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Sarah Ward

Gluten Free Wine Brands, Gift Baskets, and Wine Coolers

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Wine is a beverage that has nearly universal appeal. In addition to being consumed by themselves, wine varietals are paired with specific meals for one-of-a-kind culinary experiences. Between red, white, rose, and sparkling wines, there are infinite flavor combinations for occasions both casual and formal-they even come in handy when you're learning how to open a winery

But what if you’re gluten free, know someone who is, or want to cater to your gluten free customers? Is wine gluten free? Thank goodness the answer is yes, and there are dozens of gluten free wine brands. For anyone taking sommelier classes, gluten free wine is whole other area of study.

If you’re involved in bar or restaurant operations, you may be interested in gluten free wine coolers and gift baskets as well. The more products you carry the more profit you can make, and that’s especially true of online wine sales. If you're buying a winery, you could even look into producing these wines.

We’ve compiled the best gluten free wine brands, gift baskets, and wine coolers so you don’t have to. Keep reading for our recommendations. 

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Certified Gluten Free Wine

So you’re ready to make room in your wine storage cabinets for gluten free wine, but you’re wondering: “Why isn’t wine gluten free in the first place?” Allow us to shed some light on the matter. 

Wine, which is made from red and white grapes, is naturally gluten free to begin with. Gluten is a type of binding protein in grains that, when grain flour is turned into dough, gives it a stretchy quality. This is most notably the case with wheat, which is what most people are referring to when discussing gluten free options.

Gluten serves as a fining agent when making wine. A fining agent is any material that removes unwanted bits, clarifies the liquid, balances the tannins in wine, and gives the wine a smooth finish. Unless otherwise specified, most wine producers create aged wine in oak barrels and use gluten during fining--both of which are concerns to those with allergies. 

If you have celiac disease or have otherwise gone gluten free, it’s essential to check that no gluten was used throughout a manufacturer’s process. Wines can be labeled gluten free if their gluten content is 20 parts per million or less. To be absolutely sure, speak with the wine manufacturer directly or request a copy of their literature.

It’s important to note that nearly all vegan wines are also gluten free. Vegan wine fining agents--like clay, limestone, vegetable plaques, and silica gel--are completely unrelated to wheat. This information can help you make informed decisions in a pinch, especially when you’re out shopping or have limited information from a wine manufacturer.

Need an easier way to keep track of all your wine, both gluten free and regular? BinWise is a complete bar inventory management system that makes beverage tracking effortless. Our software includes BinScan, a comprehensive inventory scanning app that can scan over 150 bottles per minute.

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Gluten Free Wine Brands | Gluten Free Wine List

Selecting gluten free wine begins with knowing excellent gluten free wine brands. Remember that the wine bottle price and flavors you’ll discover vary based on producer, so shop around until you find something you’re interested in. 

Here are the brands that made the cut for our gluten free wine list: 

Inkarri Wines

Inkarri is one of the leading companies in biodynamic winemaking. Biodynamic farming emphasizes the use of manure, composting, and local farms, while avoiding all synthetic herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. It’s a farming approach that treats livestock, plants, and soil as interconnected, thereby lessening reliance on artificial ingredients and outsourced production. 

Inkarri intentionally grows all of their wine on low-input farms, which is how they’re able to guarantee all of their wines are gluten free. If you value exceptional purity in food products or are shopping for someone who does, Inkarri is an excellent choice. 

Frey Vineyards

Looking for a wine brand that’s organic, gluten free, and vegan all at once? Look no further than Frey Vineyards. The California-based winemaker ferments their drinks in steel tanks and refines them with bentonite clay. These kinds of production equipment never come in contact with wheat

Frey Vineyards also utilizes low-input farming--a process that uses natural fertilizers, local growing plots, and gentle handling of grapes. These procedures afford their wines superior flavor and longevity. 

Pizzolato Wines

If you love sparkling wines and need to find a gluten free variation, Pizzolato Wines is your ultimate destination. In addition to making their wine sleeves removable, many of their bottles are 100% recyclable and reusable. What’s not to love?

Pizzolato offers dozens of selections, including sparkling rose, Moscato, pinot grigio, and several whites. Shop their lines as a great gift or addition to your own collection. 

Radius Wine

Radius offers some of the most intricate flavors that are available in today’s gluten free wine marketplace. Five of their six varietals are reds which are guaranteed to be gluten free. They also have a Chardonnay, which can’t be promised to be gluten free, but is another option if you're shopping for friends and family. 

Radius Wine has been cultivating rich, full-flavored wines from California and Washington grapes since 2008. Start off with their merlot for a classic take on wine, or dive into the deep end with their Eclipse dark red blend. 

Gluten Free Wine Bottles

If you’re simply looking for a bottle or two of wine and don’t need the full backstory of a brand, we have you covered. Take a look at these individual gluten free wine selections: 

Our Daily Wines Red Blend

Our Daily Wines is well-known for making wine suitable for several dietary needs. They don’t use any grain-derived coloring agents, animal-derived fining ingredients, or sulfites. Pick up a bottle of their red blend for a great pairing to any hearty meal. 

FitVine Wine Pinot Grigio

FitVine Wine was created for people who are passionate about health and also love wine. Their product line is entirely gluten free and vegan, and includes red, sparkling, and white wines. Try their slightly dry pinot grigio with pasta dishes, salads, and lighter meals. 

Santa Julia Organic Malbec

Looking for a fantastic red wine pairing for a rich dinner? Santa Julia’s organic malbec is the right answer. This Argentinian winemaker uses industry-leading growing practices, including organic soil, wastewater treatment, and onsite composting. Santa Julia’s Malbec offers plum, cherry, blackberry, and chocolate notes with a smooth entry and spicy finish. 

Frey Vineyards’ Organic Agriculturist Red Blend

Choosing a gluten free wine from Frey Vineyards is easy, because that’s all of them. Each wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and refined with clay, which is a naturally refining agent. Their Agriculturalist is a well-rounded red that pairs well with most meals and offers a smooth finish. Pick up a bottle today for yourself or a friend. 

Gluten Free Gift Baskets With Wine

Do you have a gluten free family member’s or friend’s birthday coming up? Want to amaze them with a unique present? You should consider gluten free gift baskets with wine. 

Here are a few gourmet companies leading the charge on gluten free wine gift baskets: 

Hazelton’s Gift Baskets

This family-owned food hamper company is an industry leader when it comes to dietary options. Hazelton’s offers dozens of food gift products, including gluten free gift baskets with wine. Their Thanksgiving Fruit & Treat Bounty Basket is one that includes a bottle of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Harry and David

One of America’s most prominent gourmet gift basket companies also offers gluten free gift baskets with wine. Harry and David have been selling top-shelf gourmet treats since 1934 and carry dozens of sweets, dried fruit, and other delicacies. Consider their Rogue Valley Gift Box with Wine, which comes with a 750 ml bottle of pinot gris. 

Cheese and Wine Traders

This Vermont-based, family-owned gourmet food company offers some of the most complete gift baskets on the market. In addition to sourcing foods from local producers and specialty stores, they include sweet wines in their gift baskets. Cheese and Wine Traders’ Gluten Free VerMonster Gift Basket includes a bottle of Boyden Valley Ice Wine, a specialized cream liqueur from another local producer. 

Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms is another excellent choice when you’re looking for gluten free gift baskets with wine. The company has been producing savory and sweet gift baskets since 1951 and ships products to most US states. Hickory Farms’ ​​Gluten Free Wine & Savory Snack Collection comes with a bottle of Generosity Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon and is the perfect treat for any occasion.

Gluten Free Wine Coolers

Whether you’re learning how to increase restaurant sales or need new happy hour drinks ideas, you should keep a couple wine coolers in your par stock. This beverage niche is growing by 6.4% year over year (YoY) and should be on every purchaser’s list when stocking a bar.

Wine coolers are made a little differently from regular wine, though. These drinks are a combination of wine and fruit juices, giving them a lower than usual wine alcohol content.

Some of the juices’ added flavors include ingredients like barley, which contain gluten. Even more complicated is the fact that some wine coolers don’t have any wine--instead, they have a base of malt alcohol, which is full of gluten. 

Because of this, it’s much more important to pay attention to wine cooler ingredient labels (which have a lot to say about the sugar in wine, too). What may not appear to be gluten-related can actually be a barley or wheat derivative. 

Thankfully, there are still a couple gluten free wine cooler brands. Take a look below: 


Boone’s Farm Wine is one of the few wine brands offering gluten free wine coolers. They’re known for fruity flavors like berry, blue Hawaiian, navel orange, wild cherry, and strawberry daiquiri. Boone’s is a good choice if you’re looking for wine coolers that are particularly sweet. 

Bartle & Jaymes

Bartle & Jaymes is a California-based gluten free wine cooler producer. Four of their most popular flavors include ginger and lemon, watermelon and mint, grapefruit and green tea, and cucumber and lime. Bartle & Jaymes’ products come in 12-ounce soda cans and make for a refreshing summer drink. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Gluten Free Wine

If you're looking to explore the world of gluten free wine, beyond these general gluten free wine brands and options, there are some other things about gluten free wine you may want to know. Some of these frequently asked questions include:

Does red wine have gluten?

Although all wine is naturally gluten free, the fining and aging processes can add gluten to wine. When it comes to red wine, reds are more likely to be aged in oak barrels sealed with wheat paste. So, red wine is occasionally more likely to have gluten in it. However, that doesn't mean that's true for all red wine!

Does white wine have gluten?

The answer here is much the same as it is for red wine, with the difference being that white wine is less likely to be aged in those barrels with wheat paste. With red or white or any other wine, the best way to know if your wine is gluten free is to check for the certification, or check with the winery directly.

Is wine typically gluten free?

Yes, when it's made in a pure way, wine is typically gluten free. That said, there can be things in the wine-making process that add gluten, from using gluten in the fining process to aging wine in barrels sealed with wheat paste. If you want to be sure that a wine is gluten free, you can research the wine, and even reach out to the winery to learn about their process of making wine.

How do you know if wine is gluten free?

One way to know if wine is gluten free is to check for the gluten free label or certification mark on the bottle. However, this isn't a regulated practice with the FDA, so you can't rely on this entirely. A few other options include avoiding wines with possible hidden ingredients, and checking directly with the winery, as they can tell you everything that went into the wine from vine to bottle.

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These Gluten Free Treats Offer You Some Bread Rest

Finding gluten free wine and delicacies isn’t the easiest task, but it’s well worth it. Those who are gluten free in your life will appreciate the effort you invested to find treats that suit their dietary needs. 

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