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Sarah Ward

Beverage App Review: 7 Facets of Beverage Management Apps

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A beverage app review is a quality use of time for anyone who needs to use a beverage management app. At first glance, many beverage apps share a lot of features. When you’re searching for the right app, sifting through those features is well worth the time it takes. From a barcode scanner app for inventory to a wine app for your wine collection, there are so many options to choose from. 

Today we’ll take a look at the features you should pay attention to when you’re reviewing beverage management apps. First, we’ll take a glance at what a beverage inventory software app is, and why it’s important for restaurants, cafés, lounges, and bar business establishments. Then we’ll dive into the features most important in a beverage app review.

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Beverage Inventory App

A beverage bar inventory app is an app designed to keep your inventory system all in one mobile place. It takes the work of a spreadsheet and countless counts and puts it in a streamlined form. For any business that is selling drinks, a beverage inventory app is a must-have. If you’re currently writing up your restaurant business plan, be sure to include the need for an app. 

These seven beverage and bar inventory management app features are all vital to the inventory process. Their functions make your inventory experience that much easier. When you’re searching for the right app for your business, keep an eye out for a focus on these key features.

7. Accessible Notes

An easily accessible notes section in a beverage app is a simple feature, but it is crucial for your inventory management. Whether it’s just for you, or you’re sharing the app with a team, having notes on hand means you can have completely open communication. One of the best ways to include notes in an app is to have a notes section on each inventory item page. That way you can get to your notes with one click.

6. 86 Meaning Suggestions

For everyone who is familiar with beverage inventory, you’re already familiar with the 86 meaning. When a drink is currently unavailable, it can be a bummer for customers who were looking for that specific item. A beverage app that offers comparable suggestions for 86’d items can help you improve customer service and keep everyone satisfied. 

5. Simplified Data

A beverage app has a lot of firepower behind it to keep your inventory running smoothly. However, that level of structure in an app can lead to a confusing setup. A simplified setup with streamlined data is the best option for an inventory app. On a busy day, when you’re in the middle of inventory the last thing you need is a complicated app to navigate. 

4. Scale-Abilities

As important as it is for a beverage app to be scalable, it’s even more important for it to act as a scale. Weighing open bottles can help you with the finer details of beverage inventory. An app that can operate with a Bluetooth scale feature will help you immensely. 

3. Recipe Counts

Any beverage inventory app will help you with counting inventory items. However, a delightful feature to look for is the ability to group recipe items. Being able to measure your cocktail needs and keep that information grouped so you can make those drinks goes a long way. It can even improve your customer service.

2. Barcode Scanner

One of the most frustrating parts of old-fashioned inventory management is the need to check labels, and tick each item off on an inventory spreadsheet. With a barcode scanner like BinScan, you can set up a barcode system that will make your inventory count easier than ever. The ability to scan each bottle from your phone and have the count immediately update is unbeatable. 

1. Wine List

A wine list feature on a beverage app is perfect for any bar or restaurant with an extensive wine collection. There is so much information you can store about wine in inventory to make your inventory work better for your wine list. Having an interactive wine list makes it that much easier. The BinWise wine list feature can help you become the place to be for all the wine lovers in your area.

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Beverage App

A beverage app can take your inventory experience from grueling to easy and breezy. The app that is right for you and your business won’t necessarily have all of these features. That’s okay, you might not need them all. However, they’re all markers of a quality app, so having at least half of them is something to work towards. 

Using a beverage app doesn’t mean you have to give up on old inventory practices that have consistently worked for you. A beverage app can be the best thing to pull your inventory together without completely overturning your system. The best beverage inventory app for you will be one that complements your existing inventory process and makes everything easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Beverage App Review

Taking the time for a beverage app review will save you time and money in the long run. Beverage inventory management is a constant need in any bar or restaurant type of business. Having the right management system will make your inventory process more efficient. There are, however, still things you’ll need to figure out outside of the app. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you along the way. 

How Do You Keep Track of Alcohol Inventory?

You can keep track of alcohol inventory by staying on top of tracking new alcohol inventory items. You can also take the time to be careful with pours, bottle weights, and overall usage. Tracking alcohol inventory is very similar to counting other inventory products. The process only takes a little more work in tracking the amount of alcohol left in each bottle. 

How Often Should a Bar Take Inventory?

Ideally, a bar should take a full inventory once a month. That said, the main inventory count is much easier when a smaller count is done on a regular basis. With a product like BinWise and BinScan, you can do a count at the end of every work day or every week. Those continual counts will keep your inventory on track more than a monthly count will. 

How Do You Manage Beverage Inventory?

The best way to manage beverage inventory is with a beverage app that will keep everything in one place. At the end of a day of serving customers, the last thing you want is to do a hectic count to check your inventory. Working with a beverage inventory management app can take the stress of the process off your shoulders.

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Beverage App Review: Read the Reviews!

Reading this beverage app review and researching the best beverage management software for your business is your stepping stone to beverage inventory. Now you’re ready to choose an app and get started on your counts. Having the right app to back you up will make the process much easier than you would expect inventory to be. 

You can always come back to the BinWise blog for advice on beverage management, inventory software tips, and more. Whatever your type of business may be–even if you’re planning how to start a cocktail bar–the BinWise blog is here to help. 

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