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Sarah Ward

Catering Business Ideas: Top 3 Unique Catering Ideas

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Working with the best catering business ideas is a big step in your catering business plan. Innovative ideas will take your catering business from a startup to the business you’re dreaming of. 

You should begin by learning how to start a catering business and about different types of catering events. Once you've covered those basics, it’s time to get creative with your business ideas.

In this BinWise blog post, we take a look at some innovative ideas for catering business plans. We start with some tips on catering business name ideas. By the end of this post, you’ll be ready to implement creativity into your own catering business plan. 

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Catering Business Ideas: Business Names

There are two common directions you can go with catering business name ideas:

  1. A straightforward name. This kind of name states who you are and what you do. For example, “Emily Rose Catering” or “Michael’s Dessert Catering.” This is a direct approach that will give your business a streamlined brand. 
  2. A playful name. This may make use of puns, wordplay, or something cute and whimsical. For example, “Egg-cellent Omelets” for a breakfast catering company–including corporate breakfast. Another example is “The Lime In the Catering” if you focus on tropical options–like a Hemingway daiquiri

There’s room for creative freedom in choosing your catering business name. Two important factors to keep in mind are brevity and clarity. A short, concise business name will be easier for clients to remember. That’ll increase your business opportunities down the road.

"Key Takeaway: Innovative ideas will take your catering business from a startup to the business you’re dreaming of."

Innovative Ideas for Catering Business

A catering business may be straightforward at a base level but that doesn’t mean you should limit your business ideas. There is room for creativity in how you build your business and what you offer to clients. Innovative ideas for catering business ventures help you stay a cut above the rest. 

These three ideas will give you a unique angle to work with. You’ll impress clients and stretch your creative muscles alongside your cooking skills. 

You can work with exemplary menu options, local ingredients, blogging to build your business, or cooking classes. It’s possible to also expand on those ideas in your own way in order to give you an edge over the competition.

3. Your Business Blog

Creating blog content for your business is an opportune way to grow your audience and find new clients. A blog, also known as content marketing–which can lead to email marketing–is a way to grow your online presence. 

These days a robust online presence is the best way to boost your business. Blogging about catering, foods, recipes, and your business industry will help you expand and find success. Blogging is also a way to find your voice in business branding as you learn more about the importance of branding

2. Offer Cooking Classes

Offering cooking classes is a way to draw in clients–new and existing (learn more about customer retention)–and get them interested in your dish options. You can teach classes for some of your signature dishes. 

Of course, you should keep some of your best dishes and entrée food recipes to yourself. This will keep clients intrigued and in need of your services. 

It’s possible to teach cooking classes from home or provide on-site services where you go to the client's home to teach. This is an option you can charge a higher price for, as it’s exclusive and unique. 

You can even increase the level of service by catering your own cooking classes. For example, you can elevate the experience by providing beverages and appetizers while you teach the recipe for the main course.

1. Shop Local

Buying your ingredients from locally-owned small businesses and working with seasonal ingredients is a way to make your catering business eco-friendly. You can be the catering equivalent of eco-friendly restaurants. Seasonality in business is also a great way to make your menu types exclusive as a seasonal menu

Explore your local small business scene for fresh produce, proteins, dairy products, and even restaurant equipment. Small business marketing success makes it easier than ever to find small businesses in your area. Search for farms, greenhouses, craft breweries, and the best wineries to find unique ingredients and options.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ideas for Catering Businesses

Running a catering business is something you’ll put a lot of effort and thought into. Growing your business will provide you with opportunities to discover even more opportunities to learn. 

For our answers to these frequently asked questions, we focused on a mix of questions. Wherever you’re at with your catering business ideas, these answers will help. 

How Do I Start My Own Catering Business?

To start your own catering business you need:

  • A catering business plan–this is similar to writing a restaurant business plan
  • A name for your business
  • A business marketing plan–learn about the importance of branding, and use content marketing, email marketing, small business marketing, and business branding tips
  • A plan for your menu types–you can pull from brunch menu options, dessert menu recipes, and a table d’hote menu
  • Restaurant equipment–this will take up a large portion of your budget
  • A networking plan to find clients

With all these plans, items, and client-facing factors you’ll be ready to get started. From there, it’s possible to build your catering business by providing exemplary service. 

Is Catering a Good Business Idea?

Catering is a good business idea because it has huge potential for profits, and it is scalable to fit your schedule and availability. You can start a small catering business and keep it working with operational efficiency from your home kitchen. You can also scale it to a large business. Catering works for any size business you’re aiming for.

What are the Five Areas of a Catering Kitchen?

The five areas of a catering kitchen are:

  1. The cooking area
  2. The provisions area–separate from storage, because you regularly use items from the provisions area
  3. The washing up area–vital for washing hands before cooking and for washing dishes
  4. The preparation area–where you plate dishes and prepare them to be served
  5. The storage area–for anything that is going to sit for a while before you use or serve it

These areas come together to create an efficient kitchen space. If you can streamline operations across these areas you’ll be set to cater with ease. 

What are the Two Main Types of Catering?

The two main types of catering are on-site and off-site catering. Beyond these general types, the types of catering break down into event types and levels of service. 

Before you dive into those options it’s important to decide if your business is strictly on- or off-site. Of course, you also have the option to work with both. 

When you’re making the decision between on- and off-site catering, one of the main factors is the equipment you need. If you operate strictly off-site and deliver the meals, you can deck out your own space completely. When working on-site, you should plan to have portable equipment. 

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Ideas for Catering Businesses: Put Your Catering Cap On

Your creative catering business ideas will help you build brand awareness and find your space in the world of catering. As you’re building your business, check out the BinWise inventory program to support your business. BinWise Pro and the BinScan mobile app help you organize your inventory. You can keep track of what you have on hand, to ease your business every day.

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