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Sarah Ward

Wine Bar Supplies: 9 Key Wine Bar Supplies to Stock Up

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Wine bar supplies are something you need to stock up on throughout your education on how to open a wine bar. From your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage to inspiration from the best wine bars, there’s a long list. Your inventory management system will start working for you before you open for business. It can process all the items you’ll need to have on hand and on order, including cases of wine.

This BinWise blog post outlines a variety of wine bar supplies you’ll need to plan for. Some are part of opening your wine bar and getting it set up. Others are specifically for when you have customers coming through the door. All of them are important for customer satisfaction. Read on to learn what you need for your wine bar supplies. 

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Wine Bar Supply List

Your wine bar supply list will be longer than nine general items. Within these categories, you’ll have several subsequent lists, backups, and systems in place for when you reach your reorder point. Depending on how you decide to organize and run your wine bar, you may even have more beyond the scope of these categories. 

That said, these nine wine bar supplies are the basics you’ll need to consider as you get started. You can stock up on them in different ways. It could be running to the grocery store, doing wholesale ordering, or working with an order management software service. They’ll come in handy as you work on your customer service and wine bar business.  

One topic of note is we’ve left cabinets and shelving off this list. We’ve gone over it in another blog post. 

9. Seating and Tables

Seating and tables are a base need for your wine bar supplies checklist. You’ll need them before you open for business, and ideally before you decorate. Your major stock of cleaning supplies and everything in between, however, should come first. That’ll make it easier to move everything in. 

8. Decorations

Decorations should come along after you’ve moved in seating and table arrangements. They should also be brought in after you set up wine storage and shelving, so that you can decorate including those central pieces of furniture. 

7. Towels 

You’ll need a range of towels. Bar mopping towels are high up on the list. You’ll want enough on hand so that you only need to bring them to the laundromat once every two weeks. You’ll also need some crisp white napkin-style towels to use when you are pouring wine. It goes over your arm to show off the wine and be available for potential spills. 

6. Wait Staff Uniforms

Wait staff uniforms are something you might want to decide on early so you can spend time finding them. There are uniform stores where you can get a batch of items for your wait staff. Something sleek and simple, like a vest or apron with a button-down, is usually a good plan. 

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5. Bar Books

Bar books, from the best bar books to the best cocktail recipe books, are good to keep around your wine bar. This is especially important if you’re serving up wine cocktails. However, even if you’re not serving cocktails bar books can help. They offer advice on supplies and techniques, and they can serve as decorations. 

4. Glassware

Glassware will be a major player in your inventory of wine bar supplies. You’ll need to stock quite a bit at the beginning. Due to the nature of glass, you’ll also end up having to replace some of your glassware over time. Invest in quality glassware, it’ll last longer and give your place a high-quality vibe with the right bar glasses.

3. Menu Supplies

Menu supplies are related to everything you need to showcase your menu. If you’re doing a QR code menu, you’ll need to get squared away with software. SproutQR can help you there, with custom QR code software and support. If you want paper menus, single-use menu options are nice to work with, so you can change it up with ease. 

2. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies should be one of the first things you buy once you’ve found your location. You’ll need them for preparing the space, and you’ll never stop needing them. It’s best to buy them wholesale, as many of them don’t spoil quickly and you’ll always want them on hand. 

1. Wine

Wine is one of many important wine bar supplies, but it’s safe to say you can’t have a wine bar without wine! It doesn’t need to be one of the first items you bring into your shop. You should, however, begin the search for your wine early on. Talking with wineries and winery owners, and maybe even checking the process of buying a winery should be some of your first steps. 

"Key Takeaway: Getting set up with wine bar supplies is a hefty job for a beginning wine bar owner, but with these lists, you can cross items off one by one."

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Bar Supplies

Getting set up with wine bar supplies is a hefty job for a beginning wine bar owner. It takes a lot of items, and prep for the future of keeping those items on hand with inventory management and order management. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help with stocking your wine bar and thinking about it in the wine industry. 

What are Common Bar Supplies?

Some common bar supplies are:

  • Garnish stations
  • Glassware
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Floor mats for their bartenders, barbacks, and wait staff
  • Liquor, beer, wine, and spirits for cocktail ingredients
  • Bar foods and kitchen supplies

Beyond those, every bar is a little different. Those are some guaranteed needs for any bar that offers full services. These common bar supplies also include the supplies needed to keep the bar running smoothly. 

What Does a Full Bar Include?

A full bar includes:

  • Serving liquor in addition to wine and beer
  • A steady stock of the most common liquors
  • Mixers, garnishes, and cocktail ingredients 
  • Common cool bar food ideas

With a wine bar there is a lot less you need to focus on. Yes, there is a lot of wine to choose from. That said, with the best type of red wine and the best type of white wine, you’ll be off to a good start. 

How Much Wine Do I Need for 100 Guests?

For 100 guests, you’ll need around 46 bottles of wine. This comes from the equation of taking the number of guests and dividing it by 2.15 (an approximation of bottles). From this equation, you find out how many bottles of wine you should buy. This is a helpful tip for starting your inventory. You can also work out this sort of equation for the guests you have the capacity to serve each day. It’ll help you find out how many times you’ll be opening a wine bottle.

What Makes the Most Profit In a Bar?

Alcohol and assorted alcoholic beverages make the most profit in a bar. Of the 10 to 15% of a profit margin you can expect in a bar, beverages bring in the most. This is because the overhead cost of buying those supplies is much smaller than the cost they sell for. 

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Supplying a Wine Bar: Snacks, Glasses, and Everything That Goes with Wine

Wine bar supplies are one of the most important ongoing costs and supplies you’ll need to keep your wine bar running with operational efficiency. When you’re ready to start purchasing and restocking, check out BinWise and BlueCart

BinWise Pro inventory software, paired with the BinScan mobile app, can ease your process when you take inventory. BlueCart’s order management system will keep your orders running smoothly while you work on everything else. 

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