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Kali Mireva

Food & Champagne Pairings: What to Offer at Your Restaurant

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Great drink and food pairings are crucial for the success of any restaurant. Let’s face it, even though most people come for the impeccable cuisine, wine pairings can significantly improve the customer experience.

Besides the great white, rose, and red wines you can pair with different foods, you should consider the pairings that can be made with sparkling wines. We already have a rundown of the best prosecco food pairings you can make. In addition, we dedicated articles on prosecco vs. champagne and champagne vs. sparkling wine because they are not all the same. Champagne and prosecco cocktails are important, too.

Now, we want to dive deep into the topic of food and champagne pairings. These can be made with both a single champagne glass or delicious champagne cocktails. In either case, when you are pairing well champagne or prosecco and desserts, as well as other foods, you will increase the overall customer satisfaction.

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Food and Champagne Pairings for Restaurants  

Champagne pairings are important to make well. Since this drink is a symbol of luxury and is commonly a part of people’s special days and celebrations, everything needs to be thought out well. Below, we have listed various options you can serve at your restaurant. 

Train your waiters to suggest good champagne pairings and encourage customers to try new foods with the drink. Choose to serve foods in your restaurant that make sense for the concept you have and even the location you are in. Here are our suggestions: 

Key Takeaway: There is a large variety of foods that go perfectly with different styles of champagne. What you can’t go wrong with is serving seafood with champagne, such as oysters and sushi. Other great options include grilled chicken and fruit tarts. 

1. Oysters and Brut Champagne

The Brut type of champagne has a crisp acidity and effervescence. These qualities of the champagne complement perfectly the briny freshness of oysters. Overall, champagne and oysters are a combination that has a perfect balance of flavors. 

If you run a seafood restaurant, make sure you have your staff offer bottles or glasses of champagne to customers who order oysters. Although many people will order both, some may not know that this is one of the champagne pairings that everyone must try. 

2. Smoked Salmon and Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs is one of the most popular champagnes, made most from Chardonnay grapes. It comes from the region of Champagne in France (as all champagnes do, actually) and you need it in your beverage inventory. Especially if you are running a luxury bar, restaurant, or hotel. 

The creamy texture of this unique champagne pairs beautifully with the rich and smoky flavor of salmon. The high acidity of this sparkling wine cust through the fattiness of the fish, making this pairing absolutely delicious. 

3. Caviar and Vintage Champagne

The name “vintage champagne” may make you think this is old wine, aged for many years. However, the term vintage means a completely different thing when we are talking about champagne. Vintage champagne is made from grapes that were all harvested in the same year. If the champagne is vintage, it will say the year when the grapes were harvested on the bottle. 

So speaking of vintage champagne, we can’t miss one of the best champagne pairings you can make. Caviar complements the complexity and depth of vintage champagne so well, leaving a luxurious and elegant feel.

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4. Sushi and Rosé Champagne

The rosé champagne is made from a variety of grapes, mainly black ones. They commonly are Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The pink color is achieved because of the maceration of the skin of black grapes in the juice. Chardonnay grapes can also be used in the production of this type of champagne. 

The red berry notes in this type of sparkling wine harmonizes with the flavors of fresh sushi. It creates a well-balanced and refreshing combination, which every sushi lover will appreciate. But in case someone is more health-conscious, you should be able to answer their questions about calories in wine and specifically - calories in rose wine.

5. Friend Chicken and Champagne

Let’s step aside from all the seafood dishes for a moment and talk about something almost every meat eater loves - good, fried chicken. The acidity and the bubbliness of the champagne pair so well with the fried chicken. Although it may not seem as classy as other champagne pairings, this is a surprisingly delightful combination. 

6. Truffle Risotto and Vintage Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de noirs is a unique champagne type because it’s light champagne made from dark grapes. The grapes used to produce it are Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. However, the skins of these dark grapes are removed from the juice after pressing, preventing them from releasing their color into the bubbly. 

When it comes to amazing Blanc de noirs champagne pairings, you can’t go wrong with truffle risotto. The earthy and savory notes of the risotto are enhanced by the complexity of the champagne. 

7. Grilled Lobster and Extra Brut Champagne

There are four levels of sweetness when it comes to champagne and extra brut has no sweetness at all. It’s the perfect champagne to pair with grilled lobster because of the clean, mineral notes of the drink. It’s one of the champagne pairings that work so well because of the sweet and delicate flavor of the grilled lobster. 

8. Fruit Tarts and Sec Champagne

Sec champagne is slightly sweeter than brut champagne and it is the ideal pair for delicious fruit tarts. The fruitiness and the sweetness of this champagne type matches perfectly with the tarts and enhances their flavors. 

There are other desserts that pair well with champagne but fruit tarts are one of the best to serve at your restaurant. They pair well with prosecco too, especially if the tarts are with citruses. Of course, don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own great food and champagne pairings to offer to your customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Food and Champagne Pairings

Do you want to know more about food and champagne pairings? If you do, be sure to read the answers to these frequently asked questions. There you will find even more interesting information. 

Should I Pair Champagne Only With Appetizers?

Champagne can be paired with both appetizers and main courses. It's versatile and can complement a wide range of dishes. It's often enjoyed throughout a meal, from the beginning to the end. It can be paired with desserts, as well as cheese and meat platters. Fruits are another common option for pairing with champagne, especially at cocktail-style events. 

Can I Pair Champagne With Spicy Dishes?

Champagne goes well with some spicy dishes. The acidity and effervescence of it can help balance the heat in spicy foods. A Brut champagne or a Blanc de Blancs, with its high acidity, is a good choice for such food and champagne pairings.

Are There Specific Champagnes That Go Better With Cheese?

The choice of champagne depends on the type of cheese. Light cheeses like goat cheese go well with Blanc de Blancs, while more robust cheeses like Parmesan can be paired with a Brut Champagne. If you are offering cheese platters and charcuterie boards at your restaurant, you can suggest to customers to order champagne alongside them or vice versa. 

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