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Sarah Ward

Wine Bar Cabinet and Shelf Storage: 6 Storage Tips

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Your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage is one of the most important features of setting up your wine bar. The process of how to open a wine bar involves a lot of inventory you need to invest in. Your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage is high on that list. It will give you space for a lot of your other inventory, like cases of wine. Additionally, it will help you with the business branding and design of your wine bar. 

You can set up your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage to accent the look of your wine flight. It’s a big part of your wine bar supplies list, but it should be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. The best wine bars walk this line between functional and beautiful storage that also shows off their wine collections.

This BinWise blog post walks you through storage tips for your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage. By the time you’ve read through this post, you’ll be ready to purchase your storage and display options. 

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Wine Bar Cabinets and Shelving

Wine bar cabinet and shelf storage serves a two-fold purpose in your wine bar. On the one hand, your wine storage is meant to be functional, to store enough wine to keep your inventory program moving smoothly. On the other side of that equation is the design element your wine bar cabinets and shelving provide.

The trick to finding the right wine bar cabinet and shelf storage is finding a design first, then choosing functional pieces. As you choose your design you’ll dive into the importance of branding. You might even get into small business marketing to learn how best to boost your wine bar. 

These six tips and tricks will help you along the way. From finding your design preferences to picking up functional, lasting cabinets and shelving units, this is the place to start. From here, you’ll find the specifics that work for your wine bar, your customers, and your business brand. 

6. Find Your Brand

Finding your brand is the starting point of finding your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage. Your beverage storage and display options should be on brand. This will help your brand be consistent throughout your wine bar. Studying branding and marketing will help. 

5. Measure Your Space

Measuring your space can only be accomplished after you’ve found a location, but it’s necessary before you invest in cabinets and shelves. When you’re scouting locations, look for ones with ample room for wine storage. Trust us, you’ll need it!

4. Choose Wood Types–or Metal

Many wine racks are made of wood. If you’re sourcing standard shelving you’ll likely find wooden options, but you can lean into metal industrial shelving as well. Choosing the material you want for your cellar and wine displays will help you build up your space. You can also match it to your tables, chairs, and color scheme for extra on-brand design plans.

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3. Purchase Quality Pieces

Purchasing quality cabinets and shelving is a must for two reasons. One is, quality shelving will help keep your wine bottles safe. The other reason is that quality pieces often look better than lower quality ones, which will help with your design and brand. Both reasons back up the investment of quality wine bar cabinet and shelf storage. 

2. Consider Larger Wine Bottles

If you’re going to sell large format wine bottles you’ll need to factor them into your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage plans. You can use free shelving space for these larger bottles. You could also custom order wine racks that are made for large format wine bottles. Learn more about wine bottle dimensions to help this process.

1. Plan Around Your Patrons

Your entire wine bar plan is based around serving your customers. It’s all about customer service and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage plan should be based on serving your customers and having your wine readily available for sale.

"Key Takeaway: Your wine bar cabinet and shelf storage is one of the most important features of setting up your wine bar."

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Bar Cabinets and Shelving

Wine bar cabinet and shelf storage is something every wine bar owner or manager needs to learn about. In some ways, we’re all prepared to find this storage, because it can be as simple as regular storage from a furniture store. On the other hand, wine bar cabinets and storage is unique to every wine bar and wine bar owner. 

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you more information about wine bar storage. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list this post will help you sort your wine collection and wine bar organization. 

What Is a Wine Storage Cabinet Called?

A wine storage cabinet is often called:

  • A wine cellar
  • A larder
  • A wine rack 
  • Wine stock
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Wine cabinet
  • Wine shelf

Some of these terms have more specific meanings. Many of them are often used synonymously with wine storage cabinets. Ultimately, they are all options for wine storage. Some of them were used more often in past decades. 

What are Bar Cabinets Called?

A bar cabinet is called a cellaret or cellarette. A cellarette is a small storage structure most often used for storing bottles of wine or liquor. A common design for a cellarette is a shelf with a small open shelf on the bottom, with an enclosed shelving space above. Of course, this is one of many design options. Cellarettes come in many shapes and sizes. 

What Is the Best Wine Storage?

The best wine storage is in a room that is dark, vibration-free, and under 70% humidity. Beyond these specifications, the way you store wine is primarily based on your preference. You want sturdy shelving. If it’s going to be on display, keep the visual effect in mind. 

What Is the Best Angle to Store Wine at?

The best angle to store wine at is 45 degrees. This angle helps to keep your wine fresh. It keeps the wine in proper contact with the pin. This helps to ensure the wine doesn’t mix with air or oxygen. 

You can also store wine bottles upside down. This is good for keeping the cork moist, which keeps it from drying out and affecting the wine. However, if you store your wine upside down, be sure to check regularly for potential leaks. 

What are Two Key Factors to Storing Wine Properly?

Two key factors to storing wine properly are a consistent temperature and a dark room. These will keep your wine fresh and unspoiled. If you’re storing your wine in the open, keep these factors in mind with lighting and the general thermostat temperature. It’s far easier to keep some wine out for display and store the rest away. 

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Wine Bar Cabinets and Shelving: Shelve, Store, and Sell Wine

Wine bar cabinet and shelf storage is something you’ll need to plan for. Once you’re buying it you’re nearly ready to open your wine bar. When that time comes, come back to BinWise. The BinWise Pro software, paired with the BinScan mobile app, keeps it simple when it’s time to take inventory. 

You can pair BinWise with BlueCart and Revolution. BlueCart covers your order management system needs. Revolution comes in handy for expansions of your wine bar, when it comes time to find an expansive online ordering platform

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