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Sarah Ward

Restaurant Franchise Management Software: 12 Software Needs

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Management for restaurant franchises covers a lot of ground. From restaurant franchise hiring to the overall process of how to franchise a restaurant business, the management of a restaurant franchise is all-encompassing. 

Restaurant franchise management software is one of the greatest tools in your tool chest of business support. It covers everything from franchise inventory management to HR software for restaurants. There is restaurant software for employee management, food costing plans, risk assessment for a restaurant, and many more areas of restaurant management. 

In this BinWise blog, we’ll walk you through all aspects of restaurant franchise management software. Read on to learn what you need to ease your restaurant management responsibilities and find success through software support. 

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Restaurant Franchise Management Software for Daily Operations

Restaurant franchise management software for daily operations covers all manner of hospitality management. These five types of software take care of the types of tasks that take up regular time, every day, at your restaurant. When you can optimize these facets of your business with software support, you can improve the processes and ease your workload.

4. Feedback and Reviews Software

Feedback and reviews software is designed to improve things for you and your customers. It provides a system for customers to review your restaurant and service, to simplify the feedback process.

3. Reservation and Table Management Software

Reservation and table management software is another piece of software that makes life easier for you and your guests. Instead of calling in to make a reservation that gets marked down in a physical book, software makes it easier for customers to get a reservation.

2. POS Software

POS software, to make sales and track your accounting needs, is vital for a successful restaurant business. When you have the right POS system it becomes easy to manage your finances and keep your profits rolling along.

1. Analytics Software

Analytics software is all about tracking how successful your restaurant business is at any given moment. There is software that can analyze how many guests you have, who comes back, and how many times they return. You can also analyze different marketing strategies and plans, to see how your actions affect your business.

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Restaurant Franchise Inventory and Order Management Software

Restaurant franchise inventory and order management software is all about keeping your restaurant fully stocked and ready to go. From beverage inventory software to recipe costing software, these five types of software are helpful in keeping your restaurant running smoothly. With these backing up your operations, you never have to worry about your reorder point

4. Order Management Software

Order management software simplifies your order management system. Making sure you always have enough inventory is crucial to keeping your restaurant running at peak efficiency. Order management software helps you do just that.

3. Food Inventory Software

Food inventory software is a piece of the puzzle of inventory management. It works to keep track of your ingredients, so you always have what you need to whip up each menu item, even for table d’hote menus.

2. Recipe and Menu Costing Software

Recipe and menu costing software works to support your food inventory software. It’s designed to track each recipe and restaurant menus items and make sure you’re working efficiently with each item on your menu. 

1. Beverage Inventory Software

Beverage inventory software, like the BinWise Pro inventory program, helps you manage the ingredients and usage of all your drink ingredients. From liquor to wine to beer, beverage inventory software tracks it all. 

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Restaurant Franchise Employee Management Software

Restaurant franchise employee management software is some of the most important software in your toolchest. It supports the people who keep your restaurant running. These five types of employee management software are designed to manage the needs of your employees, so they’re well taken care of. This all serves to help keep them with you long-term.

4. Scheduling Software

We’d say scheduling software is one of the most important pieces of restaurant franchise employee management software, but frankly, it’s all important. Scheduling software makes it easier for you to always have a schedule prepared for your employees.

3. Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is sometimes bundled with scheduling software, but not always. Time tracking software is helpful for you, but also for your employees, to make it easy to clock in and out.

2. HR Management Software

HR management software often brings together many aspects of employee management. From tracking performance reviews to managing time off, HR software gives your employees one easy place to check information.

1. Payroll Processing Software

Payroll processing software may be mixed in with your HR management software. It’s important not only for your employees to get paid, but also to keep your financial records organized.

"Key Takeaway: Restaurant franchise management software is one of the greatest tools in your tool chest of business support. It covers everything from franchise inventory management to HR software for restaurants."

Frequently Asked Questions About Management Software for Restaurant Franchises

Learning about restaurant franchise management software will take you new in directions of restaurant management. You can get support from learning about the best restaurant franchise businesses and how they do things. Learning about restaurant franchise management will pull on everything you’ve learned so far. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will also help you along the way. 

What Software Is Used In Restaurants?

Restaurants use a number of types of software, including:

  • Inventory software
  • Order management software
  • POS software
  • Scheduling software
  • Review software
  • Reservation and table management software
  • Analytics software
  • Recipe and menu costing software
  • Keg counting software
  • Time tracking software
  • HR management software
  • Payroll software

… and many more. There are types of software designed for nearly all functions in a restaurant business. From restaurant accounting software to restaurant inventory management software, there’s support for every part of the business. 

How Do I Organize My Franchise Business?

To organize your franchise business, get your paperwork squared away, then dive into the daily operations and management plans. On the paperwork side, make sure you’re prepared as far as the franchise disclosure document, business licensing, and franchise restaurant business plan are concerned. From there, daily operations will take care of the bulk of your organization.

Do Restaurants Use CRM Systems?

Yes, restaurants use CRM systems, also known as customer relationship management systems. Restaurants use CRMs to make customer experience a personal matter, to optimize reservation systems, and to make the most of business marketing plans. A CRM system is often one of the most overarching types of software restaurants use to manage many business aspects.

What Is the Best Software for Restaurant Management?

There isn’t one single best software for restaurant management. The best thing to do is to have a mix of software systems to make it easier for you to manage the restaurant business in a streamlined way. From a great POS system to inventory management software to HR software to ease your job as an employer, a mix of software will help you be successful.

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Management Software for Restaurant Franchises: Find Your Management Support

Restaurant franchise management software simplifies your restaurant work. It gives you more time to focus on the parts of your business that can’t be automated. When you have the right software, you can spend more time making sure your customer service is exactly what you want it to be. You can focus more on your employees. You can put time back into the business.  

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