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Lauren Platero

Top 10 Sports Bars in the US: 10 Best US Sports Bars

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Just because you’re not at the stadium doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun game-day experience. Whether you want to partake in happy hour or cheer on your home team, sports bars are fun. 

The restaurant industry consists of thousands of sports bars. When you combine entertainment, refreshing drinks, and tasty food, you have a recipe for a profitable business–especially when it revolves around such a niche market. Plus, there are always creative ways to increase bar profits.


What Is A Sports Bar?

A sports bar is a bar where sports are constantly on the television. It’s a place to eat casual food, drink refreshing beverages, and socialize with friends or family. 

Best Sports Bars

Sports bars are an enjoyable experience, even if you’re not watching the game. If you’re starting a bar, a sports bar will be a new spot that locals gravitate toward time after time. Every major city has several to choose from, too. They're even great places to look for work with a good bar manager salary.

So, let’s dive into the best ones across America.

Best Sports Bar in New York City 

Stan’s Sports Bar in the Bronx is one of the most popular choices in the entire city. Its location is perfect for a sports bar, as it sits right across the street from Yankee Stadium.

Stan’s Sports Bar is known as the official sports bar of the New York Yankees. The only time you can visit the bar is during baseball season. Yankee fans gather around their twelve televisions to cheer on their favorite team. 

Though it might seem risky to limit the hours of operations, Stan’s Sports Bar is a prime example of how innovative restaurant marketing ideas can allow a business to thrive–even if they aren’t conventional. 

The restaurant menus and drink specials consist of classic stadium favorites. The bar also has a shop where fans can stock up on Yankee merchandise. 

Whether you’re watching the game from the bar or just grabbing a bite to eat before heading across the street, Stan’s Sports Bar is a lively place to be. 

Best Sports Bar In Vegas 

Even if you’re not a sports fan, Mr. D’s Sports Bar and Grill in Las Vegas is the place to be. The bar and grill showcase games on seventeen television screens throughout the bar, but the entertainment doesn't stop there.

Mr. D’s Sports Bar and Grill host numerous events. Car shows, live music, and karaoke nights are a few ways the atmosphere is kept fun and lively. 

The menu consists of classic American cuisine, and every item is reasonably priced (learn more about how to price a menu before opening a sports bar).

Mr. D’s Sports Bar and Grill also have a list of “graveyard” specials, where sheriffs can pay happy hour prices between two and six o’clock in the morning. The sports bar is open 24/7, so keep it in mind when you need a late-night bite to eat. 

Best Sports Spar In Austin 

Backspin Bar and Grill creates a welcoming atmosphere suitable for the entire family. The sports bar thrives on close family, fun sports games, stellar drinks, and delicious food. 

Backspin Bar and Grill has various menus that offer something tasty for everyone. The main courses range from salads to burgers–they even have a vegetarian option. 

The drink menu is where it gets super unique. Backspin Bar and Grill puts their spin on popular cocktail recipes. For instance, the bartender might add flavorings to the classic Moscow Mule or splash champagne into a martini recipe

Check out some of the best cocktail recipe books and our complete bartender's guide book to inspire new mixed drink recipes. 

Though the delicious food may distract you from the televisions, Backspin Bar and Grill is a place to enjoy a meal while cheering on your favorite teams.

Best Sports Bar In Orlando 

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux is a unique option, as its specialty is Louisiana cuisine. Enjoy the game in an atmosphere slightly more upscale than your average sports bar but more fun than the typical casual dining experience. 

Beer and wine specials are on the menu Monday through Friday, providing customers with a vast selection to pair with their meal. Learn more about wine pairing with chicken before ordering a Louisiana classic. 

The regular menu offers an extensive selection of entree food, making it an ideal family-friendly place to dine. Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux also has a dessert menu, which isn’t typical among sports bars. 

Best Sports Bar In Nashville

Music City can be pretty enthusiastic about sports, too. Johnathan’s Grille is Nashville’s premier sports bar. Enjoy some of the tastiest food you’ll find in the area as you cheer on your favorite teams. 

Over fifty televisions are hung up around Johnathan’s Grille to ensure that you have a view of your favorite teams, regardless of the sport. 

Johnathan’s Grille offers daily happy hour specials that include different beer brands, various types of alcohol beyond Tennessee whiskey, and items from their appetizer list. Whether you’re stopping by to watch football or catching up with friends over brunch, there are sure to be inexpensive menu options (learn more about: what is brunch food). 

Over the years, Jonathan’s Grille opened up several locations in the Nashville area. No matter where you are in the city, Johnathan’s Grille is nearby. 

Best Sports Bar In Chicago 

Timothy O’Toole’s Pub is a family-owned sports bar that offers extensive menus at every location. The walls are decorated with high-definition flatscreens to showcase all of your favorite Chicago teams. They even host Cub ticket giveaways at every location.

Timothy O’Toole’s Pub is an excellent option if you’re looking for a comedy show to switch things up from sports. Entertainment and fun bar event ideas are great ways this sports bar remains relevant and a go-to for locals. 

Timothy O’Toole’s Pub also serves a wide selection of popular cocktails and seasonal drinks. The bar staff comes up with varieties ranging from spring cocktails and refreshing summer cocktails to cozy winter cocktail recipes for the cooler weather. 

Best Sports Bar In Philly 

Founding Fathers Sports Bar and Grill is the perfect blend of sports and Philadelphia’s history. The historical theme is prevalent within the bar’s branding, while their pride in Philly sports teams gives it a modern twist. 

Many residents stop by Founding Fathers Sports Bar and Grill to view March Madness games. Every section of the establishment has a 360-degree view of high-definition flatscreens, providing a clear view of the score to each customer. 

Founding Fathers Sports Bar and Grill has a happy hour menu consisting of various types of pale ale from local Philadelphia breweries and classic finger foods. 

Best Sports Bar In Los Angeles 

33 Taps Silver Lake is known for its friendly wait staff and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a local neighborhood bar that serves fresh, local ingredients. The bar’s name comes from its extensive list of thirty-three beers on tap. 

You can find every major game on the television screens at 33 Taps Silver Lake and other forms of entertainment if sports isn’t your thing. 

Whether you want to get breakfast or a few drinks during happy hour, 33 Taps Silver Lake will have something great to offer for every time of day.

Best Sports Bar In Denver 

Society Sports and Spirits is the ultimate sports bar in downtown Denver. Multiple rooms and private booth seating allow customers to watch sporting events with sound. Since the bar layout of many sports bars is open, rarely can you audibly tune into the games. 

Tailgate parties are also a way that Society Sports and Spirits supports college teams from all over the country. Alumni from numerous schools gather throughout the bar to cheer on their alma maters for a festive day out. 

Enjoy draft beers on tap from local breweries. Don’t forget to ask the bartender which beers are on tap the day you stop in. The drinks every bartender should know can vary when there are special menu items, so it’s always a good idea to ask. 

Best Sports Bar In Atlanta 

STATS Brewpub is a stylish and laid-back eatery. The relaxing vibe and outstanding food keep customers coming back for more. 

Whether you want to watch a sporting event or enjoy a mouthwatering meal, STATS Brewpub has it all. 

STATS Brewpub has multiple rooms where they can host private parties. There is a setting for every occasion, from their brewery to the rooftop bar. 


Frequently Asked Questions About the Top 10 Sports Bars In the US

What Is the #1 Sports Bar In America?

According to ESPN, Chickie’s and Pete’s in Philadelphia is America’s #1 sports bar. It’s also recognized as the best place to watch a sports game.

Philadelphia is home to many famous sports bars. If you plan to open a bar in the city of brotherly love, we suggest conducting a competitive analysis first to avoid unnecessary restaurant expenses.

How Many Sports Bars Are In the US?

According to a Chicago-based CHD expert, over 1,200 establishments are labeled as sports bars in the United States. Consumers enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and delicious food while watching their favorite teams, so this number will likely increase over time. 

Are Sports Bars An American Thing?

Yes, sports bars originated in the United States in 1979. The first sports bar was located in Long Beach, California, and the restaurant-style has been a hit ever since.

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