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Kali Mireva

Super Bowl Cocktails: Top 8 Drinks for Your Watch Party

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With the beginning of the new year, Americans are not only writing resolutions. They are also expecting the biggest football event that starts in February - the Super Bowl! Millions of people are tuning in to watch the games and most love to do that with a nice drink in their hand and football party finger food

Whether you run a restaurant or a sports bar, or you are hosting a watch party at home, you need to have a game plan. What are you going to serve to your guests? From keto Super Bowl snacks to Super Bowl cocktails, you have lots of thinking and planning to get done. Once the plan is settled, you need to work on your food and beverage inventory. You can even consider introducing people to the best drinking card games so they have something to do during the half-time break.

Over the years, we have helped many businesses in the hospitality industry to perfect their beverage menu for different occasions. Now with the Super Bowl coming up, we want to help every business or individual who wants to host an unforgettable watch party. 

Below, we have curated a list of eight Super Bowl cocktails that deserve attention. Feel free to modify any of them, especially for the sake of great drink and food pairings

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Top 10 Super Bowl Cocktails to Make

The Super Bowl cocktails we have in the following list are well-known but with a twist to them. The modifications to the original recipe are done to fit the occasion better and the most popular, as well as vegetarian Super Bowl food

Key Takeaway: There are plenty of great Super Bowl cocktails to serve. Focus on the beer-based drinks but include beverages with other popular types of alcohol into your menu, too.

1. Classic Margarita 

Nothing is surprising or exciting about a classic Margarita. However, this is a popular and loved cocktail that people will order. You can have your bartender make a glass for each person ordering. Another option is to serve Margarita pitchers for the whole table. For a watch party, the latter may be the better option so people don’t have to be ordering new drinks all the time. 

If you want to make truly outstanding Margaritas, read about the best tequila for Margaritas. Educate yourself on how to rim a glass, too, and don’t forget that you can experiment with the cocktail garnish

2. Beer Margaritas (Beeritas) 

As already mentioned, the Margarita is a drink that deserves a spot on your watch party drinks menu. If you want to take it to the next level, however, make a Beerita. There are many Super Bowl beer types you can serve, but there is something special about mixing up a Margarita with beer. It offers a new, unique taste and everyone who prefers Super Bowl cocktails will enjoy it. 

Here’s how to make Beeritas:

  • 1 can of frozen limeade concentrate
  • 1 can of tequila
  • 1 can of  light beer
  • Ice

Mix everything in a large pitcher. Make sure there is a lot of ice to keep the drink cold and refreshing. 

3. Spicy Bloody Mary

To those who love mozzarella sticks and other popular Super Bowl snacks, you need to offer Spicy Bloody Mary. This cocktail pairs perfectly with game-day foods and will satisfy the cravings of spicy food and drink enjoyers. 

We suggest you first look into the best vodka for a Bloody Mary and then plan out the perfect glassware. You can add the spice to the cocktail via a hot sauce but you can also experiment with rimming the glass with pepper or using hot peppers as garnish. Either way, the result should be super delicious!

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4. Moscow Mule Pitcher

Moscow Mule is a refreshing drink that is commonly considered to be a summer cocktail. Although it’s a preferred summer option, it is among the best Super Bowl cocktails to serve. What you should do differently is serve it in a pitcher for easier access to drink during a crazy watch party. 

Prepare your copper mugs in advance and make sure you have enough. Especially if you are running a bar or restaurant hosting a watch party for this year’s Super Bowl. 

5. Classic Mojito

Mojito is one of the all-time favorite popular cocktails of people all over the world. That’s why you should include it in the Super Bowl cocktails list! Mojito goes perfectly with tacos, charcuterie boards, and other popular foods for watch parties. 

6. Whiskey Sour Punch

Preparing larger quantities of certain drinks will make it easier to serve. Whiskey Sour can be made in a punch bowl so guests can help themselves and have as much as they want. Since the other options we mentioned so far don’t have whiskey, make sure you have at least one type of cocktail with this spirit. 

7. Cranberry Vodka Punch

Cranberry and vodka go perfectly together! That’s why this punch will be a total hit at your Super Bowl watch party. This punch includes orange juice and ginger ale, too. Mix all the ingredients well and put them in a large bowl so everyone at the party can enjoy as much as they want. 

8. Sparkling Wine Spritzers

Sparkling wine is always a good idea! Especially if you want to properly celebrate the victory of your favorite team. Whether you choose prosecco wine, champagne, or another type of sparkling wine, you won’t go wrong. With all of these, you can make a delicious spritzer. Prep as many lemon slices as you can for garnish because this will be one of the most ordered Super Bowl cocktails! You can also look into prosecco cocktails.

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Preparing the Inventory for the Game Night

If you are a business owner, you probably have hosted other events, too. The popularity of the Super Bowl, however, makes the event a bit different. Chances are that your bar or restaurant will be full of football fans who will enjoy a lot more food and drinks than they usually would.

Because of that, you need to prepare your inventory in advance. Check what you have and what needs to be finished as soon as possible. Add some special offers including the drinks you need to finish before the the expiration date. Then, figure out what is the normal amount of drinks you sell and double up on some of the most popular ones. 

If you use software like BinWise, you will be able to easily gather data and estimate how many drinks you are going to need. Especially if you use the platform during other big events. It will help you keep your inventory in check, follow trends and behaviors, and even order digitally! 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Super Bowl Cocktails 

To help you, we answered some common questions about Super Bowl cocktails below.

How Can I Make Themed Cocktails for the Super Bowl?

Create themed cocktails by incorporating team colors into the drinks or giving them a fun, football-related name. For example, you can make a blue and orange cocktail for a team with those colors and call it the "Touchdown Twist." 

Are There Good Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Serve at a Super Bowl Watch Party?

Non-alcoholic options like Virgin Mojitos and Virgin Piña Coladas will be a hit. You can also serve sparkling water with fruit garnishes to those who prefer to not drink alcohol. You can serve popular mocktails too, or come up with your own, themed ones. 

Can I Make a Punch for a Super Bowl Party?

Punches are excellent for Super Bowl parties. Whiskey Sour Punch, Paloma Punch, and Cranberry Vodka Punch are crowd-pleasing options. You can always create unique punches, too. 

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