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Kali Mireva

Types of Palm Wine: A Deep Dive Into Different Palm Wines

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What is palm wine, you may ask. It’s exactly what it sounds like - wine made from palms. It’s not as popular in the United States as in Africa and some parts of Asia. However, this unique wine deserves to be better known. It’s not like other different varieties of wine and may be harder to find, but this makes it a great addition to any wine list

In our previous article on the topic, we touched on the types of palms used to make different types of palm wine. We also talked about the origin and the shelf life of palm wine. In this article, however, we want to dive deeper into all the different types of palm wine. This information may be useful for any business owners in the hospitality industry who are looking for ways to expand their beverage menus

If you want your restaurant to have a unique beverage inventory and help you stand out from the rest in the local area, introducing unpopular drinks is a good way to start. You should also look into the top wine lists in the country and get inspired by the Wine Spectator’s Award winners

But before you start looking into all kinds of wines to serve, let us tell you more about the types of palm wine. Let’s jump right into it!

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8 Different Types of Palm Wine 

Palm wine, also known as palm toddy or palm sap, is a traditional alcoholic beverage made from the sap of various palm trees. Although it’s not common in the United States or Europe, it can be found in many places worldwide. 

Key Takeaway: There are various types of palm wine produced in regions of Africa and Asia. All of them have different names and can be made from different palm trees. Sometimes the production process can vary, too. Either way, palm wine is a unique alcoholic beverage that can bring a tropical feel to your mouth and new customers to your restaurant!

Here are some different varieties of palm wine found around the globe:

Toddy - India

One of the many types of palm wine is called toddy, which is mostly popular in India. It’s most commonly consumed in southern states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The palm wine called toddy is extracted from the sap of coconut palms or other types of palm trees. It’s enjoyed fresh or fermented. 

Tuba - Philippines

Tuba is a traditional alcoholic beverage in the Philippines. It’s a type of palm wine made from the sap of a coconut tree. It’s most commonly enjoyed in rural areas and just like the toddy in Inia, it can be consumed both fresh and fermented. 

Kallu - Sri Lanka

Kallu is a type of palm wine found in Sri Lanka, where it is extracted from the sap of the coconut palm or other varieties of palm trees. It is typically consumed fresh and is considered a refreshing drink. Regular wine, however, is usually not considered a refreshing beverage to have, which is one of the many differences between the two. 

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Emu - West Africa

Emu is among the popular types of palm wine in West Africa. Particularly in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. It is made from the sap of various palm trees, including the African oil palm and the raffia palm. Emu is often consumed fresh but can also be fermented to increase its alcohol content (ABV). 

Sopi - Solomon Islands

Sopi is a traditional alcoholic beverage in the Solomon Islands. It’s made from the sap of the coconut palm or other palm trees. It is commonly consumed during social gatherings and cultural events, exactly how many other types of palm wine are consumed. 

Tual - Indonesia

Tuak is a traditional palm wine found in Indonesia. It’s most commonly found in regions like Sumatra, Java, and Borneo. It is made from the sap of various palm trees and is often consumed during festivals and celebrations. 

Palm Wine - West Africa

Palm wine is a generic term used to describe various types of palm wine found in West Africa. It is extracted from the sap of different palm trees and can vary in flavor and alcohol content depending on the region and method of production. Its white color, the taste, and the way it makes it vastly different than regular types of wine. However, it’s what the locals in West Africa can produce on their land. 

Borassus Wine - South Asia and Africa

Borassus wine, also known as palmyra toddy, is made from the sap of the palmyra palm, which is native to South Asia and parts of Africa. It is enjoyed fresh or fermented. It is known for its sweet and slightly sour taste. If you want to enjoy the real deal, it’s best to consume it in Africa or South Asia. However, some brands have managed to bottle a few types of palm wine so people in the United States can enjoy it, too. 

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Diverse Beverage Inventory = Diverse Customer Base

It’s quite simple to attract a larger and more diverse customer base - just add more drinks to your menu! Whether you want to expand just the seasonal menu or the permanent offers, you are still going to attract more customers if you are experimenting and adding new things. 

The different types of palm wine are a great example of a unique beverage that can bring more people to your restaurant. It’s not that common yet in the USA and if you offer it, don’t forget to use this fact in your online restaurant marketing campaigns. Posts on social media about palm wine can attract a lot of attention and provoke curiosity in people. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Different Types of Palm Wine

The different types of palm wine are not widely discussed online. That’s why you may have a lot of questions about this topic. If so, see if we answered any of them in the paragraphs below!

How Is Palm Wine Made?

Palm wine is typically made by tapping the sap from the flowering stem or inflorescence of the palm tree. The sap is collected in containers and left to ferment naturally, either through wild yeast present in the environment or through the addition of yeast cultures. Some of the different types of palm wine typically have to be consumed within a day or two because otherwise, they turn to vinegar. 

Is Palm Wine Safe to Drink?

Palm wine is safe to drink when produced and handled properly. However, like any alcoholic beverage, improper fermentation or contamination can lead to health risks. It's essential to source palm wine from reputable sources.

Where Can I Find Palm Wine?

Palm wine is primarily found in tropical regions where palm trees are abundant. It is often sold locally by street vendors or in traditional markets. Additionally, some specialty stores or online retailers may offer palm wine products.

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