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Sarah Ward

Mobile Inventory Management System: Features and Benefits

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An inventory management system is only as strong as the inventory management software that supports your chosen system. From management for restaurant systems to an inventory management app, there are so many options to choose from. It can be a daunting task to find the right software and support for your restaurant or bar business

It is, however, absolutely necessary to find the right support. From beverage inventory software to restaurant inventory management software, the right software–including hospitality software–for your business makes all the difference. In learning how to do inventory, having that support will ease your workload and make the process to take inventory smooth and easy. 

Today we’ll be taking a look at the specific inventory management mobile app options you have. A mobile inventory system can take your inventory from good to great. With the right features and benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using a mobile app sooner. 

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Inventory System: How Does Mobile Inventory Work?

Your bar or restaurant business plan will include a section on an inventory system to organize your overall inventory process. An inventory management system ties your inventory processes together, so you have everything you need in one place. One of the most important features of your inventory management system is your mobile inventory management support. 

A mobile inventory system, as part of your overall inventory system, gives you mobile access to your entire inventory process. It doesn’t get much easier than inventory tracking and counting from your phone or other mobile devices. A mobile inventory management software program provides the ability to ease the process and give you inventory control in the palm of your hand.

Inventory Mobile App: 5 Unique Features and Benefits

An inventory mobile app, if made well, has the most important features and benefits of an inventory system in a mobile form. Some of the best inventory apps are made to pair with a full inventory management platform. 

BinScan, for example, is the free app that goes along with the BinWise Pro program. With the two brought together, you get the full support of an inventory management system. That support pairs with the bonus of having your inventory counts and reports on your mobile device. 

BinScan has several special features that make it ideal for any bar, restaurant, or other hospitality industry business. These five features are some of the best in terms of making BinWise highly effective and easy to use. 

“Key Takeaway: A mobile inventory app like BinScan eases your inventory process, and puts all your inventory management needs in one place.”

5. Scan Addition Options

One of the key features of a barcode scanner app for inventory is the ability to scan items in multiple ways. BinScan gives you the ability to add to your scan by searching for an item in your inventory and selecting it for the scan session. However, you can also add by scanning the custom barcode via an external scanner or from your phone camera. 

The only time-consuming process of using BinScan is setting your inventory’s barcodes in the application. When that’s done, the ability to scan in whichever way works best for you will make everything about your inventory management system easier.

4. Scan History Searching

When you think of a mobile app and mobile data, you might wonder how much data you can keep and access at any time. With BinScan, you have lifetime access to your scan history. 

You can search your scan history in its entirety, including scans you deleted. You can also resend those old scans, so you can always cross-reference your inventory. While the BinScan interface is clean and easy to use, your data is never more than a few clicks away. 

3. Alcohol Levels Graphic Slider

When it comes to beverage inventory management techniques, specifically with alcohol bottles, the constant question is, “How do you count a bottle in use?” Of course, it’s helpful to know how many bottles you have on hand. However, measuring the exact amount of alcohol in a bottle keeps your count as accurate as possible. 

With BinScan, you have access to a graphic slider to help you keep track of accurate alcohol levels in each bottle. You can weigh your bottles with a scale, and track that weight and alcohol volume on the BinScan graphic slider. You’ll never have to wonder how many shots are left again; you’ll always know. 

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2. Item Location Search

One of the key user-friendly features of BinScan is the ability to search to see where your items are. The Find My Stuff BinScan function gives you full access to searching your BinScan account, including the locations of your items. 

When you search with Find My Stuff, you’ll see the BINs and locations of different items. You’ll also see the current count of those items. Effectively, you’ll be able to see your full inventory, all within the BinScan app. When you combine a perpetual inventory system with the full visibility of BinScan, you’ll rest easy knowing your inventory is under control.

1. Searching by BINs

The ability to find what you need quickly and easily is the top benefit of a mobile inventory system. With BinScan, and with the release of BinScan 3.5.0, you’re able to search by your organized BINs in the app. Using the Find My Stuff feature, you can use the BIN name as your search subject. With that, you can filter the results and find your products more quickly. 

If you have it set up, your BINs will also be shown for each individual item. To use this new BIN-searching feature, you’ll need to refresh your cache to update the system. Once you’ve refreshed your cache, you’ll be able to use this feature offline. For a mobile inventory app, it doesn’t get much better than offline capabilities for all your information. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Inventory Management System 

An inventory management system is the backbone of any restaurant, bar, or other hospitality-based business. As you learn about low inventory causes or dive into an inventory program guide, you’ll find aspects of inventory management that pique your interest. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you along the way. 

What Is Mobile Inventory Management?

Mobile inventory management is the practice of keeping your inventory information stored on your mobile device. Inventory apps are the key feature of a mobile inventory management program. An inventory app gives you the full power of an inventory management system, all operational from your mobile device.

What Is the Best System for Inventory Management?

The best system for inventory management depends on your business plan and your specific needs. In general, software support for your inventory is the way to go. You can use an inventory spreadsheet and other analog systems. However, with software backing you up, you’ve got a solid support system to lean on. From restaurant inventory software to a wine app, software backs up your inventory program. 

What are the Two Systems for Inventory Management?

The two main system types of inventory management are a perpetual inventory system and a periodic inventory system. Perpetual inventory means that you’re taking counts and tracking inventory on a daily, sale-by-sale basis. A periodic inventory system is where you do inventory once a month or so and rely on organization and cycle inventory to count over a long period. 

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Inventory Management System: Increase Your Mobility

An inventory management system with a mobile inventory app gives you control over your inventory. It provides you with the power to define variance and use your inventory reporting to increase profits and efficiency. If you’re looking for more advice on inventory management, come back to the BinWise blog, or visit our sister website at the BlueCart blog.

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