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Kali Mireva

Palm Wine Pairings: Mix Unique Drinks with Unique Food

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Drink and food pairings are crucial to providing an exceptional customer experience at your restaurant. As a person working in the hospitality industry, you should be well aware that details like this matter a lot. That is why we have dedicated many articles to beverage and meal pairings. 

If you want to know more, browse our articles on tequila pairings, whiskey pairings, best wine pairings, champagne pairings, etc. There are many great ideas you can use for your own restaurant or get inspired to try something new in terms of food and drink pairings.

In this day and age, when customers are constantly looking for new experiences and not just to get full of food and drinks they know, you should be more creative. That’s why we presented the different types of palm wine, talked about palm wine cocktails, and of course, answered the question “What is palm wine?

Now we want to challenge you to think out of the box and consider something new - palm wine pairings. Palm wine will not only diversify your beverage menu, but it will make you stand out from the other similar businesses in the area. It’s a unique type of drink that offers both benefits and a memorable experience. 

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8 Dishes for the Perfect Palm Wine Pairings

If you already ordered some bottles and want to create great palm wine pairings, this list of meals will be of great help to you. We have gathered some delicious offers that will complement the flavors of the palm wine or even the palm wine cocktails you serve. 

Since most of these dishes are not that common, serving them will take the experience in your restaurant to the next level. Millennial and Gen Z customers enjoy a meal that is unique and they can’t find just anywhere. They love to find new things, take pictures, and share experiences on social media. Take full advantage of that by offering unique food and drinks, but also don’t forget to work on the presentation! This is one of the best ways to get free restaurant marketing

Let’s jump right into the palm wine pairings you can make!

Key Takeaway: Palm wine pairings can make your restaurant stand out from the rest. This unique beverage creates a perfect balance of flavors with different dishes with a tropical feel. Don’t miss the opportunity to experiment either, as it will help you build a unique food and beverage menu!

1. Grilled Fish with Coconut Rice

Grilled fish has delicate flavors that are nicely complemented by a side of coconut rice. To make this tropical, light combination even better, you need a glass of palm wine. The sweet flavor of the wine and its tropical feel will make this one of the best palm wine pairings. 

2. Jollof Rice with Chicken

Jollof rice with chicken is a delicious meal that many customers would enjoy. It’s not too out there or unique, which makes it perfect for people who like to stick to what they know. However, with this dish, you can offer a palm wine cocktail to spice things up a little bit. A simple cocktail drink with palm wine can help people who are not sure if they want to try palm wine to be more open about it next time they come to your restaurant. 

3. Prawn Suya

Whether you are running a seafood restaurant or you just have a few seafood dishes on your menu, consider palm wine pairings. A glass of palm wine or a cocktail drink with it as a base will be a great beverage to serve alongside prawn suya. The slightly tangy and sweet palm wine will balance out the spicy flavors of the grilled prawn. 

4. Pepper Soup

Pepper soup can be hot in more than one way. That’s why we suggest you make it “cool down” by offering palm wine to your customers alongside it. The wine will lower the heat of the peppers and will balance the flavors perfectly. 

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5. Fried Plantains with Beans

This meal will go with palm wine nicely, but we recommend combining it with a palm wine cocktail. Add lime juice and a touch of honey to the drink. The sweet flavors will complement the savory beans and the sweet fried plantains. 

6. Suya Beef Skewers

The light, effervescent qualities of palm wine cleanse the palate between bites of the spicy suya beef skewers. If you offer skewers in your restaurant, make sure your waiters know to suggest palm wine with them. This is one of the palm wine pairings that will surely stand out. 

7. Bean Fritters

Bean fritters are great for people who want to have a meal without any meat. They are filling and delicious and guess what - they go well with palm wine cocktails! Create a simple drink with palm wine, sparkling water, and lime juice and serve it alongside these crispy and delicious bean fritters. 

8. Suya Pizza

Lots of the palm wine pairings are made with dishes containing suya. That’s because the suya flavors and palm wine balance each other out. To make an easy pairing that will be enjoyed by many of your guests, you should make a suya pizza. You can serve it alongside a mixed drink made of palm wine, tomato juice, and a dash of hot souse. This palm wine cocktail and the suya pizza will create a truly unique dining experience. 

Palm Wine Pairings and Your Beverage Inventory

To be able to create great palm wine pairings, you should not only prepare your food menu but the beverage inventory, too. You need to stock up on palm wine and ensure it is kept in the right beverage storage. Also, make sure you track the quantities and notice any customer behaviors that may not be expected. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Palm Wine Pairings

Have more questions about palm wine pairings? We may answer some of them in the paragraph below. Check them out!

What Types of Dishes Pair Well With Palm Wine?

Palm wine pairs well with a variety of dishes, particularly those with bold flavors and spices commonly found in African, Caribbean, and Southeast Asian cuisines. Grilled meats, seafood dishes, spicy stews, and tropical fruits complement the flavor profile of palm wine. However, you can always experiment and find something more traditional in your area that pairs well with palm wine drinks. 

Are There Specific Palm Wine Cocktails for Pairing With Certain Dishes?

Yes! Several palm wine cocktails complement specific dishes. For example, a palm wine cocktail with tropical fruit flavors might pair well with seafood dishes, while a spicier cocktail could enhance the flavors of grilled meats.

Can Palm Wine Be Paired With Desserts?

Yes! Palm wine can be paired with desserts, particularly those with tropical fruit flavors or creamy textures. Desserts like coconut-based sweets, tropical fruit salads, or light pastries can be complemented by the subtle sweetness of palm wine.

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