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Kali Mireva

Perfect Food and Whiskey Pairings for Saint Patrick's Day

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Whiskey is among the most popular types of alcohol in the world. Although it comes from Scotland and Ireland, it’s consumed in many other countries, too. The United States and the United Kingdom are two that truly appreciate good whiskey. 

What’s also common between these countries is that most people there celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March every year. This holiday requires having a well-curated list of Saint Patrick’s Day drinks, especially if you are running a bar or restaurant. You should get the best beers, make green mocktails and cocktails, and serve quality whiskey. 

If you have already ordered the bottles of alcohol and drink mixers you need, maybe it’s time to talk about food pairings. You can find articles on champagne pairings and brandy pairings, as well as other similar articles on our blog page. However, since we have not discussed the topic of whiskey pairings yet, now is the time to do so.

Let’s jump right into it!

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What Food Goes Well with Whiskey

Whiskey has complex flavors and rich character. It pairs exceptionally well with a variety of meals. Below, you can find the complete list of foods that can be one side of the perfect whiskey pairing. 

  • Rich and fatty foods - Great examples here are grilled steaks and barbecue. Burgers and dishes with creamy sauces are also recommended options. Cheese goes well with whiskey, too. 
  • Smoked and grilled meats - Good whiskey can pair perfectly with smoked brisket and pork ribs. Charred lamb chops and grilled sausages are also great alternatives.
  • Aged and blue cheeses - Whiskey is a drink that complements different cheeses' bold taste and creamy texture. Great options are:
  • Cheddar
  • Gouda
  • Roquefort
  • Stilton
  • Dark chocolate and desserts - The bittersweet flavors of dark chocolate and desserts complement the flavors of whiskey. Bourbon can be paired with chocolate truffles. Whiskey is a perfect match with bread pudding. Scotch is great with rich desserts like chocolate cake or crème brûlée. 
  • Spicy and savory dishes - Spicy barbecue chicken wings or spiced seafood dishes go well with whiskey. Indian curries or Mexican mole and whiskey are a fabulous combination, too.
  • Nuts and charcuterie - Whiskey is the alcohol to serve alongside mixed nuts and salted almonds. Cured meats like prosciutto or salami and artisanal cheeses will be complemented by the flavors of whiskey, too. Any of these foods will make a great snack or appetizer!
  • Citrusy and fruity dishes - Glazed pork chops with apple compote and grilled peaches with honey are great for whiskey pairings. Citrusy desserts like lemon tart or orange cake are an exceptional match, too. 

These are the foods that would make perfect whiskey pairings. You can draw inspiration from this list and add new offers to your food menu in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day. These pairings will work well all year round, as well. 

6 Whiskey Pairings for Saint Patrick’s Day

Now that we have discussed the basics of food and whiskey pairings, it’s time to focus on meals perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. Traditional Irish dishes are always the best option for this occasion. However, there could be exceptions. 

Key Takeaway: Traditional Irish food and whiskey pairings are the best options for Saint Patrick’s Day. However, whiskey can be paired with a variety of other foods that you may be serving already. Pay attention to whiskey pairings and you will improve the customer experience at your restaurant!

In the following list, you will find more information that will help you prepare your business for the upcoming holiday!

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  1. Meat stew and whiskey

Hearty meat stew made with lamb or beef and vegetables is a great meal to pair with a slightly sweet Irish whiskey. This dish will go well with Jameson whiskey because of its caramel and vanilla notes which complement the savory flavors of the stew.

  1. Corned beef and cabbage with rye whiskey

Serve corned beef and cabbage alongside a spicy rye whiskey to give people’s taste buds a wonderful experience. Bulleit Rye or Rittenhouse Rye are great options to consider. Their peppery notes enhance the taste of the dish.

  1. Shepherd's pie with Scotch whiskey

Shepherd's pie is a popular food option for Saint Patrick’s Day. Pair it with smoky Scotch whiskey. We recommend looking into brands like Laphroaig or Ardbeg. Their aromas complement the savory flavors of the pie. The result will be finger-licking good!

  1. Soda bread with bourbon

Freshly baked Irish soda bread goes perfectly with a smooth and oaky bourbon. Try brands like Maker's Mark or Woodford Reserve. Their caramel and spice notes complement the taste of the bread.

  1. Cheddar cheese with single-malt Irish whiskey

Sharp and aged Irish cheddar cheese goes well with single-malt Irish whiskey. Try Redbreast or Bushmills. The whiskey's fruity and spicy notes enhance the flavors of the cheese.

  1. Smoked salmon with Irish whiskey

Serve smoked salmon with a smooth and mellow Irish whiskey like Tullamore Dew or Powers. Their light and fruity notes complement the delicate flavors of the salmon. This dish is a traditional Irish delicacy.

Prepare Your Beverage Inventory for Saint Patrick’s Day

A crucial job of any bar or restaurant owner is to prepare the beverage inventory for holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day. On the day of the holiday, people go out to honor the occasion. Lots of alcohol and mixed drinks are consumed alongside Irish snacks and meals. 

To offer the best possible experience to your guests, you need to make sure you have enough beverages for everyone. If you don’t use a beverage inventory tracking system and you don’t have historical data from previous years, now is the time to change that. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Food and Whiskey Pairings for Saint Patrick’s Day

If you have any questions about food and whiskey pairings for Saint Patrick’s Day, read the answers to these common questions. They will give you more valuable information. 

What Types of Whiskey Are Best to Pair With Food?

Irish whiskey, Scotch whiskey, bourbon, and rye whiskey are the best whiskeys to pair with food. They go well with a variety of Saint Patrick’s Day meals. 

However, you need to pay attention to the notes of the whiskey when pairing with specific foods. When you select a whiskey that complements the taste of the food, you have a recipe for success. 

How to Pair Whiskey With Different Dishes?

Consider the flavor profile of both the whiskey and the dish when choosing pairings. For example, bold and smoky whiskeys may complement hearty and savory dishes. Sweeter and milder whiskeys, however, may pair well with desserts or lighter fare.

Can I Pair Whiskey Cocktails with Saint Patrick’s Day Food?

Yes! Whiskey cocktails can be paired with different foods served on Saint Patrick’s Day. Consider classic cocktails to add to your St. Patrick's Day menu, like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan. You can come up with your own custom drinks with whiskey as well. Use food coloring or garnish them with mint to make the drinks more suitable for the occasion. 

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