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Kali Mireva

What You Need to Know About The World of Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming a big part of any restaurant’s menu. Although it may come as a surprise, many restaurant owners are changing their offers to include more non-alcoholic options. From classic mocktails to non-alcoholic gluten-free drinks or non-alcoholic beer for cicerone customers - there are plenty of options to serve. 

Alcohol-free drinks are suitable for a wider range of customers - from designated drivers to people who don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol or are more health-conscious. As a business owner, these are groups of people to cater to, as well. 

If you have decided to upgrade your beverage program and add more no-alcohol drinks to it, an important category to think about is non-alcoholic beer. Since there are many beer lovers worldwide, it makes sense to add alcoholic-free beers to your offers before anything else. 

Now, let’s look closer at non-alcoholic beer and see what’s different about it. We will also discuss why restaurants should add this beverage to their permanent menu. Let’s get started!

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What’s Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Alcohol-free beer (which is also known as non-alcoholic beer) contains a very low amount of alcohol. In most countries, in order to get “alcohol-free” on the label, the drink must have less than 0.5% ABV

In the United States, drinks with less than 0.5% ABV used to be called “non-intoxicating.” This change to “non-alcoholic” after the Prohibition period. However, if you are in a different country, be sure to check the local guidelines and see what’s considered to be non-alcoholic. 

Key Takeaway: Non-alcoholic beer is a great addition to any beverage menu. By adding it to your offers, you will cater to a wider audience and increase the revenue of your business.

How Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Brewed?

Non-alcoholic beer is brewed the same way as regular types of beer. The difference here comes from the additional step of reducing the alcohol content of the beverage. 

This can be achieved in various ways. From vacuum distillation and reverse osmosis to the use of special yeast strains. The ultimate goal is to preserve the flavor and characteristics of the beer while minimizing the alcohol content. 

What Are the Taste and Flavor of Non-Alcoholic Beer?

The taste of non-alcoholic beer could vary based on the beer brand. The brewing process can also affect the taste qualities of the beer. Some non-alcoholic beers are very close to their alcoholic counterparts in terms of taste and flavor. Others, however, have a different profile. 

Technology advancements allow brewers to create alcohol-free beers that are flavorful and enjoyable to drink. They range from light lagers to craft-style ales. 

Which Customers Would Drink Alcohol-Free Beer?

One of the biggest reasons people want to have an alcohol-free beer instead of a regular beer is health considerations. Alcohol-free beer is suitable for people who experience bad side effects of alcohol. 

The non-alcoholic beer types also contain fewer calories, which is something people who follow a diet would appreciate. Here’s also important to mention that alcohol is not recommended during pregnancy, as well as for people recovering from addictions. 

What’s the Availability and Variety

With the rising numbers of people looking for healthier alternatives to beverages they know and love, more breweries started producing non-alcoholic beer. Now, alcohol-free beers can be found in many stores and a lot of bars and restaurants. They even show up in the selection of beer on tap!

You can find alcohol-free beer with different flavors, styles, and brands. They range from well-known commercial beers to craft options. As a restaurant, you should take advantage and offer great craft beer and food pairings. 

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Why Should I Serve Non-Alcoholic Beer at My Restaurant?

With the changing demands of the market, restaurants need to adapt quickly and add a more diverse range of beverages to their menus. To ensure customer satisfaction, you don’t only need to enhance customer service.  

From the environment in your restaurant to the dishes and wide variety of drinks in beautiful glassware - it all matters. But now, let’s look closer into why you need to add non-alcoholic beer to your menu. 

Customer Demand

We already mentioned the customer demand and will do it again because this is very important. The demand for non-alcoholic beverages, in general, is growing steadily because of health consciousness, people abstaining from alcohol, designated drivers, and lifestyle.

As a restaurant manager or owner, you need to ride the wave of change to keep current customers and get new ones coming. Building a diverse inventory will help you increase your customer base in the long run. 

Increased Revenue

By including non-alcoholic beer on your permanent menu, you will tap into this growing market. This is something you can and should use for online restaurant marketing, too. 

The non-alcoholic beers will provide an option for people who would otherwise get a soft drink and may feel excluded from the group they are dining with. Having this option will impact the number of people wanting to dine in your restaurant, therefore, increasing the revenue. 

Improving the Dining Experience

Adding beers without alcohol to your menu will allow people to enjoy a wider range of food pairings at your restaurant. Beer food pairings are not the same as the common wine pairing options or even the tea pairing alternatives. 

Take advantage of people’s love for beer and the fact it pairs well with so many delicious foods. Your customers will appreciate it. This is a sure way to create a memorable customer experience!

Promoting Responsible Drinking

Offering a range of non-alcoholic beverages is a great way to promote responsible drinking. It’s also a way to support customers who are making the choice to limit their consumption of different types of alcohol

It helps people enjoy their time at brunch (see: what is brunch), lunch, or a casual dining experience without having alcohol. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Alcoholic Beer

Non-alcoholic drinks of different varieties often raise some questions in people. That’s normal as we are not used to thinking about alternatives to the alcoholic drinks we enjoy. Let’s see what else you might want to know about non-alcoholic beer!

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Healthy?

Non-alcoholic beer is considered a healthier version of beer than its regular counterparts, but it’s not an entirely healthy option. For example, people who are avoiding carbohydrates would not find any type of beer to be healthy.

If a person can’t have gluten, for example, gluten-free beers would be healthier for them than non-alcoholic wheat beers. It depends on the personal situation and the person’s understanding of what’s healthy for them and what’s not. 

Can You Have Non-Alcoholic Beer Under 21?

In most states across the USA, you can have a non-alcoholic beer even before you turn the legal drinking age. However, the person ordering the beer who is under the age of 21 should get their parents’ permission. 

At a store, bar, or restaurant, individuals will be asked for their ID when ordering a beer of any kind. 

Are There Any Non-Alcoholic Gluten-Free Beers?

There are some brands that make non-alcoholic gluten-free beers, which are ideal for people who avoid both alcohol and gluten. The brands producing such products are labeled as “alcohol-free” and “gluten-free”. 

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