract and relieve indigestion. In order to ensure the health benefits of brandy, people should not consume too much of it and not consume it too often.

Does Brandy Contain Antioxidants?

Yes! The aging process of brandy in wooden casks can contribute to the development of antioxidants. Antioxidants may help neutralize free radicals in the body, potentially offering some health benefits.

Does Brandy Have Fewer Calories Than Other Alcohol?

Brandy tends to have a higher alcohol content than wine or beer. This can result in a higher calorie content per serving. However, because brandy is often consumed in smaller quantities than some other beverages, the overall caloric intake may be lower.

Can Brandy Cure a Cold?

Some people use brandy in Hot Toddy or other warm beverages to alleviate cold symptoms. The warming effect of alcohol may provide temporary relief, but it's not a substitute for proper medical care. Although there are plenty of brandy benefits, don't use this alcohol as a replacement for medicine and consulting with a doctor.

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